Nexus 6 for Verizon has Big Red’s logo stamped on the rear


Branding is very important for carriers in the United States. They feel that putting their name and logo everywhere and anywhere will help sell the device. Among the nation’s four largest carriers, Verizon has been the worst with branding. So people are worried that the Nexus 6, when released through Verizon, will have excessive branding that takes away from the Nexus experience. Well, we have good news. Big Red will only place its logo at the bottom of the back panel on the Nexus 6.

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S 6 dimensions note 6.91mm thin body


We are just weeks away from seeing the Galaxy S 6 introduced to the world on March 1 and there are many aspects that remain a mystery. The measurements, for example, have remained under the radar despite various reports on software and hardware. There was a leak of case schematics last week but the authenticity seemed a bit questionable. Today, alleged dimensions of the Galaxy S 6 appeared once again. The most notable measurement with this schematic is how thin the handset will apparently be. The schematic, provided by Underkg, has the Galaxy S 6 being 6.91mm thin which would make it comparable to the Apple iPhone. Calculating the given display height and width, it would span less than 5in; however, we highly doubt that Samsung is going with a smaller display.

Hit the break to see the leaked schematic.

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Unknown Verizon LG device surfaces online with model number VS986

LG_G3_Back_Slanted_LG_Logo_02_TAAn announcement for the LG G4 is right around the corner, so it makes sense that models of the device will start showing up in databases online. Not too long ago we saw an LG device with a 3k display and the model number LG VS999┬áthat we haven’t seen an equivalent for on other carriers. Verizon’s G3 model was the VS985, so it lined up. Today, though, another device with a different model has popped up that muddies things up a bit.

A new device with the model VS986 has appeared online, which is extremely close to the model of the G3. The G2′s model was the VS980, so this new model seems to fall closer in line with what LG and Verizon typically go with, but anything’s possible.
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Motorola working on a smartphone that’s “smarter” than other phones

Motorola_A_Lenovo_CompanyWhile we wait to see what Lenovo has in store for Motorola this year, Twitter tipster Ricciolo is hinting at the direction the company plans on going in for 2015.

One of his recent tweets claims that Moto is working on a smartphone that’s “smarter” than the competition, and we should expect to see it fairly soon. When Google owned the company, we saw the always-on voice recognition and some other user friendly intelligent features. Hopefully Lenovo and Moto have found a way to add on to those smart features and bring some new things to the table.
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Here’s another look at the upcoming Galaxy S 6….in a case


We have a pretty good idea what the Galaxy S 6 is going to look like thanks to numerous leaks, but here’s another for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately the device is in a case, but according to Venus case maker, whatever is visible is the real deal.

These images confirm the placement of the heart rate sensor and LED flash moving to the right side (from the bottom) of the rear camera lens. You will also notice that the volume buttons are now separate for both up and down, rather than a rocker. The device sure looks thin too as it’s supposed to come in at just over 7 mm.

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Possible Galaxy S 6 shows up on celebrity Instagram page

caroline stanbury galaxy s 6In what may or may not be an intentional leak, it looks like the Galaxy S 6 is being used by reality star Caroline Stanbury from Bravo’s show, Ladies of London. It makes for an odd partnership if Samsung did indeed give her a pre-release device to use leading up to the official unveiling, but it wouldn’t be the first off the wall partnership Samsung has made.

In several of Caroline Stanbury’s latest Instagram photos, she’s clearly using a Samsung device that doesn’t quite look like anything else on the market. There are some similarities to the Alpha line, but the sizes don’t completely match up there. This might just be our first glimpse of the S 6 in the wild.
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White and black face plates for the Sony Xperia Z4 leak

xperia z4 front panelWe don’t know whether or not Sony will bring the Xperia Z4 to MWC this year, but that’s not going to stop the leaks for the device. The latest images show the front panel of Sony’s upcoming flagship in both white and black, and it looks fairly similar to the Z3 with just a few changes.

The dual front-facing speakers on the device will be split at the top and bottom of the face of the phone, and the sensors and front camera are flipped compared to what we see on the Z3. The camera has moved to the top left of the device, while the other sensors are on the right.
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