[TA Deals] Learn how to build Android and Java apps with The Android Expert’s Coding Bundle

marshmallow app developmentIf you’re interested in getting started with Android or Java development, you’ll likely be interested in The Android Expert’s Coding Bundle. You can pay what you want for an entire bundle that goes over Java basics and essentials, as well as some courses covering Android Studio to build apps for Marshmallow. Read more

New York Times’ virtual reality experiment with readers was massively successful


Google and the New York Times partnered together to get Google Cardboard in the hands of as many NYT subscribers as possible this past weekend, and it turned out to be a pretty successful experiment.

According to the Times, the #nytvr hashtag has been trending on Twitter all weekend, and more than 700 people uploading pictures and videos of themselves using the cardboard VR headset to watch the exclusive film that was promoted for this event, The Displaced. The movie covers the global refugee crisis and is only available to watch on the New York Times VR app. Read more

Tinder is building out more information on your profile to help improve your matches

tinder_app_iconTinder is┬áplanning on adding some new info to your dating profile soon, hoping that it’ll help you score a few more matches. The app will intelligently display things like where you worked or went to school, relying on a complex algorithm to decide if that information is relevant to the person that’s deciding which direction they’re about to swipe.

That’s a little more info than what’s currently displayed, as the app only shows mutual friends and interests right now. Tinder thinks this new info should help users land more matches, and maybe they’re right. Common interests based on your Facebook likes aren’t a great conversation starter, but graduating from the same school will definitely spark something up, at least temporarily. Read more

Samsung wants you to watch sporting events on a Gear VR headset

samsung gear vr footballManufacturers are still trying to find the best use cases for virtual reality headsets, and Samsung thinks there might be a future in streaming sporting events.

Earlier in September, a football game (soccer game, for anyone in the US) was aired in Portugal, and then a surfing competition was streamed in October. Both of these used the full 360 degree experience that only a virtual reality headset can provide, creating a completely immersive experience that you just can’t get from a normal television broadcast. Read more

Leaked images show off the design of Samsung’s second generation Galaxy A3 and A5

galaxy a3 a5 leakSome new photos have leaked showcasing the design of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A3 and A5. The original A3, A5, and A7 phones fit into Samsung’s midrange portfolio, and that’s probably where we’ll see the second generation devices sit, too.

The biggest takeaway here is that the Galaxy A3 and A5, if these leaked photos end up being accurate, both look like the Galaxy S6. Samsung really make a great looking phone with the S6, so it makes sense to see the design trickle down to other devices like this. Read more

Huawei launches the G7 Plus with a 5.5-inch display and a slick design

huawei G7 plusNot to be outdone by HTC, Huawei has launched the G7 Plus with a high resolution 5.5-inch screen and a design that’s strikingly similar to a certain fruity competitor’s flagship phone. While the G7 Plus doesn’t completely look like an iPhone, it definitely does take some serious design inspiration from Apple. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s hard not to see it. Read more