Google’s Pixel 2 pops up at the FCC with Active Edge and Android 8.0.1

With Android O allegedly being officially announced on August 21, another much-anticipated Google product has taken another step in its march towards its eventual launch; the smaller Pixel 2 (Walleye) has made its way to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As previously rumored, it does indeed appear that HTC is manufacturing the smaller of the two Pixel 2 handsets, with the Taiwanese handset maker filing most of the documents for the phone with the FCC. 

Google is the next in line to tackle Snapchat

Snapchat is easily one of the most popular social media/messaging services around. In fact, it’s so popular that pretty much every other social media site has nicked features from Snapchat into their own platform, including the disappearing stories and messages, and stickers and filters. Facebook and Twitter are some of the bigger names that have become more Snapchat-esque recently, but it’s a pretty widespread phenomenon at this point.

Google adds app quality component to Google Play

Google has announced some revisions to the way apps show up in the Google Play Store in an effort to push developers to give more attention to quality and to help users enjoy their apps more. In the announcement from Andrew Ahn, Product Manager with Google Play, he notes the team’s efforts should result in helping “people find and discover safe, high quality, useful, and relevant apps.” To make this happen, the Google Play algorithms for search and discovery have been enhanced to incorporate app quality in determining what to display to a user.

Google’s Image Search now displays badges to identify Gifs, videos, and recipes

Google’s Image Search is a wondrous thing, but sometimes when searching for pictures of food it would be great to know if it was a photo of something you could purchase or even a recipe that you could follow. Thankfully, Google has updated its Image Search engine so it will now display a badge to do just that, as well as if there are Gifs or videos available.