Best Verizon phones


Verizon takes a lot of flack, with many shouting at them over high prices, too many fees and other complaints. While that crowd might be right, there’s one thing you cannot deny: Verizon has some of the best coverage nationwide. If you’re someone who is on the road a lot for work, travels all over the US frequently or are just looking for top-of-the-line high speed data, Verizon is the carrier for you. Be sure to follow along after the break, as we’re going to show you what are the current and best smartphones to get from the carrier!

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LG V20 looks to keep its secondary display in latest leak


The LG V20 is shaping up to be an extraordinary smartphone from what we already know about it. LG has confirmed quite a bit of information before its September 6 announcement, but we’re also getting a lot of info from leaks. And this latest leak, coming by way of serial leakster Evan Blass, confirms that the V20, the successor to last year’s V10, will keep the secondary display found on last year’s model.

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