Best icon packs


Icon packs are a dime a dozen, and more are being added to the Play Store everyday. Unfortunately, many icon packs aren’t known very well, as they’re overshadowed by many of the big dogs. Not only that, but it’s already difficult to get discovered with just how saturated the Play Store is with icon packs. The sheer amount available is insane.

In this edition of Talk Android’s favorite icon packs, we’re going to show you some of our favorites as well as some little known, but quality options out there. Join us after the break!

LeEco Le S3 review: The budget phone that leaves you wanting more


LeEco has had the spotlight on them a lot lately, particularly because of its aggressive expansion. They’re offering a wide range of products in completely different industries: bikes, TVs, smartphones and even virtual reality. The company might be strapped for cash, but they’re creating some good quality products. We’ve already taken a look at its higher-end smartphone, the LeEco Le Pro 3, but now we’re breaking down its budget handset — the LeEco Le S3.

If you’re looking for a budget phone, be sure to follow along as we show you what the Le S3 is all about.

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Artificial intelligence is a big thing. We already interact with it so much, on the Web, through voice assistants and so many other technological platforms. If you want to start learning how AI systems work and even the beginnings of how one might build an AI system, you can grab the Machine Learning & AI bundle over on Talk Android Deals at a heavily discounted rate.

Best apps for work


With a new year comes a new set of challenges. One challenge, maybe as old as time itself, is keeping everyone on the same page, especially when you’re working together. If you’re used to projects not getting done on time, communication being less than desirable, or just the stress of having all your project information spread across a bunch of different platforms, that’s why we’ve put this list together.

In this list, our aim is to give you several different apps that have two things in common: they’ll keep you connected with your team, and they’ll secure all of your project information to one spot for maximum efficiency, so you won’t have to be behind, or stressed about a project for that matter, ever again.

These new phones will join the Daydream-ready family soon


Google officially launched its Daydream VR platform in November last year, but had very few phones that were ready to handle Daydream. The Pixel was, at first, the only option, although the Moto Z joined the Daydream-ready family soon after. But now Google is announcing on its blog a bunch of new phones getting the official Daydream-ready tag.

LG will focus on “aesthetics and usability” for the G6 instead of modules


It goes without saying, LG’s modular design efforts with the LG G5 failed big time. Consumers didn’t seem to be a huge fan of the modular design, and promises for making more modules available after the LG G5’s launch fell flat. Now, at CES 2017, LG announced for the G6 it’ll be moving away from modules and focusing their efforts on “aesthetics and usability.”