AT&T’s wireless sales experience ranks highest among carriers five times in a row

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T has ranked higher than other wireless carriers in JD Powers’ wireless purchase experience survey, marking the fifth consecutive time AT&T has outscored the competition in this category. The award is given out twice per year.

The carrier scored top marks in four of the six categories, including store sales rep, website, offerings and promotions, and phone sales rep. Roughly 12,700 customers took part in the survey, so there was a decent sized sample to get this information from. Read more

Rite Aid to begin accepting mobile payments on August 15th

rite aidRite Aid has announced that they’ll be joining tons of other companies and being accepting mobile payments on August 15th. All of the company’s nearly 4600 stores will be able to take Apple Pay and Google Wallet payments.

It’s not a major deal, and it’s something that’s becoming increasingly common with most bigger stores and restaurants. But hey, if you shop at Rite Aid often, at least you won’t need to worry about bringing your credit card with you anymore. Read more

Google’s new Alphabet restructuring may run into legal issues with BMW

alphabet_inc_logo_red_launchGoogle is now a subsidiary of a bigger company called Alphabet, but they may run into some issues using that name. Apparently, the name Alphabet (and is already registered to German automobile manufacturer BMW. That Alphabet handles support to corporations for vehicle fleets, and BMW isn’t interested in selling the name or website domain. Google never approached BMW with an offer to purchase the domain, anyway, but that’s a moot point. Read more

Verizon testing out 10 gigabit internet service using new fiber technology

2000px-Verizon_logoVerizon has successfully tested out a new fiber connection that will theoretically provide speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, with a little bit of headroom to improve that even more. That’s insanely fast.

This test doesn’t mean that Verizon is going to immediately start offering those speeds to all of their customers, unfortunately, but it’s a step in the right direction towards faster internet speeds than what we have today. Right now there isn’t even commercial equipment available for this new technology to be used, so we’re a ways off from it being mainstreamed. Read more

Vulkan API promises significant graphical improvements for Android gaming and 3D graphics

vulkan gnomes3D graphics have been moving very quickly in the mobile space, getting increasingly competitive with traditional home video game consoles and the like. That trend will continue now that Vulkan, a 3D rendering API, is coming to Android to improve the graphics experience on mobile devices.

Vulkan is a much more efficient API than Open GL ES that Android currently uses, offering a significantly lower CPU overhead and better tools for developers. A video showcasing a horde of gnomes was created to really show off the difference between the two APIs, and it’s incredibly apparent how much better Vulkan should be for mobile gaming.  Read more

LG’s G4 officially certified as a secure device by the US government

LG G4 Variety of coloursLG can now proudly say their current flagship, the G4, is officially secure enough for use in the US government after passing some pretty strict testing.

The device meets the US National Security Agency’s National Information Assurance Partnership standards, certifying it for use in over 25 countries, including the US. It meets international security standards as well as the US government’s Cryptographic Modules standards, which is a pretty big accomplishment and opens up a large new market for the G4. Read more

SmartPrompt Pan is a digital frying pan with a screen in the handle, now up for pre-order

smartprompt frying panSomeone somewhere is trying to turn the next mundane device or appliance into some kind of smart, connected home gadget, and that includes the SmartPrompt Pan. The SmartPrompt by Key Ingredient is a frying pan with a screen built right into the handle, and a ton of sensors baked in (no pun intended) to help you be a more effective cook. Read more

D-Link is now offering the world’s first WiFi water sensor

D-Link DCH-S160D-Link is now offering the industry’s first ever WiFi water sensor that does pretty much what you’d expect it to. It connects to a wall outlet and emits a siren alarm if it ever comes into contact with water, which is great for alerting you to flooding or malfunctioning appliances.

Since it’s a WiFi sensor, it can also connect to D-Link’s mobile app on your smartphone to remotely notify you about any flooding, so you’re still aware of the problem even if you aren’t at home. That’s a pretty useful extra tool if you like to keep a connected home with other smart appliances. Read more

BBC News app gets Android Wear support for top stories and alerts

bbc newsThe Android BBC News app has just received a minor update that brings support for our favorite smartwatch platform, Android Wear. Now you’ll be able to get notified about top stories and custom alerts right from your wrist without having to unlock your phone. Pretty useful for staying up to date on the latest news, so hopefully you’ll learn about stories before they’re plastered all over your Twitter timeline. Read more