Google’s own self-driving cars released to the streets of Mountain View, California

google_self_driving_car_prototypeGoogle is finally letting some of its quirky self-driving cars out to drive around the streets of Mountain View, California after extensively testing the technology that powers the vehicles. The cars aren’t completely ready to take off on their own, however; their speeds are being capped at 25 MPH, and they still include traditional driving mechanisms like a steering wheel and pedals. Smart safety precaution on Google’s part.

So if you’re in the Mountain View area, keep an eye out for some of the small little vehicles that Google’s testing out. Read more

Cartoon Network’s Formula Cartoon All-Stars racing game launches on Play Store

Screenshot 2015-06-25 20.22.19Cartoon Network has launched a brand new racing game onto Google’s Play Store called Formula Cartoon All-Stars. The game features several characters and tons of tracks from Cartoon Network’s most popular franchises, including shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, plus several others.

The gameplay offers a hectic cart-racing experience, not unlike Mario Kart. There are tons of boosts, items, and weapons to keep races exciting, and the control scheme is completely optimized for just one finger. Read more

Mobile news app Circa fails to find a buyer, goes on indefinite break

circa newsCirca was a niche news app that took a mobile-first approach to information curation. It was a cool app with a decent number of downloads and an impressive average rating on Google’s Play Store, but apparently that just wasn’t enough to help sustain the company.

The co-founder of Circa, Matt Galligan, released a statement today announcing that the app/service will be taking an indefinite hiatus after failing to be purchased by a bigger company. Circa developers looked at multiple monetization options, but none of them really fit what was considered the focus of the company, which lead to this situation where Circa would either be acquired by another more profitable company, or it would be doomed. Looks like the latter happened. Read more

MediaTek’s deca-core X20 CPU set to launch in October

MediaTekMediaTek’s latest high-end mobile processor, the deca-core Helio X20, will make its official debut sometime this October. It’s expected to launch in the Chinese Elephone P9000 on October 20th, which will run around $500.

The X20 will be the first processor to use three core groups, utilizing two Cortex-A72 cores clocked at 2.5 GHz for high performance, four Cortex-A53 cores at 2 GHz for a balance between speed and power consumption, and four more Cortex-A53 at a lower clock speed for battery efficiency. It’s paired with a Mali-T800 GPU, making for a very powerful processor. Read more

Amazon’s Echo now up for purchase, costs $179.99 and ships July 14th

amazon_echoAmazon has finally decided to open up sales of its unique Echo speaker to everyone, no more invite necessary. When the Echo originally launched a few months ago, it was essentially in a closed beta, so not everyone could get their hands on one. Amazon has apparently decided that it’s done testing the device and it’s ready for public use, so if you’re interested, you can now purchase one for $179.99. Read more

Amazon announces developer preview for Fire OS 5 for Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 tablets

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duriAmazon has announced the launch of a developer preview for their upcoming Fire OS 5 that’s set to hit their lineup of tablets later this year.¬†Any developer with a Fire HD 6 or Fire HD 7 tablet from 2014 can get in on the preview and test out how their apps will run on the updated version of Amazon’s forked OS.

The update, which is based on Android Lollipop, is set to bring a handful of new features to Amazon’s Fire Tablet, Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick. Hopefully with this developer program, there shouldn’t be many compatibility issues once it becomes official. Read more

Google giving users a way to request removal of revenge porn from search results

google-now-searchGoogle has released a statement regarding its stance on revenge porn appearing in search results, and it’s siding with the victims in the situation. Similar to how Google handles other personal information showing up in its search engine, Google will be honoring requests from individuals to pull explicit content that the person didn’t want shared.

Unfortunately, this won’t do much for actually taking the content off the web, but it will make it exceptionally difficult to find since it won’t appear in the most popular search engine on the web. And sometimes, making things extremely difficult to find can be almost as good as deleting the original content. Read more

Switch Up hits the Play Store, offers a retro Pong experience on your smartphone

switch up 1Looking for a retro Pong-like game to play on your smartphone to kill a few times? A new game has launched on the Play Store called Switch Up that takes traditional pong-esque gameplay and twists it up into something that fits very well on a touch screen device.

The game offers an intuitive paddle tapping mechanic that involves the player bouncing a ball back and forth as long as possible to build up a high score. There are several difficulty levels and a way to share scores with your friends, so while it doesn’t offer a ton of depth, it’s a fantastic time waster. Read more

AirDroid update brings quick reply feature to notifications for Telegram and Kik

airdroid 3 interfaceAirDroid is a fantastic app for remotely managing your device across your WiFi network, and it’s just received a handy new update that should speed up your social media conversations.

The last AirDroid update allowed users to quick reply to pop-up notifications from both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages, all without ever actually touching a phone. The newest update expands on that functionality, bringing Kik and Telegram into the fold. Any message notifications you get from either of those two apps will give you the option to reply from your PC or Mac as soon as you receive them. Read more