Google smartwatch rendered recreations surface


A few days ago we reported on a new initiative within Google to launch two Android Wear smartwatches before the end of the year with good odds they could be announced with Google’s new Nexus smartphones. Now an unnamed source has provided descriptions of the devices with sufficient detail to allow renders of the smartwatches to be generated giving us an idea of what the devices may look like when released. Read more

HTC’s rumored Desire 10 could launch at the end of the third quarter, rumor says


The HTC logo on the back of the HTC 10.

It looks like we could be getting a cheaper version of the HTC 10, only this upcoming smartphone will be called the HTC Desire 10. The HTC 10 is a great handset, but many aren’t willing to try itĀ for a myriad of different reasons, such as the high price point and maybe even all the bad rep HTC has been getting. An HTC Desire 10 would at least help with the price factor, making the handset a bit more attainable.

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A red Robin is migrating this way, and Nextbit isn’t hiding it


The Nextbit Robin is special phone even before you consider its cloud-first strategy. Based on its exterior, you can easily see why it’s the most unique phone of the year. The Robin comes in Mint and Midnight, which are both big departures from the typical colors you can get a flagship in.

Soon, Nextbit could be offering the Robin in another bold color. And it’s a logical color considering the name of the phone.

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