The NoPhone Zero offers the least advanced technology on the market at an aggressively low price

NoPhone ZeroNew phones are offering extremely high resolution screens, fingerprint scanners, and all kinds of other ridiculous, space-age technology in rectangular packages. The NoPhone Zero takes a different approach, though, offering the least advanced in available smartphone technology. In fact, the NoPhone Zero offers so few features and does so little, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s even a phone. Read more

Google introduces new Brotli compression algorithm, offers a 26% improvement over other methods

google new logoGoogle has introduced a brand new compression algorithm for the internet that’s said to be about 26% better than anything else that’s currently available. Google already uses their own compression for certain photos in supported browsers, including the photos on the web version of the Play Store, so this isn’t the first time the search engine has dabbled in making the internet more efficient. Read more

[TA Deals] Stock up on charging cables and adapters with this $39 Tronsmart power bundle

TronsmartIf you’re like me, you can always use more charging cables and adapters. Lucky for us, you can pick up a Tronsmart power bundle for just $39, which is 59% off the list price of this accessory bundle.

The bundle includes six micro USB cables, plus a car adapter and wall adapter. The home charger can charge up to three devices at once, while the car adapter has four USB ports. Both adapters fully support quick charge 2.0, so you’ll be able to juice up your electronics in no time. Read more

Tons of new devices have officially been added to the Cyanogenmod family

Cyanogen_New_Logo_February_2015Cyanogenmod has officially expanded support for several new devices from different manufacturers, expanding the list of phones that will support Cyanogenmod releases. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these devices have a stable build ready right this second, but they’ll be supported with future releases. Read more