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Sling TV review

There’s no shortage of internet TV companies fighting for time on your screens, including some compelling options from big names like DirecTV and PlayStation. Obviously there are also streaming-only options like Netflix and Hulu, but the popularity of services like Sling prove there’s a market for traditional TV without traditional cable boxes or satellite. Even Google is getting in on the train with YouTube TV.

Sling TV, which is owned by Dish Network, was one of the first options in the internet television space. They offered a skinny bundle of channels for just $20, which kickstarted a wave of competition and various takes on this format. So how does Sling stack up against its rivals today? Let’s find out.

Donald Trump ditches Android, now tweets from an iPhone (maybe)

Donald Trump is notorious for his Twitter activity, but one of the more obscure points of interest has been about his tendency to tweet from an unsecured Android device. There’s nothing wrong with hanging onto your old Galaxy S3 if that’s what you like, but there have been some serious concerns about the president of the United States using something that vulnerable.