Xiaomi Redmi 2S shows up in AnTuTu benchmark with slightly improved hardware

Xiaomi-Redmi-2-TENAAXiaomi’s Redmi successor showed up in a TENAA certification not too long ago, but there still hasn’t been any official announcement or release for the device. A new benchmark has leaked clarifying some of the hardware in the device, however.

The specs for the Redmi 2S aren’t significantly improved from the original Redmi 1s, but considering it’s a budget phone that’s trying to stick a fairly low price point, that makes sense. The processor has seen an upgrade to a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 instead of the Snapdragon 400, and the front-facing camera has been bumped to a full 2 megapixels. Other specs include 1 GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 720p screen, and Android 4.4 on board. The rear camera looks like an 8 megapixel shooter, and Xiaomi’s MIUI software will likely be on the device.
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Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra seemingly on the way, 13-inch display included


Just like phones, tablets are getting bigger and bigger. It seems like Sony will be releasing a tablet with a massive 13-inch display sometime next year. The listing above was spotted by Pad News, showing that the tablet will be known as the Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra. The name is fitting considering the ‘Ultra’ title is designated to Sony’s largest devices. The display’s resolution is 3840×2400 and features the company’s TRILUMINOS, Live Color LED, and X-Reality technologies.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge spotted with gold trim


Everything is better in gold, right? Hardware manufacturers seem to think so because new devices are constantly seeing gold introduced as color options at launch or a bit down the road. The Apple iPhone, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S 5, and LG G3 are just some of the devices available in gold. It looks like the latest handset to ‘go gold’ is the Galaxy Note Edge. While the front and back of this Galaxy Note Edge is black, the frame is gold. Furthermore, the camera lens and flash LED are lined with gold. It looks much better than many of the devices that go full-gold.

The Galaxy Note Edge in gold was spotted in Vietnam; therefore, chances are it stays overseas and folks in other regions like North America are bound to current color options.

Source: Samsungviet.vn
Via: GSMArena

Samsung may be working on an Apple Pay competitor

Samsung_Logo_02_TA_CES_2014It’s pretty typical Samsung behavior to try and create their own versions of popular technology, whether that’s an App Store, instant messaging service, or virtual reality headset. Sometimes Samsung’s version turns out pretty well, but other times it can be a complete disaster that goes mostly unused by customers.

With Apple entering the mobile payment market with Apple Pay, Samsung is, of course, readying their own form of a wireless payment method using Samsung smartphones. Sure, Samsung already has their own Wallet app, and almost all newer Android phones support tap-to-pay functionality with Google Wallet, but Samsung wants their own, uniquely branded version.
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Alleged OnePlus One Mini caught on camera, some specs included


The launch of the OnePlus One has been anything but seamless. However, it does looks like the company is not shying away from trying again. OnePlus is said to be launching a miniature-sized version of the device with altered specifications. The image above is showing the alleged device with a 5-inch display. The screen in the image is on, and it gives us a look at the specifications. The processor is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615, the front and rear cameras are 8MP, and Android 4.4.4 running out of the box. The front panel is black and the back of the handset is completely white. The price listed converts to about $242.

That bottom portion of the bezel looks rather large if you ask me. What do you think about this being the OnePlus One Mini? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GizmoChina

Samsung puts U series development on hold

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Front_Samsung_Logo_TAFollowing the A series Samsung was toying with the idea of releasing another series with the alphabet moniker. The U series, was it was to be known, was supposed to be a high-end series of devices. The SM-U500F was one such device and it was supposed to sport an octa-core Exynos 5433 processor, 2GB of RAM, Lollipop, 16GB of internal storage expandable via SD, pack a 16MP rear shooter and an 8 mp front camera. It would come with LTE and sport a 5-inch full HD (1080p) Super AMOLED display. All of it was to be packed into a frame measuring 6.15mm thick. However, it appears that this won’t come to light — at least for the time being — as Samsung has reportedly put development on the U series on hold.

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Galaxy S 6 prototype sporting a very thin bezel leaks [Update: most likely fake]


It’s not too early to get the rumor train rolling for the Galaxy S 6, which should be ready for an unveiling in the coming months. We can’t say if these images will be the final look of the phone, because it is a prototype. However, it does give us a clear indication on where Samsung is headed with the phone.

Other than looking like just about every other Samsung phone with that wonderful home button, you can clearly see the very thin bezels at the sides. Samsung has always increased the size of their displays with each iteration of the S series, and the rumor is that it will be 5.5-inches on the S6. The smaller bezels will obviously help keep it from getting too big for the mainstream audience.

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