What could have improved the Nexus 6P?


This year’s Nexus 6P is a whole new ballgame for the Nexus line. Last year’s Nexus 6, which was made by Motorola, had a large bulky body that felt massive in the hand for many. The Nexus 6P changes that by featuring a slightly smaller display and a better screen-to-body ratio. It actually feels compact in the hand. And perhaps more importantly, the device comes with specifications that best or match other flagships while being packed within an all-metal design.

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Google adds replies to Chrome Web Store reviews


In an effort to encourage better communication between developers and the users of applications developed for the Chrome web browser, Google has added the ability for developers and users to post replies to feedback left on the Reviews tab. Ideally, users should leave bug reports and feature suggestions on the Support Tab. However, Google has noted that many users continue to use the Reviews tab for that purpose. Without a mechanism to respond to this feedback, users may get the impression their issues are never addressed. Read more

Alphabet will start operations at the close of business today


The restructuring of Google that leads to new parent company Alphabet will be completed by the close of business today. On Google’s investor relations site, the soon-to-be subsidiary company announced that shares of Google Class C and Class A Common Stock will begin trading under Alphabet’s name on Monday, October 5. The stock, though, will still use GOOG and GOOGL ticker symbols.

Hit the break for Google’s statement to investors.

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Google to reveal more details about ‘Instant Articles’ solution next week


The dust is still settling from Google’s press event this past Tuesday when they announced their lineup of new devices for the fall, including the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P along with  the second generation Chromecast and new Chromecast Audio. Nevertheless, Google is already getting back in front of the media, this time with plans to hold a press event next Wednesday to reveal “a new open source initiative for the mobile Web.” The initiative is believed to be their new “Instant Articles” platform that first surfaced a few weeks ago. Read more