Amazon may release new Alexa device complete with touchscreen


Amazon, in addition to being among the world’s most popular online retailers, has made a few efforts to branch off and create its own hardware to varying degrees of success. The smart home speaker system, Amazon Echo, has been a big hit for the company and a new report is coming out that suggests that we may soon see a brand new Alexa-powered speaker complete with a large touchscreen.

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Front-facing camera for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to have autofocus


When the Galaxy S8 launches in 2017, Samsung will get praise for pushing boundaries and utilizing high-end specifications. There’s just one thing on paper that might not stand out but will make a huge difference to future owners of the phone. It has nothing to do with the display, processor, or battery. Not even the rear camera is involved.

One of the biggest changes for the Galaxy S8 could be in the front-facing camera.

Concept images show off a nearly bezel-free Nubia phone


One of the most popular desires for smartphones these days, aside from longer lasting batteries, is a device with as little bezel as possible. Despite some usability benefits from having a bezel, a smartphone where the display covers all or most of the front gives off a very sleek and futuristic appearance, as well as allow for larger screens with a smaller physical size. If these new concept images for a nearly bezel-free Nubia phone prove to be true, then these wishes may soon be granted.

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Newest Play Services update hints at Android Pay on Wear and more Instant Apps


The next Play Services update that Google is planning will be version 10.0, and it’s bringing a couple highlight features with it. The update hints at finally bringing Android Pay to Android Wear watches, which is something that has been discussed and rumored about since Android Wear was brought to market. Sure, it took a couple years, but better late than never, right?

The OnePlus 3T product page has a nifty flying game to play until the announcement begins


At this point, there isn’t too much about the OnePlus 3T that hasn’t been revealed over the past few weeks. It’s known that the OnePlus 3T is an updated version of the original OnePlus 3 (reviewed here), and will almost certainly be unveiled later today at 1PM, as alluded to by OnePlus itself. This gives us a while to wait still but the handset maker has thought of this and has placed a nifty little flying game on the OnePlus 3T’s product page. 

Rumors surface on specs for OnePlus 4


As OnePlus prepares to launch a refreshed version of their OnePlus 3 flagship device this week, the forthcoming OnePlus 3T, the rumor mill is already getting started with guesses about what next year’s flagship for OnePlus may be equipped with in terms of hardware and materials. A source posting on Weibo supplied a list of claimed hardware for the device along with a partial render of what the new OnePlus device will look like. As it is so early still, it appears even the name of the device is in question with it being the OnePlus 4 or possibly a skipped model number to the OnePlus 5.

Samsung Galaxy S8 version rumored to come with 6.2-inch bezel-less display


The rumors keep pouring in for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and a new report is quite interesting. It is now being suggested that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy S8 larger than previous iterations: one with a 5.7-inch display and another featuring a 6.2-inch display that could do away with virtually all bezels.

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