Tinder launches Tinder Social, a better way to make connections


Tinder was all about a party of two getting together, but the company is kicking it up a notch with something called Tinder Social. Tinder realizes that some of your best nights are usually nights that are out with friends, and that’s where Tinder Social comes in. This new feature will match you up with your friends in a group and give you plenty of chances to spark a connection in another group.

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Best budget tablets


With companies releasing new tablets all the time, it’s hard to settle on one, let alone find one that’s not too costly for what you’re wanting to use it for. Maybe you just want it to be able to play your kids’ favorite apps, or maybe you’re simply looking for something to stream Netflix on, read your favorite e-books, or even just to compile your meeting notes.

Whatever the case, we’ve compiled this list of our favorites for under $200 (and some under $100!). Some are geared toward gaming, others toward reading, and the rest will work for everything in between! They make the best gifts for kids and adults, or even if you’re buying for yourself!

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