Best augmented reality apps

Apps with augmented reality integration interact with the things around you, giving you a different perspective and way to see the world. Some hardware, such as Project Tango in Lenovo’s PHAB2 Pro can even help with this! Augmented apps take physical items and add a digital aspect to them, reminiscent of pop-up books, adding an element of fun to whatever you’re doing, whether it’s playing Pokemon Go, looking at the stars, or just scanning your favorite snack at the store. Here’s some of our favorites.

Huawei Mate 9 review: The U.S. perspective

Huawei’s devices have been primarily targeted at European and Asian markets, but the company has more recently been trying to enter the US market. The Mate 9 is, without a doubt, one of Huawei’s few flagship devices that have made it to the US, but unfortunately, it hasn’t really made as many waves as, say, Samsung or LG. Things are changing, though. Huawei is beginning to attract the attention of US carriers, giving them a wider audience to market to instead of just from an Unlocked standpoint.

They’ve still got a long road ahead, but with a premium handset like the Mate 9 available to buy in the US, perception of the company is definitely changing. If you’re on the fence about buying a Chinese phone like the Mate 9 on Unlocked channels, follow along below and we’ll hopefully show you that the Mate 9 can be just as good as something like the Galaxy S7.

Best apps for educators

If you’re an educator, you’re familiar with all that you have to keep up with in that field of work. While from afar it may seem that some teachers just “teach,” they do so much more than simply that. Not only do they teach, but they also have school requirements they have to meet (one often being keeping up with each student individually). And beyond that, most teachers work extremely hard to go beyond the books, desiring to make a lasting impact in their student’s lives, because it’s not merely about their classroom, but about their community, and even the world as a whole.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you our top 5 app picks for educators. These apps have a variety of different purposes, and yet all have one thing in common: improving the education of students everywhere so that they will one day go out and make positive impacts in their relationships and in their communities. So whether you’re a teacher struggling to keep track of everything, or you’re just looking for a fresh way to present coursework, here’s our top 5 favorite apps for educators.