Samsung and Google are teaming up to create a better Android RCS messaging experience

Samsung has shown some fairly tepid interest in RCS messaging on Android, opting to stick with Samsung Messages as the default app on Galaxy devices instead of Android Messages. That’s pretty much removed Samsung phones from the new enhanced messaging features that Google has been rolling out.

But RCS messaging is really cool, especially if Android manufacturers can make it ubiquitous, so Samsung has finally come around and agreed to work with Google to make that experience happen on Galaxy devices. Both companies have announced a collaboration today that will have Google and Samsung making sure their respective SMS clients (Android Messages and Samsung Messages) work with each others RCS technology. Sure, it probably would’ve been better for Samsung to just use Android Messages by default, but this is the next best thing.

All upcoming Samsung phones will support this RCS integration going forward, assuming they’re on a carrier that already uses it. Samsung is also working to bring it to older devices, beginning with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and that list should expand over the next few months.

source: Samsung

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