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If you’ve ever seen an error message about a YouTube video or any other digital service not being available in your country, you’ve probably been frustrated with the situation. You’re willing to spend money or watch ads to support this content, but you’re unable to for completely arbitrary reasons.

Fortunately for you, there’s a fix if you don’t mind hiding your location to some of these services. TNT Stream Unblocker will help you do that. Read more

Samsung’s US President and COO releases an apology for the Galaxy Note 7


You’re probably tired of hearing about the Galaxy Note 7 recall, but it’s still the hottest (pun definitely intended) issue with Android right now. At this point, we’re just waiting for replacement devices to roll in and for Samsung to get everyone swapped out to put this to bed once and for all, which might happen sooner rather than later when people start noticing their Note 7 batteries are getting gimped via an update. Read more

Samsung likely to go with China’s ATL for Galaxy Note 7 batteries


After several weeks of dealing with exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries, Samsung has been hesitant to give anyone any definite answers. We know there’s a recall, but it’s only half official and Samsung is just trying to get the phones back without completely barring them from sale to the public. The FAA doesn’t want you to take your Note 7 on an airplane, but hasn’t officially banned it. We don’t know when the new phones will actually be available to purchase again.

The entire situation has been a mess of muddy questions and no crystal answers, not even when it comes to what’s actually causing the phones to blow up.  Read more

Yet another Galaxy Note 7 explodes in public [Update: It was a Galaxy Core!]


Update: Days later, it looks like this wasn’t a Galaxy Note 7 explosion, as originally suspected. NBC New York was able to identify the phone as a Samsung Galaxy Core. It’s certainly still not good news for the company and will still start an investigation, but there’s likely more factors at play here than just a faulty manufacturing process as we’re seeing on the Galaxy Note 7.

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