US Cellular’s LG G4 finally seeing Android 6.0 with latest OTA update

lg_g4_back_bottom_logo_TAUS Cellular is finally getting around to sending out the Android 6.0 update for LG G4 owners, after LG suspended the update for owners several months ago due to issues with the software. The update includes all of the newer Android features and tweaks that we’ve grown to know and love, which includes things like Doze, which should drastically improve battery life on your device, and Now on Tap and redesigned application permissions. Read more

Google brings the Moto 360 Sport to its storefront

motorola_moto_360_sport_stretchingThe Moto 360 Sport was recently made available through Motorola’s website and Verizon’s store, but if you didn’t want to order through either of those options, now you’ve got a third choice in Google. The company has made Motorola’s latest Android Wear device available alongside all of the other phones, tablets, watches and accessories that Google sells directly to customers at the same $299 price point with free shipping. Read more

John Legere writes one more blog post about Binge On, still doesn’t understand net neutrality

t-mobile_magenta_headerJohn Legere and T-Mobile are in the midst of a video streaming crisis known as Binge On. While the plan was originally designed to let customers watch as much video as they want without it hitting their data allowances, there were some pretty big snags for some other big companies that caused problems. Google, for example, wasn’t happy that YouTube was being throttled on T-Mobile’s network, even though YouTube isn’t part of the unlimited streaming service. Read more