Three new Motorola devices get vaguely hinted at, including the Moto X Play, Droid MAXX II, and Moto Surround

Moto_E_2015_Slanted_Motorola_Logo_Camera_Lens_01_TAThree new Motorola devices have been vaguely leaked on Twitter thanks to @evleaks, although there’s pretty much no clarification on what any of them are. The Moto X Play, Droid MAXX II, and Moto Surround were mentioned, and aside from the Droid MAXX II, there’s definitely some wiggle room for speculation on what they could end up being. Read more

Microsoft working on customized Android launcher called Arrow Launcher

microsoft arrowIt’s been pretty clear that Microsoft would rather work on building apps and services for Android and iOS instead of pushing their own Windows Phone platform lately, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Windows Phone lacks a decent market share, so if Microsoft wants people to use their services, they’ll have to continue to rely on other platforms. Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft for bonus OneDrive storage and preloaded Microsoft apps is a pretty good indicator or this.

While Microsoft already offers apps for some of their own apps, like Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, and all kinds of other things, their next step looks to be creating a standalone launcher for Android phones. The launcher, called Arrow Launcher, sticks to Microsoft’s design language pretty closely, although in its early stages its seriously lacking any customization, which is a big selling point for many Android launchers. Read more

Samsung stepping up mobile security on the Galaxy Note 5

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_Edge_Front_Home_Button_TAWe’ve got another rumor to throw on top of the Galaxy Note 5 pile. Samsung is reportedly working on increasing mobile security in a handful of ways on the Note 5, including an improved security suite, a better fingerprint scanner, and a new trick that will link security elements to the phone’s processor.

Samsung has always taken security pretty seriously, which is evident by how many high-end phones they ship with KNOX on board, so these rumors seem pretty likely at this point. Read more

LG announces Tone Active Bluetooth headset for working out

LG tone activeLG has announced a new headset in their Tone line of Bluetooth headsets called the Tone Active. Like the name implies, this headset is geared towards someone wanting a durable pair of headphones to work out with.

The Tone Active features a lightweight design just like the original LG Tone headset, but it’s also IPX3 certified for water and sweat resistance. It boasts up to 9.5 hours of music playback with all of the features you’d expect from a high end Bluetooth headset. Read more

YouTube’s upcoming paid video streaming service already has licensing deals with 90% of viewership

YouTube_LogoGoogle is hard at work trying to roll all kinds of content into its YouTube streaming service. We already have Music Key, and a service dedicated to video game streaming is still in the pipeline. There are still rumors of an upcoming paid video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon, though, and some new details have emerged about progress on that service today. Read more