Qualcomm and Samsung already working on the Galaxy S9’s processor

Many people might still be focused on how great the Galaxy S8 is, but Samsung and Qualcomm have already moved past that. A new report from Korea’s The Investor says that the duo are now hard at work for the next processor for next year’s flagship, which presumably will be called the Galaxy S9.

This news isn’t surprising. In fact, what would be surprising is if they hadn’t started on it yet. Samsung is no doubt working on these phones years in advance, so discussing the hardware platform now really isn’t too far of a stretch.

The Investor, using local Korean media outlet Aju Business Daily as a source, says that the next processor will be named the Snapdragon 845, a jump up from this year’s Snapdragon 835. It’ll be the processor, supposedly, powering the Galaxy S9.

According to the publication, it’s going to be manufactured by either TSMC or Samsung, which again, is no surprise considering that this has been the usual choices for a few years now. We could also see this chip built off of the 7-nanometer manufacturing process, considering that both TSMC and Samsung are hard at work getting these manufacturing processes in place (and have been for a couple years).

But, once again, it’s worth taking this all with a grain of salt. The only thing we actually know is that both companies are working on successors to their current productions. Details beyond that are pretty scarce.

We’ll obviously hear more as we get closer to a launch date, but at this point, that’s far, far out. It’s definitely a little too early to be talking about the Galaxy S9, that’s for sure.

source: The Investor

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