Lyft teams up with Waze, details using the Transport SDK for faster routes

lyft_logo_pinkEarlier today, Waze announced their new Transport SDK that will allow other services to integrate Waze’s crowd-sourced information into other applications. There were a few partners on-board at launch, one of which was Lyft, who stands to benefit greatly from having access to some of Waze’s best features. Lyft has spoken out and detailed some of the new features that users can expect to see in the near future. Read more

Samsung’s Marshmallow updates pushed back again, this time to February

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Back_Lower_S6_Logo_02_TAWe’ve been waiting and waiting for something official from Samsung about when we can expect some of their flagship devices to finally be updated to Android 6.0, and while there’s still nothing official from the company, a leaked roadmap seems to indicate that the first round of upgrades should happen in February. Keep in mind that the first set of leaks said updates should’ve happened back in December, so take everything with a grain of salt. Read more

SK Telecom and Cisco will be creating another platform for the Internet of Things

boon_internet_of_things_presentation_ces_2015The Internet of Things is a growing market of connected devices, ranging from light switches to refrigerators to anything else you can imagine that could be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. But like any new technology or idea, right now it’s a pretty fragmented landscape with tons of different manufacturers trying to push their own stuff as the “standard,” which obviously causes some compatibility issues.  Read more

Snapchat set for new features, including audio/video calling and improved interface

Snapchat-logo-e1406582518655Snapchat is quickly growing as one of the most popular social media services in the world, but it looks like the developers want to try and tackle some other markets while they’re at it. Some new code was found in the Android Snapchat application that hints at some new features, including audio and video calling, that would put the time-sensitive photo sharing app in direct competition with things like Skype and Facebook Messenger. Read more