Google Play services 8.3 brings simplified sign-in with Google accounts, app sharing, and Android Wear improvements

google_play_logo_2015Google has updated their Google Play services framework, bringing things to version 8.3. The update brings a handful of new APIs for developers to implement, including some things to streamline the sign-in process using a Google account and some better ways to save power and performance on smartphones and wearables. Read more

[TA Deals] Score an OSTraining Developer Course lifetime subscription at a 96% discount

ostraining developer coursesIf you’re interested in web development, we’ve got a fantastic deal on a lifetime subscription to tons of courses and material to get started or sharpen your skills. The OSTraining Developer Course offers a ton of training for several popular platforms and teaches the intricacies of things like HTML and CSS. It’s great to know for a beginner, and still a handy resource to have for someone that’s already gotten their feet wet. Read more

Bethesda releases Pip-Boy companion app to the Play Store ahead of Fallout 4 launch

fallout pip-boy logoBethesda has released the Pip-Boy companion app on the Play Store ahead of Fallout 4’s launch next Tuesday, building on the excitement they stirred up with the Fallout Chat app. The app pairs with Fallout 4 on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC and lets you keep up with information from the game on the go. You can check your stats, inventory, map, and radio stations, and any holotape games you’ve found will be playable on the app. Read more

Larry Page will no longer have any say over Google’s operations in China, leaves decisions up to Sundar Pichai

Google_Larry_Page_StatementSince¬†Google split off as a subsidiary of Alphabet, Larry Page took over as CEO of Alphabet and handed the reigns of Google to Sundar Pichai. This means that while Page is still technically higher up the ladder than Pichai, he’s not making any decisions about Google’s business moves going forward, especially over how the company is handling their operations in China. Read more

Google announces the best four apps currently made for Project Tango

project tango development tabletProject Tango still isn’t a readily available consumer product, but that hasn’t stopped Google and other developers from continuing to push the platform forward. Google recently ran a contest to pick out the best available apps on Project Tango from each of four categories: best game, best augmented or virtual reality app, best utility, and an overall winner. Today Google has announced which apps have won those awards. Read more

Samsung announces Soundcamp for creating your musical masterpiece on your phone

samsung soundcampSamsung has announced a new application for their devices called Soundcamp that offers an open platform for recording, playing, and mixing music. It’s mostly for electronic music, since it’s technically a DAW and MIDI sequencer, but it’s very open and works with third-party apps, which should keep the door open for tons of new ideas in the future. Read more