The $199 Honor 5X will soon be available in 590 Best Buy stores

honor 5x best buyThe Honor 5X was an incredible deal when it launched, and it still offers a pretty compelling phone for just $199. One of the biggest problems it’s faced has been its lack of a physical presence in brick and mortar stores, so the only way someone could buy it was through online retailers.

For most phones, that’s not terrible, since it saves money on shipping and distribution. But for a phone that’s gotten as much traction as the 5X, it only makes sense to push into actual stores besides Amazon and Newegg, and that’s what Honor is doing thanks to a new partnership with Best Buy. Read more

LG G4 is AT&T’s first Android-powered WiFi calling device

lg_g4_angled_TACurrently the only devices capable of WiFi calling on AT&T’s network are iPhones. Most newer iPhones are able to take advantage of the feature, bypassing AT&T’s network to make phone calls. It’s a useful feature if you’re trying to conserve minutes on a plan or are somewhere that the carrier just doesn’t have great coverage, but it’s been incredibly limited up to this point.

Fortunately for LG G4 users, we’ve got another device that’s officially on board with AT&T’s WiFi calling tech. Read more

One last OnePlus 3 leak shows up a day before official announcement


We’re just a day away from OnePlus making the OnePlus 3 official, but you know that won’t stop the rumor mill from churning out just a few more photos. The latest leak shows off the device, in the flesh, from the front and back. It’s arguably the clearest look we’ve seen, unless you count the press renders and promotional material. Hit the break to check it out. Read more

Amazon is taking on Spotify, Google with standalone music streaming service

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duriWhen it comes to online goods and services, there isn’t much that Amazon doesn’t do. They offer a large video streaming catalog, a digital video storefront, audiobooks and eBooks, and obviously a large selection of physical goods with two-day shipping through Amazon Prime. There are plenty of Amazon-branded services for you to buy into, and it looks like Amazon is going to expand that with an on-demand music streaming subscription, too. Read more

The Moto X and Moto Z are scratching two different itches

moto_z_droid_edition_back_angleAfter waiting and waiting for a refreshed Moto X, Lenovo gave us the Moto Z. While the Moto Z doesn’t look like a bad phone (Verizon exclusivity notwithstanding), it’s disappointing to not see a true successor to the Moto X line.

Lenovo dropped some good news, though. The Moto X is still alive and well, as the Moto Z was designed to offer a different experience. That means we should eventually see another Moto X phone! Read more