Lenovo details what goes into making Moto Mods


One of the standout features of the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force (aside from being Verizon exclusive for the time being) are the Moto Mods. If you missed all the commotion around the announcement and launch of the devices, Moto Mods are modular accessories that magnetically snap on the back of the phone. There are things like bigger batteries, loud speakers, and even projectors that Lenovo has crafted up for their flagship phones, and despite the fact that they’re exclusive to the Moto Z line, the Moto Mods are really cool. Read more

NVIDIA’s next SHIELD tablet might be left on the cutting room floor


The NVIDIA SHIELD K1 was a solid gaming tablet that could stand steady with its cheap $199 price tag. Considering it was the second tablet in the lineup, and NVIDIA enjoys other products in their SHIELD lineup, it would only make sense to keep expanding the line. There was an FCC filing for a new NVIDIA tablet that suggested a new tablet was on the way, but that might not be the case. Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 supports 4×4 MIMO (sort of)

note 7 4x4 MIMO

Reddit likes to snoop around when new phones launch, and according to a T-Mobile display phone, it looks like the Galaxy Note 7 might have some hidden tricks left to show everyone. A setting hidden away in the phone suggests that the new Note will support 4×4 MIMO for faster and more reliable network connections, assuming a carrier supports it. There are a few caveats there, obviously, but it’s good news on the surface. Read more

Galaxy Note 7 is capable of hitting record max brightness of over 1000 nits


Whenever Samsung releases a new flagship device, it almost always takes the crown for having the best display ever. Then Samsung releases a newer flagship a few months later, and then that phone has the best display ever. Now we’re just stuck in a cycle where Samsung keeps making the best displays and outdoing themselves without any stiff competition from other OEMs. Read more

OnePlus 3 review: Third time’s the charm


OnePlus has had a history of creating great products with an Achilles Heel, dating back to their first flagship device a couple years ago. The original OnePlus One was a fantastic phone that was incredibly difficult to actually buy thanks to its invite system. The OnePlus 2 was good, but took steps backwards on many things (looking at you, NFC) and still didn’t ditch the invite system.

We’ve also had the spinoff OnePlus X, which was also pretty great, but lacked decent storage options and LTE bands for AT&T. “It’s good, but…” seems like it should be the motto of the company at this point. Everything might just be different this year.

Hit the break for our review of the OnePlus 3.

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