PlayOn testing Chromecast support in latest beta

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PlayOn is a fantastic service that acts pretty similarly to a Roku box. You set up the PlayOn server on a computer, then that server slings content to compatible devices, which could be an Android device, Xbox 360, or another computer. It offers tons of different channels and plug-ins offering links to stream shows online, or as specific as finding foreign news broadcasts. It currently has support for Amazon Instant Video, ABC, CBS, NBC, MLB, CNN, and so much more. It even supports the streaming of local media. » Read the rest

Facebook Messenger update adds in group chat features

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facebook messenger

Facebook has updated their Messenger application with a handful of great new features focused on group chatting. Now you’ll be able to create groups for different people you communicate with, and you’ll be able to change the group name, add photos for the group, and manage members of the group. They’ve also thrown in a nifty message forwarding option for people you’re chatting with.

Hit the break below for the download link. » Read the rest

Android 4.4 KitKat found to be the most stable mobile operating system

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A recent study done by Crittercism surveyed 106 mobile operating systems on over 2500 different devices to try to figure out which OS was the most stable. It was a pretty massive experiment that found some very interesting details.

Out of all of the different things they measured, Crittercism found that Android 4.4 KitKat was the most stable mobile operating system available with a crash rate of just 0.7%. That’s significantly better than the crash rate of Android 2.3, which found that Gingerbread crashed roughly 1.7% of the time. For comparison, Apple’s own iOS 7.1 had a crash rate of 1.6%, just slightly better than Gingerbread. Older versions of iOS saw even higher crash rates, peaking at 2.5% for iOS 5. Good news for Android and Android developers, right? » Read the rest

Moto G is officially Motorola’s best selling smartphone ever

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According to Motorola Vice President Magnus Ahlqvist, Motorola’s latest budget smartphone, the Moto G, has become the best selling smartphone in the history of the company. We already knew it was beating expectations, but it’s pretty impressive that it’s now outsold every other smartphone Motorola has made, and it’s only been out for 6 months.

Ahlqvist explained that a large factor in getting sales this high had to do with the Indian market, where consumers are very picky about their phones. Motorola tackled this by partnering with Flipkart, a very large Indian online retailer, and chose to sell the phone online-only. Seems like a weird strategy, but it’s worked extremely well for the company and they’re continuing to make a profit on every Moto G sold. » Read the rest

AT&T confirms Asus PadFone X specs, no word on release date

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AT&T has officially announced the specs of the Asus PadFone X that they plan on offering eventually. Unfortunately, they didn’t give us any details in the way of pricing or a release date, but at least we know AT&T hasn’t forgotten about the device with the launches of some other high end devices coming up.

The PadFone X will feature a 5 inch, 1080p display, and the docking tablet will sport a 9 inch, 1920 x 1200 resolution screen. The internals of the device are very capable, with a Snapdragon 800 CPU on board, as well as 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, an SD card slot, and Android 4.4 on board. If you’re chasing the latest and greatest, this phone won’t fit the bill, but it’s shaping up to be a very powerful device nonetheless.

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Google adds in support for uploading music to Play Music through Chrome

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google play music

We knew Google was working on adding the ability to upload music files to Play Music directly through Google Chrome, and it looks like that update has finally gone live. It’s still considered a beta lab experiment, so you’ll have to enable it at this link, but once that’s done, you can simply drag music files onto Chrome to upload them to your Play Music library. There are also configurations for uploading tons of music in iTunes, as well as setting up music to upload automatically.

In addition to those changes, Google has also added a pop-out mini player to Play Music, as well as the option to download tracks right from the browser. Looks like Google’s download manager program is all but obsolete at this point.

source: Google Plus

Slingbox working on adding Chromecast support

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The Slingbox is one of the best personal media streaming devices available, but unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate at all with Google’s Chromecast. The two devices seem like they would work extremely well together, so it’s more than a little disappointing.

According to an answers page on Slingbox’s forums, though, it appears that the developers at Sling Media are hard at work on adding Chromecast support to their device. Unfortunately, the answer didn’t give anything in the way of how close they are to officially adding support or any kind of timeframe, but rest assured, they are working on it. Whenever it does happen, I’m sure it’s going to please many cordcutters that use the Chromecast as their primary streaming tool for their television.

source: Slingbox Answers

Updated LastPass app now autofills passwords in Android apps and mobile Chrome browsers

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LastPass, a fantastic password manager, has updated their Android application to create a much better experience across the Android OS. The new app will now autofill passwords in on your mobile applications, as well as the mobile Chrome browser. Autofilling passwords are already handled by Chrome, but if you use LastPass, you already know that it’s a slightly more secure, easier to manage option.

The biggest advantage now is the autofill option in applications. As long as you’re on Android 4.1 and up, whenever you open an app that has a username and password field, a pop up will appear that will let LastPass fill in your information. Since very few apps offer the ability to save passwords, this will definitely save you a lot of typing. » Read the rest

Google Play Edition of the HTC One M8 will go up for preorder later today

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HTC One M8 2014 google play edition

HTC confirmed that they will be releasing a Google Play Edition of their new HTC One in the coming weeks, and the preorder for the device will go up later today. It will be available directly through the Play Store for the not so low price of $699.

The GPE HTC One will feature all of HTC’s new hardware, but you’ll lose all of the Sense 6.0 features in favor Android 4.2.2, obviously. It’ll be interesting to see if the phone will be able to take advantage of the duo-camera setup on the device without Sense, but I guess we’ll know for sure in the next few weeks.