Sprint’s new Direct 2 You service comes to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver


Sprint is launching today its “Direct 2 You” service, which allows customers to have access to wireless sales, consultation and customer service whenever and wherever they want, in additional cities. The service is free (in eligible regions) and allows customers to save a trip to a Sprint store and therefore saves them time by having an expert come directly to them. In addition, not only existing Sprint users can benefit from this new service, but customers that are ready to switch to Sprint.

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Unannounced Motorola ‘Kinzie’ (XT1585) phone packs powerhouse specs


The longstanding relationship between Verizon and Motorola received new life in 2014 when the two released the DROID Turbo. The device, which was available exclusively to Big Red’s customers, had everything that a spec-obsessed consumer could want right down to long battery life. And this year Motorola will produce another device for Verizon being referred to internally as ‘Kinzie’.

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You can now check your Project Fi invite’s status


Still waiting for your invite to join Project Fi? Google has launched a way to check the status of your invite. Most people are seeing 3-4 weeks as the estimated wait for an invite while a few are noticing a longer wait of 4-8 weeks. Google did note that everyone would have an invite by mid-summer. So things actually seem to be on schedule. Even after getting an invite, people will have to decide whether or not spending hundreds of dollars on the Nexus 6 is worth it. Then, and only then, they can try Google’s new wireless service throughout the United States.

You can check your invite’s status by heading over to Project Fi’s signup page.

Mobilicity sale to Rogers for $465 million approved by Canadian court


A deal has been struck and approved by a court in Ontario for Rogers Communications, Inc. to purchase small wireless carrier Mobilicity in a deal valued at $465 million. Mobility has been under creditor protection since September 2013 and has been the subject of a bit of a bidding war that includes Telus Corporation. Although Mobilicity is small, the company does possess valuable spectrum, hence the interest from the larger carriers. Read more

EE’s free Power Bar portable chargers are available again

EE Power Bar launches (3) (1)

The UK carrier, EE, announced a customer rewards scheme with a difference back in April by giving its members a chance to sign up to receive a free external battery pack called the Power Bar with a 2,600mAh capacity. But after receiving more than a million requests in just four days, EE had to temporarily halt accepting new applicants. If you’ve had to wait to claim your free Power Bar, you are in luck because EE has just started accepting new sign ups again.

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T-Mobile readying “Un-Carrier Amped” for Thursday


On Thursday, T-Mobile has plans to debut another aggressive strategy called “Un-Carrier Ampled” to tackle the competition. The carrier has yet to detail the new strategy but T-Mobile does say that several of its existing moves will be expanded upon this week, becoming “even bigger, even better, even ballsier” than before. The amping up will take place across the few weeks.

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