Twitter copies Snapchat, will bring daily Stickers to your social media photos


In the latest round of feature additions, Twitter is taking a page out of Snapchat’s playbook and adding the option to put stickers on the photos in your tweets. It seems like most new social media additions these days are chasing Snapchat, but hey, can’t argue with what works.

Twitter’s #Stickers will work like Snapchat’s filters, except they’re applied to pictures and not disappearing photos/videos of your face. You’ll get a rotating set of images every day that you can slap on your image, which should help to spice up what you’re sharing with your followers. The rotating sticker idea will probably help to keep some people drawn in. Read more

Getting the best iOS 10 features on your Android device right now

apple iOS 10

Apple ended its WWDC 2016 keynote with the most amazing, fantastic, and beautiful refresh to iOS yet, and Tim Cook doesn’t know how you ever lived without it. It’s loaded with new features and tweaks, and, to Apple’s credit, some of them are actually some really nifty additions to mobile software.

There’s just one catch: you’re going to have to wait until this fall to take advantage of Apple’s latest iOS software. Like always, the new version of iOS will officially launch with the new iPhone around August or September, so until then you’re stuck with iOS 9. Unless, of course, you have an Android phone and would like to go ahead and snag all those useful iOS features for your smartphone right now. Fortunately for us, there are enough apps and software adjustments on Android to get pretty much every cool feature Apple announced without iOS 10 or an expensive iPhone. Read more

Samsung Pay isn’t designed to make money, it’s only to sell phones


Samsung Pay is one of many options in the mobile payment market, but it might be one of the only options that exists as a loss leader for its parent company. Samsung’s thought process is that Samsung Pay isn’t a revenue stream for the company, but instead a way to sell phones and keep its users in the Samsung ecosystem. Read more

Motorola’s Jim Wicks is leaving the company after 12 years


Jim Wicks is Motorola’s Senior VP of Consumer Experience, and he’s been with Motorola for 12 years. That’s a fairly long tenure in a market where high-level positions jump around between companies every couple of years.

Despite being with the company for over a decade, Wicks has decided to leave the company, which just might be a sign of how things are going for Motorola under Lenovo. Read more