New Nexus phones are getting tweaked Settings menu and a Night Light mode


Google’s latest iterations of Nexus devices are shaping up to offer some killer standout features, and the leaks continue to trickle in building on Google’s philosophy of making some things exclusive to the Nexus line instead of adding everything to AOSP. The latest rumor from Android Police suggests that we’ll see a night mode make its way back into Android at some point, even though the feature was present in some early Android 7.0 builds before being left on the cutting room floor. Read more

T-Mobile wants to match Verizon’s network coverage in the next year


T-Mobile just made a very bold claim; the carrier plans on matching Verizon’s network availability and coverage over the next 12 months, and possibly even sooner. That sounds like a tough task, but T-Mobile has some serious momentum going for its network.

The Un-Carrier network is already considered one of the fastest networks available, especially compared to the congested networks of AT&T and Verizon. It’s always lagged behind on actual coverage, though, but that looks to be changing very soon. Read more

[TA Deals] Save 73% on a Layze flexible universal car mount

layze car mount

If you travel frequently or spend a ton of time in your car, you’ve probably considered investing in a car mount to keep your phone at eye level. It makes it easier to use the built-in GPS and your favorite maps application, control music, or see phone calls, all without taking your eyes off of the road.

If you need a decent mount while traveling, Layze makes a great flexible and completely universal option, and today you can save 73% off of its normal price. Read more

Samsung Gear Fit 2 review


The Gear Fit 2 is Samsung’s second take on a wearable fitness tracking device. Their first attempt was a pretty clunky and awkward device, which is probably why you haven’t seen many people walking around with the original Gear Fit from the company.

With those criticisms in mind, Samsung went back to the drawing board to try and bring forward all of the good features of the Gear Fit (namely that large, curved screen on a relatively small and thin band) while cutting out the negatives. That’s a tall order, especially in a market that’s crowded with Fitbit, the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and even Samsung’s own other wearables.

Hit the break for our review of the Samsung Gear Fit 2. Read more

Samsung’s Gear 360 officially gets released in the US later this month


Did you forget about Samsung’s Gear 360? You’d be forgiven if you did, since Samsung went almost completely silent on the little camera after its announcement with the Galaxy S7.

Well, fast forward a few months to the launch of the next Galaxy phone, and the tentative release date for the US version of the gadget is finally here, complete with the same $349 price tag that we originally saw. Read more

YouTube and Google Calendar added to HTTPS transparency report


Google maintains a transparency support that details how well their services are encrypted, and it’s a pretty interesting chart to dig into, especially if you’re concerned about how secure Google is. The charts track what percentage of traffic from a particular service is sent over HTTPS and keeps a trail of how those services have done since 2014. Read more

Android 7.0 might drop this month without Nexus 5 support


Google announced that Android 7.0 would be Android Nougat, and it includes your usual new features and under the hood enhancements that we see with all new Android releases. However, they didn’t announce when Nougat would be officially available for our devices.

The good news is that if you’re tired of waiting for Google to announce something, Evan Blass has kindly tipped everyone off as to when Android 7.0 should be available to Nexus devices. Read more