Features on iOS we want to see on Android

Google’s Android has a lot of great phones in the ecosystem, as well as plenty of excellent features from phone-to-phone; however, there are a handful of features that I, and many others, would no doubt like to see become official Android features. This isn’t speaking in terms of one OS is better than the other, but that iOS has some features that would make using Android a whole lot more seamless and enjoyable.

I also think these features would win them a lot more customers, because they’re everything that people really admire about iOS. Even though iOS is smaller in a lot of ways, it is really easy to use, which means Apple is going to be the go-to who for people who want their use of technology streamlined.

Here’s just a few of the features from iOS that I’d personally love to see implemented on Android.

HTC U Ultra review: HTC is almost back in the game

The U Ultra might not be HTC’s flagship for the year, but it’s still a high-end device you should pay attention to. The company vowed to switch its focus to premium hardware in 2017, and the U Ultra is just one culmination of the efforts. It really is a premium device with most everything you’d expect out of the a flagship — powerful hardware, a gorgeous display, a large battery and so on.