Sony Xperia X review: The most expensive mid-range phone ever


Sony announced a brand new line of Xperia phones this year, replacing the Xperia Z line that we all shared a love/hate relationship with. Now we have the Xperia X series of devices, which includes the Xperia X and other mid-range devices.

Sony has always struggled to really find their groove in the Android market, which might explain the entire reboot of their phone models. The Xperia Z was bogged down with confusing names (they skipped from the Xperia Z3 to the Z5, depending on what country you’re in) and poor advertising, so an entirely new series of phones might be just what the doctor marketing department ordered.

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Samsung rolls out new S Health features to keep up with the Gear Fit 2

samsung s health gear fit 2

With the Gear Fit 2 barely a month old, Samsung has decided it’s a good time to start tweaking and updating their S Health application. S Health has gone through a few different design changes over the years, usually with each new Galaxy S release, but it seems like they’ve found their groove with the layout and design and have only been adding features since then. Read more