Google opening a temporary store in New York for Pixel launch


Google’s retail presence has been less than stellar, but they’re primarily a software company so it’s never really been a big deal unless you wanted to see a Nexus in store. They’ve made partnerships with places like Best Buy to try and build out a relatively small physical presence, but for the Pixel launch we might see Google take matters into their own hands. Temporarily, at least. Read more

Samsung Gear IconX review


Samsung announced the Gear IconX wireless earbuds as a truly wireless solution to listening to music, but also as a way to track fitness without having to keep your phone with you at all times. Crafting completely wireless earbuds that also house a heart rate monitor and some other features makes for a compelling package, but that’s still a tall order for current technology, especially in the $200 price range.

There are certainly some trade-offs to get what Samsung is offering with the Gear IconX, but were they worthwhile trade-offs for a unique pair of earbuds? Let’s find out. Read more

Google Pixel will be holding out some features from Android 7.1 Nougat


Google Pixel was the star of Google’s October 4th show, completely overshadowing Android 7.1 Nougat. In fact, Google barely mentioned the update at all, except that Pixel will be the first device to run the newest OS ahead of the Nexus line.

Turns out, a big reason for that is that many of the newest features that were shown off with the Pixel were Pixel features and not Android features. Read more

Déjà vu: replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on an airplane


After launching the Galaxy Note 7 to glowing reviews, Samsung had to deal with a messy exploding battery and recall situation with their latest 2016 flagship. In case you managed to miss the entire fiasco, some Note 7 units had an issue with the battery that would cause the device to literally overheat and catch fire. Definitely not what you want to hear about your brand new phone. Read more