Galaxy Note 8 possibly leaked by Samsung, shipping date projected in September

With a little over a month to go until the expected official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd, the possibility exists that Samsung’s own Exynos processor division may have leaked out an image of the upcoming device. Meanwhile, sources in Korea are projecting the new device will start shipping during September.

New image of Pixel XL 2 shows up along with info on features

Earlier today several images showed up that supposedly reveal the design of the forthcoming LG V30 smartphone. Turns out that was not the only LG manufactured device to be the subject of the rumor mill. A new image also surfaced that claims to be the next Google Pixel XL device. Along with the image and what can be gleaned from it regarding the new Pixel XL, sources also indicate the device will get a “squeezable” frame similar to what the HTC U11 offers.

CAD based renders reveal expected LG V30 design

Although it did not really start out that way, LG’s line of V series devices has risen to become the second half of the company’s flagship smartphone offerings each year. This is similar to the pattern we see from Samsung with the release of their Galaxy devices in the spring and their Note devices in the fall. With the LG G6 out for a few months now and the LG Q6 officially launched, we now turn our eyes to the forthcoming LG V30.

Samsung working on a fully standalone VR headset with an Exynos CPU

Samsung’s Gear VR line has been moderately successful at bringing virtual reality to the masses without investing in any high-end hardware or equipment. Simply drop your Galaxy S or Galaxy Note smartphone in the headset and you’re ready to go. On top of that, Samsung has given away a free VR headset with all of their flagship smartphones in the past couple years, making it easily accessible to even more people.

Latest Moto X4 leak confirms dual rear cameras and curved display

It was just a week ago that Project Fi tweeted that a new mid-tier handset would be joining its ranks later this year, the first non-Google device to do so. This mid-tier handset was outed as the Moto X4 shortly after. Since then, it has been reported that the Moto X4 has an all-metal body, water resistance, as well as a dual camera setup on its rear.

Specifications leak for rumored HTC mid-range handset code-named “Ocean Life”

HTC launched its U11 flagship device back in May, a handset whose design follows on from the shiny U Ultra that launched earlier in the year. It’s a design that suggests that the Taiwanese handset maker is finally back on its game and offers hope that the company has turned the corner. Today leak brings us details of an upcoming mid-range handset codenamed “Ocean Life”. 

Moto X4 to join the Google Project Fi line-up

Earlier today we reported on Google’s plans to add a mid-tier smartphone as a choice for consumers based on feedback they had been receiving. In their tweet announcing plans to add a new device, Project Fi was very vague only indicating it would be “from one of our partners.” A new report from Evan Blass via Venture Beat says the device will be the forthcoming Motorola Moto X4.