Wunderlist gets updated with Android Wear support

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Wunderlist is the latest app to join the Android Wear party, baking in support for Google’s wearable tech in the latest app update. The update will let you check any notifications and reminders from your watch, as well as create a list by saying “Ok Google, make a note.” You can also use voice dictation to reply to comments on any notes.

It’s too early to tell if Android Wear will take over the wearable market, but it’s safe to say that it’s getting off to a great start by getting so many apps and developers on board. » Read the rest

Google Camera gets another update with Photo Sphere improvements

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Google released an update to the Google Camera on the Play Store just a few days ago that brought some Android Wear functionality. Also part of that update isn’t quite as big, but it does fix a lot of issues that users had with Photo Sphere and related modes.

Photo Sphere has been improved so it has a larger target area, which is extremely helpful in bright sunlight. This change should make creating Photo Spheres much, much easier. Aside from that small tweak, Photo Spheres should use less memory during the stitching process, which will supposedly cut down on crashes in the camera app. That performance change should also affect related camera modes, including Fish Eye, Panorama, and Wide Angle.

source: Google+

Nova Launcher gets Android L-style visual tweaks

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Nova Launcher is one of the best third-party launchers available, and today’s update makes it even better. The latest stable update brings some visual flair from the Android L developer preview, including different animations and theme tweaks.

There’s a new animation option for opening and leaving apps called slide up, which causes apps to appear from the bottom of the screen like they do in Android L. Many of the default theme elements have adopted the same aesthetic, including the Google search bar and the app drawer icon. The folder icon previews can now use Android L style grouping, too. » Read the rest

Samsung App store officially changes name to Galaxy Apps

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Samsung Apps2

Samsung previously announced they were planning on changing the name of the Samsung Apps storefront to Galaxy Apps, and that change has finally taken place. An update to the application on Samsung devices rebrands the app’s name and brings a cleaner interface. You won’t lose any purchased items after the change, fortunately, although I’m not sure too many of you had much to worry about in the first place.

Do you ever use the Samsung App store on your smartphone, or is it one of those apps you wish you could uninstall?

source: SammyHub

Motorola begins Android 4.4.4 rollout to several devices including the Droid Ultra

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Motorola has become one of the best manufacturers when it comes to updating devices, and it looks like they’re keeping up the trend with Android 4.4.4. They’ve announced that a handful of devices will be receiving the incremental update, including the Moto G in Brazil and India, the Moto E in France, Canada, and Asia Pacific, and the Droid Ultra in the US.

The 4.4.4 update includes everything that came with 4.4.3, including a new dialer and some camera tweaks, plus the usual bug fixes, performance enhancements, etc. If your device wasn’t listed, I wouldn’t worry too much. Motorola has been great about getting things updated, so we’ll likely hear some more news about it in the next few weeks.

source: Motorola

Fleksy’s Android Beta gets updated with 15 new languages and Galaxy Gear support

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Fleksy has announced that the beta version of the keyboard for Android is getting a handful of new languages today, bringing its total language count to over 35. Some of the new modules are completely new languages, like Norwegian and Croatian, while others are actually language variations, such as British English or French Canadian. Adding in support for a wide variety of different languages is key to Fleksy’s goal of targeting international markets for growth. » Read the rest

Lenovo’s octa-core Golden Warrior officially announced for July 18th

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Lenovo’s Golden Warrior smartphone has finally been given an official launch date after a few previous leaks. The device will hit shelves in China on July 18th, and Lenovo is offering a fantastic deal to Weibo members that will allow them to get their hands on the phone for roughly $32. Even if you can’t manager to get in on that deal, the device will run between $130 and $145, depending on which Chinese carrier you want the golden smartphone on. » Read the rest

Motorola discusses inspiration behind the round shape of Moto 360

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Of all of the Android Wear devices that have been announced, the Moto 360 is arguably the most hyped device of the bunch. Many people are excited for the 360 because not only will it be a solid Android Wear device, but because it looks great for a watch. The rounded design and aesthetics of the device continue to look impressive, especially compared to the typically-square designs of other smartwatches. » Read the rest

Verizon to offer Kansas and Missouri customers network test drive program

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Verizon has officially confirmed that they will be offering a test drive program for their network to customers in some states, similar to T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier move. Apparently, Big Red has been quietly running this program for about a year in Kansas and Missouri. Customers were allowed to test out a smartphone or data device for a week to test if they liked Verizon’s service and network, although very recently that program has been limited to just data devices. » Read the rest

Samsung’s Q2 profits dip, falling short of analyst expectations by nearly $1 billion

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Samsung’s Q2 earnings are in, and once again, they’ve fallen short of analyst expectations. Samsung plans to bring in about 7.2 trillion won, or $7.1 billion, which is quite a bit lower than the expected 8.1 trillion won ($8 billion). That’s a 24% decrease year-over-year for Samsung. Now, making over $7 billion in profit is still great for any company, but it’s still about $1 billion away from what the company was expected to bring in from the quarter.  » Read the rest