Awaken your Light or Dark side as Google plays Jedi mind tricks with your favourite apps

Choose_You_Side_The_Force_AwakensSo. Star Wars. The new film (The Force Awakens) is being released next month, and the excitement is ramping up quite nicely. As I was never a fan of George Lucas’s sequel prequels, I can’t wait to see the old (and I do mean old) gang back together. There’s tons of merchandising available already, along with games on all sorts of platforms (check out Brad’s review of Star Wars: Uprising here), and now Google is getting in on the act allowing fans to choose the light, or go over to the dark side. Read more

Some Nexus 6P units have broken microphones


The Nexus 6P is by no means a cheap phone. Google enlisted Huawei to make a premium device constructed of metal, but it seems that the Nexus 6P isn’t holding true to the $499 starting price. In October, rear panel glass was spontaneously shattering for some people. Quite bizarre, right? At least the most recent issue is very realistic and not nearly as random. The microphone’s functionality, according to multiple posts on the Google Product Forums, is posing a problem. There are owners of the Nexus 6P reporting that the phone’s microphone is not projecting their voice with strength or quality to people on the other end of a call.

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C is for Cloud? Google consolidating services, brings former VMWare exec on board


Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced this week that the company is bringing VMWare co-founder and former CEO Diane Greene on board in a more active role to head up a new team focused on cloud businesses. Greene is already connected to Google as a member of the Board of Directors, but she will be moving into a more active and integral role with these changes. Read more

HTC’s Jeff Gattis picked up by Google-backed Magic Leap


The name Jeffrey Gattis may not sound familiar to you, but the products overseen by him definitely are. RE Camera? Grip? Vive? All projects that Gattis was involved in as HTC’s Executive Director of Global Marketing for Connected Products. Anything involving imaging, wearables, virtual reality, and home automation at HTC received Gattis’ attention. He joined the company in in July 2014 after spending more than three years at TiVo, but now Gattis has left for another virtual reality-focused company backed by Google.

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