[TA Deals] Get more streaming content with a discounted TNT Unblocker lifetime subscription

Sometimes, certain content on streaming sites can be blocked off based on what country you’re located in. You’ve probably seen that happen more than once on YouTube, and it’s a frustrating experience every time. Fortunately for you, there’s an easy way around that (besides literally moving to another country) and right now it’s cheaper than ever.

Tag Heuer announces the highly customizable Connected Modular smartwatch

Tag Heuer was one of the first manufacturers to really try and push the idea of a smartwatch that was still a high-end fashion accessory, and for the most part, they succeeded. They’re following up that success with a new watch that’s still very premium, but also offers customization options that we’ve never seen from an Android Wear device before.

Project Jacquard Commuter jacket is launching this year with a hefty price tag

Project Jacquard was announced by Google almost two years ago, but it’s been pretty quiet ever since. It’s a cool concept, but most actual products are still in development.

Google and Levi announced a smart jacket last year, however, marking one of the first collaborative projects for the connected fabric, and now we’ve got a solid release date and a price tag to go with it.