Sony’s making the Xperia XZ Premium available in Bronze Pink

Sony launched the Xperia XZ Premium in a couple of different colors at MWC 2017 this year, but now it’s going to be offering it in another color: Bronze Pink.

Despite being a flagship from a big company, the Xperia XZ Premium isn’t making headlines all too often — nothing like the Galaxy S8 or LG G6. Still, it’s a formidable and premium-feeling handset.

When it made its debut, it was going to be offered in Luminous Chrome and Deep Sea Black this Spring. They’re nice looking colors, but Sony is hoping the Bronze Pink will attract more buyers.

Sony’s Xperia Color Designer, Satoshi Aoyagi, has some words on the new color offering:

“We wanted to find a colour that represented a feeling of warmth whilst at the same time exemplifying the premium features and design. The bronze metallic finish adds a feeling of depth to the glass on the front and back. Also just like the other colours every part of the Xperia XZ Premium Bronze Pink has been expertly crafted – such as the top and bottom edges, which are carefully diamond cut and creates an added shine. It’s a chic addition to the choice of colours offered with XZ Premium.”

The new Bronze Pink edition of the Xperia XZ Premium will be out at the end of June, but only in select markets.

source: Sony

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