Samsung is launching Bixby without voice commands for some reason

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S8, they touted two major features; the infinity display, and Bixby, the virtual assistant. What makes Bixby stand out in the sea of other virtual assistants is that it can navigate compatible apps for you without you ever having to touch the screen. Anything that you’d be able to do with your finger, Bixby can handle with voice commands.

It’s really cool, except the phone isn’t actually launching like that.

First set of OnePlus 5 rumors pop up, confirm the obvious

The rumor mill has been pretty quiet about the inevitable OnePlus 3T successor , but now that the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are out of the way, OnePlus is next up to bat.

A pretty solid rumor has cropped up that suggests that OnePlus will be going all out for the OP5, including a higher resolution screen, top notch processor, and other specs to match. Big surprise, right? And no, that’s not a typo. It’ll likely be the OnePlus 5, not the 4, as the Chinese word for four sounds similar to death. You’ll notice several Chinese companies try to avoid it because of that.

Sling TV review

There’s no shortage of internet TV companies fighting for time on your screens, including some compelling options from big names like DirecTV and PlayStation. Obviously there are also streaming-only options like Netflix and Hulu, but the popularity of services like Sling prove there’s a market for traditional TV without traditional cable boxes or satellite. Even Google is getting in on the train with YouTube TV.

Sling TV, which is owned by Dish Network, was one of the first options in the internet television space. They offered a skinny bundle of channels for just $20, which kickstarted a wave of competition and various takes on this format. So how does Sling stack up against its rivals today? Let’s find out.