[TA Deals] This Getflix Lifetime Subscription will let you watch Netflix anywhere (91% off)


Watching video streaming outside of the US whilst traveling can be a huge problem because of geographic restrictions. If you’re on vacation in say, Germany, and want to catch up on a couple of movies or TV series you’ve heard good things about, chances are, you won’t be able to since you’re connecting to Netflix from Germany. That’s where Getflix over on Talk Android Deals comes in, letting you access geo-restricted content anywhere in the world!

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Best Android games [2016]


Are you in search of better games for your Android device? Maybe you want to switch up your rotation or simply discover what’s out there. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with a list of our favorite 20 Best Games for Android. We’ve taken a look at these twenty different games, gauging and comparing to find the best ones possible to show and recommend to you. We believe these truly are the best games for Android right now, so we hope you’ll find this list helpful!

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[TA Deals] You need the Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable in your life (52% off)


Have you ever tried to plug your smartphone in after the lights were shut off? If you’ve ever brought your smartphone to bed and ended up surfing the web for another couple hours, it’s likely you know the struggle of getting the charger in the right place in the dark. Fortunately, the Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable over on Talk Android Deals won’t have you guessing in the dark any longer!

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