Wield a LightSaber as you battle StormTroopers in Google’s Chrome Experiment celebrating May the 4th and Star Wars

Google_Chrome_StarWars_May_the_4th (2)

Today is May the 4th, and you know what that means. Yup, a whole load of Star Wars themed promotions from companies trying to sell you stuff that has nothing to do with the franchise. If you have a couple of minutes spare, though, Google has a great interactive offering that allows you to wield a LightSaber as you battle your way through a bunch of stormtroopers. Join us after the break to find out how. Read more

YouTube plans changes to Content ID to keep money flowing during disputes


Earlier this year, YouTube started to take significant flak in the form of a protest called “Where’s The Fair Use?” The movement started in response to what critics say is a broken copyright challenge system implemented by YouTube called Content ID that fails to recognize legitimate uses of copyright material. YouTube finally acknowledged that they indeed had a problem on their hands and promised to work on addressing the issues. A new step has been taken in that process with YouTube’s announcement that they are going to modify their systems so that revenues will continue to accrue while videos are in the dispute process. Read more