Google IO 2017 Coverage

A new Huawei Watch with LTE connectivity could launch in February

Two years ago, Huawei launched its first smartwatch. The Huawei Watch became one of the world’s best smartwatches because of its gorgeous design, admirable battery life, and brilliant software. It turned out being a product that accomplished almost everything you expect from a device in its class. That’s exactly why a successor wasn’t introduced in 2016. The original remained formidable for over a year.

Now’s the perfect time for Huawei to launch a new smartwatch because Android Wear 2.0 is set to be released next month.

Here’s what Google’s first smartwatches look like

The next logical step for Google is releasing smartwatches. There are phones, virtual reality headsets, and home-based digital assistants stamped with the company’s logo. Millions of people have purchased these products. They trust Google to produce hardware and software made for each other. Still, despite Android Wear being around since 2014, Google has stayed far away from directing a partner to design smartwatches.

Everything is going to change next month. Google is working with LG to offer two smartwatches in 2017 — the Watch Sport and Watch Style. Today, we’re getting our first look at both of them.

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New images suggest fourth physical button present on Samsung Galaxy S8


New images of a case believed to be for the Samsung Galaxy S8 have surfaced and they appear to show a fourth physical button will be present on the device. The question then is what that button may be used for with some sources suggesting Samsung will use it as a trigger for their own assistant technology called Bixby. Presumably that would be used at times when voice control is not possible or desired. The images show this fourth button on the right hand edge of the device opposite the left hand edge that appears to hold the typical configuration of power button and volume rocker buttons.

Possible screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked in new image


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is easily one of the most anticipated smartphones for 2017 and the rumors and leaks keep flooding in. The latest comes courtesy of the Twitter user @dfordesign and shows what could very well be tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S8, giving us our best glimpse yet of the possible design.

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OPPO Find 9 images, specs leak in return to flagship segment


OPPO is believed to have a new smartphone coming this year that will mark a return to the flagship segment of the market for the manufacturer. The new OPPO Find 9 also appears to continue a trend we are starting to see of manufacturers releasing bezel-less devices based on a leaked image that has surfaced. Along with information about the hardware to be included in two variants of the OPPO Find 9, tipsters also discovered OPPO may be making a change to the operating system they use on their devices.

Samsung’s S Health app will soon allow you to check-in with your Doctor via video


Keeping track of your health is easier than ever now with most smartwatches and smartphones counting the number of steps you make each day as well as keeping tabs on your heart rate. There’s a veritable host of fitness and health apps to choose from, with Samsung’s S Health app being one of the most installed examples thanks it being pre-installed on the huge number of handsets that the Korean electronics giant ships. S Health is an app that Samsung strives to improve each year, and this year we can expect the app to receive a major update. 

New rumour suggests that Samsung will launch Galaxy S8 on March 29th


It seems that the beginning of every year consists of leaks and rumours pertaining to the next flagship in Samsung’s Galaxy S series of phones. This year the Korean electronics giant will launch the Galaxy S8 handset, which it hopes will help repair the damage to its image caused by the volatile, and discontinued Galaxy Note 7. Some of the most recent Galaxy S8 leaks have pointed to the handset launching with high screen-to-body ratios, as well as keeping the venerable 3.5mm audio jack. Today’s rumour suggests that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 at the end of March.

The LG G6 will have a battery free from overheating


Batteries have been at the center of controversy in the mobile industry throughout the past two years, but LG is committed to staying away from overheating and explosion concerns in 2017. Safety is of high importance for the company and its next flagship. That’s obviously because there’s an opportunity to steal sales from Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 scandal that damaged the brand in late 2016.

LG revealed what it’s doing to avoid any safety risks with the battery inside the G6, which will launch next month.