Google’s self-driving vehicles have only been involved in 11 accidents over 6 years

Google self driving carGoogle’s self-driving cars are a big focus point for the company, but drivers and manufacturers alike are keeping their eyes on the safety of those autonomous vehicles. Fortunately for everyone (except maybe insurance companies) Google’s self-driving car program hasn’t caused any accidents over the 6 years and 1.7 million miles since it took to the road.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been any accidents where a Google car was involved, but none of the 11 recorded accidents were Google’s fault. To top that off, all 11 accidents that the self-driving cars were involved in were minor, so no one was injured. That’s pretty impressive, and seems far safer than what most human drivers can typically pull off. Read more

Best photo editing apps for Android [May 2015]

android-photo-editingPhoto editing apps on smartphones as a necessity to deal with early low-resolution cameras. Instagram even built up a social network off of the idea of filters and editing to make low megapixel shots look decent. Today, smartphone cameras have gotten significantly better, even replacing smaller point and shoot cameras for many people, but many of the editing apps have managed to evolve and stay relevant alongside the new, better cameras.

We went through some of the best available apps for tweaking your camera shots a couple years ago, but over the past few years the landscape of the best apps has changed. In this guide, we’ll go over the top apps for fine-tuning your shots to look perfect on whatever social media site you plan on uploading them to. Read more

Galaxy S6 gets one-click root method, includes AT&T and Verizon models and doesn’t trip KNOX

samsung_galaxy_s6_colorsWe’ve already seen some progress being made on rooting the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but a new method called PingPong root offers up a quick and easy way to root nearly every model of the S6. Yep, that includes the Verizon and AT&T versions, both of which tend to be notoriously far behind on progress with these flagship devices.

As an added bonus, this method doesn’t trip Samsung’s KNOX counter, which means you won’t lose access to things like Samsung Pay whenever that launches later this year. Some root methods tend to interfere with Samsung’s security measure, so it’s great to see this method work around that. Read more

Sega will be removing several games from mobile app stores over the coming weeks

humble_sega_mobile_bundle_games_addedIn a blog post today, Sega has announced that they will be pulling several of their older titles from mobile app stores over the next few weeks. According to the company, some older games don’t quite meet their standards of quality anymore, and so they’ll be removed from Google’s Play Store, Amazon’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Apps, plus the iOS App Store.

This is a pretty odd move, especially for a company that was probably still pulling in some cash from its older games, but I guess it’s better for consumers so they don’t buying up games from Sega’s back catalog only to find out that they aren’t working properly on their 2015 device. Read more

Qualcomm talks Samsung, the Snapdragon 810, and overheating issues

Qualcomm_Logo_01_TA_CES_2014Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor has been the hottest processor to talk about this year, no pun intended. But despite all of the rumors about overheating issues, the company has remained mostly silent about what was going on with their flagship CPU. Qualcomm’s VP of marketing, Tim McDonough, has finally stepped up to try and explain their side of things and exactly what’s going on behind the scenes with these chips. Read more

Google will intro Voice Access service at I/O for controlling apps without touching your phone

voice access ioGoogle I/O 2015 is shaping up to be pretty exciting, and the latest news from the conference only adds to that. Google will apparently be showing off a new Voice Access service that will allow developers to easily add ways for users to control their apps completely hands-free. Google has been pushing for voice activated stuff ever since the Google/Motorola collaboration that turned out to be the 2013 Moto X, and we’ve seen voice control make its way into other Google apps since then. Read more

Google’s Project Fi cancels your Google Voice account, at least until you cancel Project Fi

Project_Fi_Nexus_6_01When Google announced Project Fi, there were some concerns over its compatibility with Google Voice. It was clarified that if you ported your GV number over to Fi, you’d keep all of your texts, call logs, and other Voice settings, but you were going to lose tons of functionality that many users were probably familiar with, especially when it came to Google Talk and Google Voice apps. Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy J1 headed to Verizon’s network

verizon galaxy j1Samsung’s Galaxy J1 is a mid-range device, and one that typically doesn’t see its way onto many US carriers. However, it looks like the budget-friendly phone will find a home on Verizon’s network at some point this year. Interestingly, the normally 3G-only device appears to have 4G connectivity. Of course, you shouldn’t expect Verizon to launch any phones in 2015 without their signature 4G LTE branding, but it’s worth noting that this model will be slightly different than what Samsung has previously released. Read more