Surprise Surprise, Galaxy Note 5 likely to offer a dual edge display


Samsung is already expecting that the Galaxy S6 Edge will be more popular than the Galaxy Note Edge. Let’s face it, the Note Edge felt half-baked having only one curved edge. The Galaxy S6 Edge already feels like a legitimate product and they think the consumer feels the same even though they haven’t been able to see the phone in person yet.

Now it can’t be a surprise that Samsung will probably launch something similar with the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung product strategy team executive vice president said, “There is a possibility that Samsung will introduce the curved display for the Galaxy Note lineup.”  Mobile Chief J.K. Shin also made it clear of their commitment to Edge models.

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The OnePlus 2 will be made of metal


Metal is all the rage these days, and I am not talking about music. I am talking about smartphones. Companies like Apple and HTC have been using metal in their phones for years, but now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, including OnePlus.

Sources of Business Insider as saying that the OnePlus 2 (or OnePlus Two) will sport a metal frame. That sounds very cool, but don’t expect the cheaper price point to stay. Metal adds cost, but it’s likely the OnePlus 2 will be even more popular than the original OnePlus One, which might have been even more popular than the Nexus for hardcore Android enthusiasts. However that isn’t saying much since neither phone can be considered mainstream by any stretch of the imagination.

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HTC will release the Hima Ultra exclusively for Chinese markets with the launch of the M9

htc_one_m9_sprint_dark_gunmetal_greyIf you weren’t entirely impressed with HTC’s M9 today, there’s always a chance that the bigger sized version of the device will change things up a bit. According to @upleaks, HTC will announce the Hima Ultra at a Chinese press conference later this year when they announce the M9 for that particular market. Unfortunately, that means the supposedly bigger sized version of the device will be exclusive to Chinese markets, at least at first.

There isn’t much info on what the Hima Ultra will be, but it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll stick to the same mold HTC is using for the new HTC One. We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces.
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HTC’s One M9 Product Listing goes live at Best Buy with $649 price tag

HTC One M9 4G with 32GB Memory Cell Phone Gray HTC ONE M9 GREY  AT&T Best Buy

HTC might be having its official announcement at MWC 2015 later this afternoon, but that hasn’t stopped Best Buy from jumping the gun by letting its product page for the HTC One M9 go live. If you’ve followed the leaks at all, you already know all about the One M9. Previous leaks have seen the HTC One M9 appearing in promotional pictures and videos as well as suffering the indignity of being compared to its predecessors by a member of the press with early access. 
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Another HTC One (M9) wallpaper gets posted, could it be the last one?


For about two weeks, LlabTooFeR has been sharing wallpapers from the upcoming HTC One (M9) on Twitter. Each and every one of the wallpapers has been made available to download prior to the device’s official announcement. Here today we have another one of the wallpapers and it shows some sort of plains with clear skies.

Hit the break to see the wallpaper.

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HTC One (M9) compared to One (M7), One (M8) in hands on video


This is definitely not what HTC wanted to happen the day before its MWC 2015 event. A press member with early access to the device posted a hands on video with the One (M9) being compared to its predecessors. The video does not show or reveal anything we have not heard already; therefore, all it is really good for is seeing the One (M9) in a few more angles.

Hit the break for the video.

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Fifteenth wallpaper for HTC One (M9) posted online


Online leaker LlabTooFeR has taken to his Twitter page yet again to share with us another wallpaper from the upcoming HTC One (M9) before its release on March 1. Just like the fourteen others we’ve already seen, the fifteenth stock background appears to have been designed with the same blurred landscape theme in mind.

Hit the break below to see the fifteenth wallpaper in all its glory.

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Leaked apps for TouchWiz provide a glimpse of Samsung’s changes


Someone over on the XDA Forums has posted what are allegedly Samsung applications that will be featured on the upcoming Galaxy S 6. The apps included by user Albe95 are Optical Reader, Geo News, Gear Manager, and Kids Mode. The layout and amount of text seems simplified while a wide amount of colors are still being used. Basically, TouchWiz looks like less of a circus while maintaining its flavor.

The Samsung Galaxy S 6 will be announced on Sunday, March 1, at MWC 2015.

Hit the break for screenshots.

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Alleged press renders of the Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge show every angle


Alongside the Galaxy S 6, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S 6 Edge. The device matches the Galaxy Note Edge in terms of the unique curved edge. Today, what are believed to be official images of the Galaxy S 6 Edge leaked. Each and every angle is on display for the world to see just before the devices becomes official at MWC 2015.

Hit the break to see the leaked images.

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