USB Type-C port shown in new OnePlus 3 leak


A couple new images have leaked out showing the forthcoming OnePlus 3 smartphone. One of them reveals the presence of a USB Type-C port for the device, which is a new bit of information compared to images that leaked out earlier. The other image shows the front of the device. The leaker, Twitter user The Malignant, indicates a shot of the rear of the device was being withheld as it apparently has not been finalized for the retail version. Read more

Samsung Galaxy X foldable display phone to round out 2017 lineup


Although we still have one more flagship level device, the Galaxy Note 6, to be released this year and some new lines of devices like the Galaxy C series that should hit the market in 2016, some sources are already looking ahead to what Samsung may have planned for 2017. Besides four expected flagship devices consistent with prior years, rumors suggest Samsung has a new Galaxy X device in the works that will have the company’s first foldable screen. Read more

Addition of pressure sensitive touch to Android to be delayed


When Google released developer previews for the Android N update to their operating system, one of the items spotted in there was apparent support for pressure-sensitive touch. This would be similar to what Apple implemented with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With only days left before Google I/O 2016 and the expected official announcement of Android N, sources indicate Google has pulled this pressure-sensitive capability from the release. Read more

Samsung looking to get a jump on iPhone 7 with Galaxy Note 6 August release


One theme that seems to have surfaced during 2016 is a move by several Android manufacturers to accelerate the release dates for flagship devices compared to prior years. In the case of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of devices, this year’s version will continue an effort that started last year when the Galaxy Note 5 launched in August and kicked off this acceleration on the part of Samsung. One factor that may have played into Samsung’s decision-making is an effort to get a bit of a jump on Apple and their traditional September release dates for new iPhone devices. Read more

Lenovo is working on an 18.4-inch tablet to compete with the ridiculous Galaxy View


Remember the Galaxy View? Samsung announced the behemoth of a tablet late last year, then pretty much forgot about it and stopped reminding anyone that it existed. It was definitely a niche product, considering it had an 18.4-inch 1080p display that was too big to comfortably use as a tablet but still kind of small to use as a replacement TV.

Despite the relative lack of success of the Galaxy View, Lenovo is ready to throw their hat in the ring with their own massive tablet. According to a benchmark for a PB2-690N, it looks like Lenovo’s implementation will be better in some ways, but worse in others. Read more