Verizon HTC One receiving Android 4.4 KitKat update starting today

by Justin Herrick on
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Earlier today, HTC Product Manager Mo Versi tweeted that the Android 4.4 KitKat/Sense 5.5 update for the HTC One was approved by Verizon. He also said the update would be rolling out shortly. While many would assume this means days, the update has gone live. Verizon posted the changelog and the update is being rolled out to HTC One owners today.

Let us know if you received the update!

Source: @moversi, Verizon [PDF]

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 hits the FCC with AT&T LTE bands inside

by Jared Peters on
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We’ve already seen Verizon’s variant of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 break cover, but now it’s looking more likely that we’ll see multiple carrier-branded versions of Samsung’s super tablet. The latest leaks come from the FCC, which shows a version of the Note Pro with radios supporting AT&T’s HSPA+ and LTE network.

FCC filings aren’t definitive proof that a carrier is going to launch something, but it’s pretty rare for a company to send something for approval if they aren’t planning on selling it. The big question is determining how much these cell-equipped tablets are going to cost, considering the WiFi-only model runs about $850. These carrier versions are definitely going to be aimed at businesses and power users, not normal consumers.

source: FCC

via: Engadget

US Cellular Moto X will receive Android 4.4.2 beginning today

by Aditya Thawardas on
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The soak test for Android 4.4.2 already went out for the T-Mobile Moto X last week, and it looks like US Cellular will be next. According to sources, the US Cellular Moto X (XT1055) will receive Android 4.4.2 as early as today, with the full rollout occurring February 12. The update will bring camera enhancements, support for Google Print services, and other improvements.

Source: DroidLife

Aio Wireless lowers rate plan pricing

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Any Aio Wireless users out there? Aio have lowered the prices of their 3 simple unlimited plans and their popular plans now offer even more high speed data:

  • Basic Plan: $40 ($35 after Auto Pay credit) unlimited voice/text/data, including 500MB of high speed data (same price as before but double the data)
  • Smart Plan: $50($45 after Auto Pay credit) unlimited voice/text/data, including 2.5 GB of high speed data ($5 less/month plus an extra half GB of data)
  • Pro Plan: $60($55 after Auto Pay credit) unlimited voice/text/data, including 5 GB of high speed data ($10 less/month with 5 GB of data)

Although it’s worth to note that users are capped at 8Mbps download speed for their allotted data, before it’s throttled. Users can also save an extra $5 per month by enrolling in Auto Pay.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of these new plans? Press release after the break!

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Verizon launches Smart Rewards program, offers points for monthly plans, bill payments, and more

by Jared Peters on
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Verizon’s answer to AT&T’s new, slightly cheaper rate plan isn’t a rate plan of their own. Nope, Verizon is launching a rewards program for customers. This won’t help you lower your bill, but it will give you rewards points for having a higher data cap that you can spend on… gift cards.

The rewards program works pretty much like a credit or debit card rewards system. Whenever you pay your bill online, you get 10 rewards points for every dollar you spend. For every GB in your data package, you get another 1,000 points. Adding lines to your account or signing up for different services also gives you points. » Read the rest

Ting drops pricing on rate plans in celebration of two years in business

by Jared Peters on
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ting lower data rates

Ting is one of the newer MNVOs in the market, backed by Sprint’s network and offering rate plans that only charge you for what you use. They first opened shop two years ago, and in celebration of making it this far they’re permanently dropping prices on their rate plans.

Most of the price slashing came on the high end of Ting’s plans, especially in the data packages. Using between 100 and 500 megabytes of data will now cost a dollar less per month, but using between 500 and 1000 costs five dollars less. Even better, using between 1 GB and 2 GB of data has been shaved down thirteen dollars, which is a pretty substantial markdown. On top of those rate changes, once you’ve reached the 2 GB cap, you’ll only be charged 1.5 cents per megabytes as opposed to the previous rate of 2.25 cents per megabyte. This change also applies to minutes, which received a 0.1 cent reduction. To complement this rate change, the top XXL tier of minutes, messages, and data has been removed entirely, which you can see in the chart above.

These new plans take effect immediately for both new and existing customers, and they definitely look more attractive if you’re a heavy data user. Anybody on Ting happy to see these new prices?

source: Ting

T-Mobile continues Tebow fun with bloopers and behind the scenes videos

by Jeff Causey on
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As the Super Bowl hoopla dies down, T-Mobile took the opportunity today to continue to capitalize on their Tebow themed ads with the release online of a couple videos showing how the athlete fared as an actor. In case you didn’t watch the Super Bowl or bailed before the end, T-Mobile was running some ads playing off of Tebow’s lack of a contract this past season and the company’s own no-contract strategy. » Read the rest

UK carriers Three and EE to join forces to build out LTE network

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A new report out today indicates UK mobile carriers Three and EE have reached a deal to work together, including the sharing of costs, for the next phase of their 4G LTE network buildout. According to reports, the two carriers will share masts and backhaul transmission costs to the tune of $1.63 Billion USD. The report says that while the infrastructure and costs are being shared between the two carriers, other components are not being shared. Notably, “the antennas, spectrum and the core network” will remain separate. This means each carrier will still have control over speed and coverage for their networks.

The initial impression in the industry is that the deal will be more beneficial for Three which has been trailing other carriers in building out a 4G LTE presence. Meanwhile, EE has already deployed a significant 4G LTE footprint. With some additional capital flowing into the deal from a partner, EE hopes to maintain its early lead in the market. The other major players, Vodafone and O2, have their own agreement in place to partner in building out a 4G network.

source: Android Central

SoftBank/Sprint to meet with FCC today, T-Mobile may be on slate

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A report from the Wall Street Journal today indicates Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse are scheduled to meet with the FCC. Sources indicate that one of the topics of discussion is a possible merger with T-Mobile. During January, it was revealed that Sprint obtained some proposals from different banks that demonstrated how a merger of the two carriers could be made to work financially. That would only be one hurdle to be jumped if the merger is ever going to happen. It is looking more and more like regulatory approvals will be the bigger problem, which would be a good reason for the two CEOs to spend some time during a face to face meeting with FCC officials to discuss the merger.

According to different sources, the Department of Justice appears reluctant, if not being outright against the idea, to see the number of “major” carriers being reduced from four down to three. SoftBank and Sprint are likely to counter that argument by pointing out that Verizon and AT&T  are the heavyweights in the market and the weakness of the third and fourth largest carriers is actually hurting competition, a situation that could be corrected by allowing the merger to occur. By meeting with the FCC, SoftBank/Sprint may also be able to get a government agency on board with the concept to help in the battle with the Department of Justice.

source: TmoNews

AT&T revamps its family plans, offering 10GB for $100 plus $15 per line

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Today AT&T has announced “best-ever prices on AT&T’s best-in-class network” for its family plans. For all of them, you get a family-size amount 10GB of data per month. It then gets split between however many people are sharing the plan. The minimum two lines will cost $130 per month and goes up to $175 for five lines. If more lines are needed, it is just $15 extra per line.

The only catch is that you will need to either join the AT&T Next program or BYOP (bring your own phone). These new family plans will become available starting tomorrow. Hit the break for AT&T’s chart showing how the plan breaks down as well as the introductory video. » Read the rest