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[TA Deals] Learn to program with The Complete 2016 Learn to Code bundle

total web development courseIf you’re interested in getting started with programming, we’ve got a packed bundle full of material that should get you started in multiple different coding languages. There’s over 80 hours worth of courses covering everything from Python and Ruby to web development, and an example social media site to create to get your feet wet. It’s hard to get more comprehensive than that. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: The phone to beat in 2016

samsung_galaxy_s7_display_on_talk_android_TAThe Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s stab at a 2016 flagship, following the very well received Galaxy S6. It’s facing some incredibly stiff competition again this year, with LG’s module-driven G5 and HTC’s polished-to-perfection HTC 10, but Samsung has always held up against most other companies in the market. It’s taking a safe approach with the Galaxy S7 by building off of the successful aspects of the Galaxy S6 instead of a radical redesign like we’re used to seeing.

So how well does the Galaxy S7 hold up?

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