The Galaxy S9 is struggling to sell in Samsung’s home country

The Galaxy S9 really is a fantastic phone, it’s just kind of boring compared to what we usually see from Samsung. Boring phones tend to struggle in the sales department, which is something we’ve already caught wind of, but there’s one key market where the Galaxy S9 is really failing to pick up traction.

According to several South Korean wireless carriers, the Galaxy S9 has moved just over 700k units over the past two months, which is a drop from the Galaxy S8’s 1 million units. It also marks the lowest amount for any Galaxy S phone, which is a really bad look.

Again, this isn’t really a knock that the Galaxy S9 is a bad phone; we’ve reviewed it, and we really liked it, but it’s hard to justify an upgrade when Samsung’s last two flagship phones were both also pretty good and still hold up in 2018. To top that off, the Galaxy S9 is very expensive at a time when the smartphone market is incredibly saturated and more users are gravitating towards more budget-friendly options.

Samsung or Apple, good phone or not, we’re about to watch some big manufacturers struggle with the smartphone market over the next few years.

source: SamMobile

About the Author: Jared Peters

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