Sony to launch purple Xperia Z3 in mid-February

purple xperia z3If the current color options for the Xperia Z3 just didn’t appeal to you, you’re in luck. Sony is apparently prepping a purple Xperia Z3 for launch sometime in February, which you can see above.

If you want a phone that stands out from the sea of white and black devices, it’s hard to go wrong with purple. It might be a little too loud for some people, but hey, options are nice.
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Details about Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon processors leak

qualcomm_snapdragon_marketingQualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 is going to be one of the fastest processors available in phones and tablets this year, but that doesn’t mean the company is going to stop pushing forward. The latest information about Qualcomm’s next plans has surfaced, detailing where the company wants to push processors next.

The biggest thing to look forward to is the Snapdragon 820 processor. Rumors suggest the 820 will feature a full 8-core architecture that doesn’t use ARM’s big.LITTLE setup, so this might be the first high-end processor we’ll see that utilizes all 8 cores simultaneously. It will also supposedly utilize a 14 nm process and LPDDR4 memory support.
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Sharp announces the Aquos Mini and a high-end flip phone

sharp aquos miniSharp has taken the wraps off of their first two devices for 2015, one of which is a high-end compact device, and the other is, surprisingly, a flagship flip phone.

The Aquos Mini is one of Sharp’s most impressive devices, featuring the razor thin bezels that their Aquos phones have come to be known for. The phone sports a 4.5-inch, 1080p screen with an extremely narrow body, and the display features Sharp’s IGZO technology which will supposedly let the device last for a full two to three days on its 2120 mAh battery.
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IRIS Laser HUD is a projection display for your car that pairs with your smartphone

iris laser hudThe IRIS laser HUD was announced at CES and takes a new spin on displaying your phone information on your vehicle. Instead of working like an in-vehicle dash display, the laser HUD actually projects real-time information in front of you on your windshield. Things like incoming calls and texts and driving directions will appear at eye level, making it easy to keep up with what’s going on. The device even allows you to reply to certain notifications with specific gestures. 
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Cyanogenmod 12 nightly builds now including the CM Theme Engine

cyanogenmod-12-cm12-android-lollipopOne of the coolest features that Cyanogenmod offers is a fully fleshed out theme engine built directly into the OS for your Android device. There are tons of available themes on the Play Store and the internet that can completely change the look of your phone on the fly, and it’s one of the biggest things that’s been missing from Cyanogenmod 12.
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T-Mobile will carry the YotaPhone 2 this year

yotaphone_2We know that one US carrier plans on selling the YotaPhone 2, but up until now, we didn’t have any specific information about which carrier that would be. The latest rumors point to T-Mobile picking up the device sometime in the spring, likely around March to April. That makes sense, considering T-Mobile tends to be the carrier that takes chances on devices that the other three major carriers won’t sell.
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