Newly leaked images give us a better look at the touchscreen-equipped Amazon Echo

We earlier saw a leaked thumbnail image of Amazon’s rumored and upcoming touchscreen-equipped Echo. Due to the quality of the photo, we weren’t able to garner many details from it, but now, thanks to Evan Blass, we’ve got a couple of newly leaked high quality images of the device.

This photo does give us a more detailed look at what Amazon’s new Echo hardware will look like. One thing’s for sure: it does have a rather massive, clunky-looking speaker. You’ve got roughly a 7-inch touchscreen and a camera directly above that, too.

We still don’t have any details on hardware. But, this unit is codenamed “Knight,” and rumors say it’s official name will still keep the Echo branding.

Another image Blass posted to his Twitter feed indicates that we’ll see different colors of this Echo, specifically in white.

You can probably expect to do a lot of the same things you could with the original Echo, but with a added camera and touchscreen, you’ll probably be able to do other things, like make video calls and maybe even pull up a quick how-to video for a dish you’re making in the kitchen.

Even with that said, this device isn’t official yet. Amazon hasn’t let out any details, although we’re hoping for an announcement by the end of the month. Still, even with the higher quality image, this new Echo looks extremely clunky. Some might view the touchscreen and camera as an upgrade — and it is — but the original Echo no doubt had a much more thoughtful design than this.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter), (2)

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