T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier move might be called BingeOn for streaming video from services

Birmingham Alabama T-MobileWe’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about T-Mobile’s Uncarrier X move that’s set to be unveiled on November 10th, and we know it’s got something to do with video streaming. Now it looks like Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, has uncovered more details on exactly what that initiative entails. Read more

Google might be merging Chrome OS and Android in the near future

Chrome_Android_overlapGoogle has maintained Chrome OS and Android as two separate products for years now, but we’ve some overlap between the two here and there. There have been some serious questions over whether or not Google should fold both operating systems into one unified OS, and although it hasn’t happened yet it looks like we might see it happen in the next few years. Read more

Google wants to cover the entire globe with Project Loon internet in 2016

google-project-loon-designboom04Google’s Project Loon is an ambitious project to bring internet access to tons of different places in the world through floating balloons. It’s a weird concept, but it’s been growing rapidly and so far, it’s worked pretty well for Google.

The next step for Project Loon, according to Google, involves covering the entire globe with internet access in 2016. That’s a bold plan, but Google is working on creating a string of continuous balloons that will create widespread coverage with no gaps. Initially Project Loon will test continuous coverage in the southern hemisphere, and if that goes well, it will expand from there. Read more

Samsung’s Project Valley is a folding smartphone, set to see a limited January release

samsung_unpacked_2015_galaxy_s6_edge_plus_front_bottom_home_TASamsung is working on a new experimental device that’s currently dubbed Project Valley. The device will supposedly sport a foldable design, which is something we’ve seen Samsung patent and toy with previously, and it’s expected to launch next January. That might crowd Samsung’s Q1 with reports of an accelerated Galaxy S7 release. Read more