Fossil Q is the watchmaker’s first ever Android Wear smartwatch

fossil QFossil is one of the world’s biggest watch manufacturers, and they’re getting their feet wet with in the smartwatch market with the Fossil Q.

The Fossil Q is the company’s first attempt at an Android Wear smartwatch, and it looks like one of the more compelling designs we’ve seen on some of these connected watches. It features a design worthy of the Fossil brand, and it’s powered by Intel and Google’s wearable platform. Read more

Nexus 5X preorders will go live right after Google’s announcement, starts at $379.99

nexus_5_2015_rear_leak_090515We’ve heard plenty of information about the bigger of the two Nexus phones Google will be unveiling this week, but the smaller Nexus 5X hasn’t been talked about quite as much. We already know what kind of hardware to expect, but up until this point, we haven’t heard anything about pricing or availability, which are two pretty big details. Read more

Hangouts 5.0 update expected to fix lag issues and bring support for GIFs

Google-Hangouts-logoGoogle Hangouts is rumored to get an update to version 5.0 pretty soon, and it’s going to bring a handful of much needed bug fixes. One of the biggest things that’s been lacking in Hangouts has been GIF support, and it looks like the update will be fixing that.

Currently, Hangouts 4 sends GIFs as static images until the recipient taps on the image. That takes a lot of fun out of sending GIFs, so being able to see the files animate in real time is a very welcome addition.  Read more

YouTube’s ad-free subscription service may still be on track for a late October debut

youtube-logo_9339YouTube’s upcoming ad-free subscription service looks like it’s slated for an October release, which should be less than a month away, assuming everything stays on track. This new service is expected to be rolled up into YouTube’s Music Key subscription, which we think might get a name change to YouTube Red. Nothing is certain just yet, but we’ve all expected something to happen with Google’s video streaming service sooner or later, and we’ve been hearing things for a while.  Read more

The NoPhone Zero offers the least advanced technology on the market at an aggressively low price

NoPhone ZeroNew phones are offering extremely high resolution screens, fingerprint scanners, and all kinds of other ridiculous, space-age technology in rectangular packages. The NoPhone Zero takes a different approach, though, offering the least advanced in available smartphone technology. In fact, the NoPhone Zero offers so few features and does so little, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s even a phone. Read more