Amazon might be bringing the Alexa voice assistant to Fire TV

amazon fire tv alexaAmazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is currently only available on the Amazon Echo. It looks like the company might be bringing her over to the Fire TV line in the near future, however.

Some code in Amazon’s Fire OS 5 developer preview points towards Alexa getting functionality in the Fire TV, but it’s not completely clear if that’ll be back ported to the original line of devices or if it will only be available in the newer line, whenever those are announced. Read more

Best instant messaging services


Messaging services can be a useful alternative to your standard SMS messaging on your smartphone. While a standard text message uses your carrier plan, a messaging app only uses WiFi and is completely independent, which means you won’t actually need a plan from a carrier to use it. These are also useful if you want to message simultaneously on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and they often have a ton of extra features that your standard text messaging app simply won’t have.

We’ve compiled some of the best and most popular apps available to give you a few to test out.

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Samsung discusses positive reaction to Samsung Pay in South Korea

samsung_pay_mobile_payments_unpacked_2015Samsung Pay was originally announced with the Galaxy S6, although it’s been delayed several times since then. It finally went live last month, but only in South Korea, and is slated to kick off in North America later this month.

After a month in South Korea, Samsung has talked a bit about how people are reacting to and using the service, and so far it seems like customers and retailers alike are pretty happy with the experience so far. Read more

New Minecraft Pocket Edition update adds controller support and cross-platform multiplayer

minecraft-1313473010Minecraft Pocket Edition got a pretty major update today that adds in two new features; controller support, and cross-platform multiplayer for up to five people.

Controller support is a big one, especially if you hate playing games like this with a touch screen. Now the app features a page in the settings where you can assign buttons to actions, so you can completely remap a controller however you see fit. Read more