Google clarifies tech support deadlines for Nexus and Pixel devices

With the Pixel and more recent iterations of the Nexus line, Google has tried to be a little more transparent about exactly how long users can expect support for their devices. That’s included software and security updates, but now Google has clarified just how long you’ll be able to get tech support online and over the phone for your pure Android devices.

Check out some clips from Essential’s 360-degree camera

Sure, the Essential Phone might be struggling to be legally released in the United States, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get hyped up over some early camera samples. Some clips from the phone’s 360-degree camera have been making their way to Essential’s own YouTube channel, so you can check out just what the accessory is capable of before deciding whether or not you actually want to purchase the phone.

Amazon shifts gears, set to release a new phone with Google Play

Amazon’s line of Fire tablets (and ill-fated phone) exclusively use Amazon’s own app store, completely forgoing Google Play and all of the other Google services that go with it. Sure, you can use a browser and side load some apps, but for the most part you don’t have an easy way to access things like Gmail, YouTube, and Google’s marketplaces for music, movies, and TV shows.