Samsung Moves Away from ARM Chips in Favor of Custom Exynos M1 Chipsets



Samsung famously (or notoriously) ditched Qualcomm this year when it came to powering the next iteration of its Galaxy S series of phones, the Galaxy S6. Citing overheating and general performance issues, the Korean giant opted against the Snapdragon 810 in favor of a newer iteration of its Exynos in-house chip. The downside to this, however, is a reliance on ARM architecture (which Qualcomm and others, including Apple, do not use),

In what looks to be a bold, but predicted move, Samsung’s next line of in-house cores will likely be powered by an Exynos M1 core, and utilize custom architecture in an effort to avoid being dependent on ARM.

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OPPO bezel-less phone concept revealed in images, video


It is no secret that OPPO has been working on a bezel-less design for a smartphone. This first showed up in some leaked images for what was believed to be the OPPO R7 and then again for a device that may be the OPPO R5 successor. However, other leaked renders of the R7 did not show the bezel-less design. According to this latest set of images and video, OPPO’s work is more a proof of concept and it is unclear whether the technology will make it into one of their existing lines of devices or will be part of a whole new line. Read more

Nokia smartphones to rise from the ashes in 2016 with Android


In years past, Nokia was one of the biggest players in the cell phone market. As the world started to move away from regular cell phones to smartphones, Nokia got left behind, but started to claw back with the mobile Windows platform and some dabbling with Android-powered devices. All of that came to a grinding halt though when Microsoft bought out Nokia’s mobile device division. In a speech concerning a new R&D center for Nokia, Nokia China president Mike Wang appears to have confirmed that Nokia will return to the smartphone market in 2016 with Android-powered devices. Read more

Oppo R7 may get fingerprint sensor, metal body according to new renders


Some new images of the Oppo R7 have surfaced and if legitimate, show the device may come equipped with a fingerprint sensor and be built using a metal chassis and frame. The bad news for those who like minimal bezels is that the new renders do not show the bezel-less screen that surfaced in a previously leaked image of the Oppo R7. Read more

Dual-sim version of LG G4 surfaces in Iran


It seems there may not be much left for LG to share with the world when they hold their LG G4 launch event next week in New York City. Just in the last day we have seen a leak about pricing for the smartphone and more information about the user interface to join all the previous information that has surfaced. Another tidbit of information that turned up thanks to a site in Iran is that a dual-sim version of the LG G4 exists. Coming from Iran, we think this variant will be available in that country and we would guess it will find its way to other markets where dual-sim devices are commonplace. Read more

Dimensions of Samsung’s upcoming 9.7 Inch Galaxy Tab S2 tablet leak, said to be inspired by the Galaxy S6 design


The Galaxy S6 has been available to purchase for a couple of weeks now, and if you haven’t read Rob’s review of it yet, you can catch up here. The review said that the Galaxy S6 was ‘knocking on the door of perfection‘, this bodes well for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 because today’s leak says that it will sport a Galaxy S6 inspired design. More details after the break.

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LG G4 screen to have slight curve


A new report out of Korea ahead of next week’s LG G4 release says the forthcoming smartphone will have a slightly curved screen to go with the rest of the hardware packed in to the new device. According to the report, the LG G4 will have a 3000-mm curve to the screen. This level of curvature is also present in other LG devices like the LG Magna and LG Spirit, so the company is not exactly breaking new ground. Read more

Xiaomi preparing for new global smartphone launch


Xiaomi has scheduled a “Premier” event for April 23rd in New Delhi when many people expect the company to launch a new device for the global market. The device has been described as a “lite” version of the company’s flagship Mi 4 smartphone and appears to be dubbed the Mi 4i. A lower case “i” has figured prominently in the teasers that Xiaomi has been releasing. Read more