Samsung working on a fully standalone VR headset with an Exynos CPU

Samsung’s Gear VR line has been moderately successful at bringing virtual reality to the masses without investing in any high-end hardware or equipment. Simply drop your Galaxy S or Galaxy Note smartphone in the headset and you’re ready to go. On top of that, Samsung has given away a free VR headset with all of their flagship smartphones in the past couple years, making it easily accessible to even more people.

HTC U11 review: Plenty to love, plenty to hate

HTC has been struggling to hit a home run for years now, slowly falling further and further behind the heavy hitters in the Android market. That’s not to say that HTC has made a series of bad phones, they’ve just been unable to deliver the full package while everyone else has been polishing their flagship devices.

Best OnePlus 5 cases

The OnePlus 5 is here, and it’s shaping up to be the best device OnePlus has ever crafted. The two-camera system is turning heads, it has all the high-end hardware you’d want out of a 2017 phone, and it sports a very premium design. Like any new flagship phone, you don’t want to drop it in two weeks and end up with a cracked screen for the next couple of years, right? So consider getting a case for it.

These are our picks for the best OnePlus 5 cases.