Hangouts Android app and Chromebox for Meetings devices get easy guest invite support

Google-Hangouts-logoGoogle recently introduced a feature for Google Apps customers that allows them to easily invite guests to join a video call by simply sharing a link instead of actually inviting a specific person through their email account. It’s a useful feature that simplifies group video chats, especially in a work situation.
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Samsung will likely release a Galaxy S 6 Active sometime this year

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Active-top-back-leftIf you keep up with Samsung’s product line and which devices they typically refresh, it shouldn’t surprise you that Samsung is likely to release an Active version of the Galaxy S 6 sometime this year.

Twitter user @upleaks has tweeted about a new Samsung device with the model number SM-G890A, which is fairly similar to the SM-G870A, which was AT&T’s Galaxy S 5 Active. It’s pure speculation at this point, but Samsung is usually pretty predictable about this kind of thing.
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Release date and pricing leak for Verizon Nexus 6, will be available March 12th

Nexus_6_Cloud_White_And_Midnight_BlueWe know Verizon’s Nexus 6 is coming, and probably fairly soon, but some new promotional material has leaked that confirms some of the rumors we’ve already heard. The official launch date of the device will be March 12th if you’re willing to order it online, and the Nexus 6 will be offered in stores on March 19th.

As far as pricing goes, you’ll be able to snag a 32 GB variant for $249 on contract, $29.16 per month if you opt for Verizon’s Edge installment plans, or $699 if you plan on purchasing it outright. According to this info, though, it doesn’t seem like the white color will be available, and you won’t have any options besides 32 GB. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.
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WhatsApp banning users who install third-party messaging clients

whatsapp_app_iconWhatsApp has been pretty strict about allowing users to download third-party clients, and they’ve slowly cleaned up access to those clients. They’re nearly impossible to find on Google Play or any other app store, and the company started banning users that used the apps earlier this year.

What started as a 24-hour ban turned into a three day ban, and now it looks like WhatsApp will permanently ban any user that’s caught using a third-party application to access WhatsApp. The ban pretty much blocks your phone number from the service, so anything short of getting an entirely new account with a new number won’t be enough to use the service again.
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T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 3 receiving Android Lollipop update

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_3_TA_BackT-Mobile has started pushing out the Android Lollipop update to their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The upgrade includes all of the normal features and enhancements that Google introduced with 5.0, plus a few carrier specific fixes just for T-Mobile including enhancements to WiFi calling.

If you have a Note 3 on T-Mobile’s network, start checking for the update.
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HBO’s streaming service will be called HBO Now, priced at $15 per month

HBO_LogoSome new details have popped up regarding HBO’s stand-alone streaming service that’s slated for launch later this year. The service is HBO’s first foray into offering current content without the help of cable and satellite providers and will be a huge deal for cord-cutters.

The service is reportedly going to be called HBO Now, and it will go live in April, roughly a month from now. Pricing is pegged at $15 per month, which is a bit higher than the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Of course, if HBO plans on offering all of their own high quality content, it might be worth the premium over similar services.
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Rumor pins the price of Huawei’s Android Wear Watch at $1,000

huawei_watch_officialA new rumor has surfaced regarding the price of Huawei’s upcoming smartwatch, and it’s pretty ridiculous. If these rumors end up being true, Huawei could price the watch at $1,000, which is significantly higher than any other conventional Android Wear watch we’ve seen. Apple likely wouldn’t even attempt to pull off that price tag with their products.
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