The next New York Times virtual reality film will release on December 13th

new york times virtual realityAfter the success of the New York Times’ first virtual reality film experiment, the magazine is prepping its second film for release on December 13th of this year. The new film will work just like The Displaced did with Google’s Cardboard partnership, so you’ll be able to check the film out through the NYTVR app just like before. Read more

YouTube backing content creators by paying fees against copyright takedowns

youtube_live_logoWe’ve all seen cases of YouTube videos getting taken down over copyright claims, and sometimes those claims are a little outlandish and unfair to the content creator. Obviously YouTube doesn’t condone piracy, but sometimes those claims can take down perfectly legitimate, fair use cases of content. That kind of thing hurts YouTube more than it helps, so the site is planning on backing up some of its content creators if they happen to face any legal action over these copyright takedowns. Read more

LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE gets canned indefinitely due to hardware concerns


Hopefully none of you pre-ordered LG’s Watch Urbane 2 LTE, as LG has just announced that the device has been indefinitely cancelled thanks to some quality concerns with the hardware. They didn’t specify exactly what the problem is, but they did say it’s pretty complicated to solve and it does affect day-to-day usage of the device. That’s never a good combination. Read more

Google Play will soon begin telling you if an app has any ads

alcatel-onetouch-idol-3-4.7-google-play-store-taGoogle is updating their Play Store policies that will require developers to list whether or not their application features any in-app advertisements, which is actually already required for any apps listed in Google’s Designed for Families category. This policy change will affect every app on the Play Store and will begin to be enforced in January, 2016. Read more

John Legere blasts Sprint on Twitter for new 50% discount plans

John LegereIt wouldn’t really be a US wireless carrier announcement if John Legere didn’t let everyone know just what he thought about it. Just hours after Sprint announced their new plan to cut your current bill in half, Legere did exactly that. He took to Twitter to post a countdown of reasons why Sprint’s plan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and why T-Mobile is a better offer for most customers. Read more

Google+ getting a revamped interface on desktop, mobile overhaul coming soon


Google has announced a new interface for its social networking site, marking one of the biggest changes Google+ has gone through since spinning off features like Hangouts and Photos into their own respective services. The new interface prioritizes the Communities and Collections aspect of Google+ which have apparently been the most popular sections of the site. Read more

Google ready to jump back into China’s mobile market against stiff competition

motorola_moto_x_play_google_play_TAGoogle stepped out of the Chinese mobile market years ago, and since 2010 China has seen a ton of growth for many other manufacturers which puts Google in a sticky situation and six years behind some of its competition. However, the Chinese market is too big to ignore and we’ll likely see Google push its mobile app store back into the country sooner rather than later.

A mobile analytics firm measured how much of the market some of China’s most popular app stores currently hold, and Google’s own Play Store sits at number 10 with barely 3.5% penetration rate. Compare that to Tencent’s 18% penetration rate for its own app store, and even rates from competitors like Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi, and Google would have a long road ahead to get things back in full swing. Read more