The Keyword is Google’s new main word for words


Mirroring their apparent product strategy and a charge leveled by critics regarding the Android ecosystem, Google’s methods for sharing updates and news spans a wide number of sources, mostly separate, discrete blogs on a variety of subjects and products. Some counts indicate Google maintains well over 50 separate blogs covering products like Chrome, Android, YouTube, Translate and others. All of those are on top of the main Official Google Blog. Describing Google’s outlets for updates and news as “fragmented” is probably an understatement. To help fans find updates easier and quicker, Google launched a new blog called The Keyword to serve as a central location for these items. Read more

Google spoke with companies about building Google Home-like devices


Google will officially begin its war with Amazon in your residence by releasing Google Home this fall. It’s a device powered by all of Google’s services that is positioned to directly compete with Amazon’s Echo; however, now it seems Google Home won’t be the only device of its kind.

A Variety report says Google is speaking with potential partners about creating devices just like Google Home.

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Project Loon achieves new milestone in flight time


Google has been getting a lot of attention the last couple weeks as the industry tries to figure out what the company may reveal next week in a big October 4th announcement. The search giant is not the only part of the Alphabet portfolio with exciting news to share though. Over the weekend the Project Loon team revealed they had reached a new milestone by keeping one of their balloons not only aloft, but confined to a relatively narrow area of air space for 98 days. Read more