Google releases PhotoScan for saving your old physical pictures


Google has launched a new companion app to Google Photos that wants to save your old physical prints and give you a digital copy to save and upload to Facebook. The premise is pretty simple; take a picture of your picture and let the app crop, zoom, and adjust the image automatically for you. Then you’ll have a copy saved in your Google Photos library to do anything with. Read more

Quick Charge 4.0 is just around the corner, promises 28W of speed


There’s not a single phone on the market that has battery life that any of us really want. Sure, some phones can squeeze two days out of a single charge with perfect usage, but for most of us, we need to be mindful of where a charger is most of the time. Manufacturers have countered that with things like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge capabilities, where you only need to plug in for a few minutes to juice up most of your battery. Read more