OnePlus finally gets a US carrier to sell phones on store shelves

OnePlus has always tried to sell phones by cutting unnecessary corners to keep costs low, but one of those corners was in full distribution that you see with other manufacturers. You can’t walk into most stores, check out a OnePlus 6, and walk out with a phone in a big and a ton of accessories. Instead you’d have to buy directly from OnePlus, for better or worse.

And that might finally change with the upcoming OnePlus 6T, which is rumored to launch in October as an incremental upgrade to the fantastic OnePlus 6. T-Mobile will reportedly help OnePlus carry and market the device, and after it launches customers can stroll into a store and buy one without waiting for shipping or online orders.

On the other side of that, OnePlus will still sell the phone outright and unlocked on its website directly to any customer, regardless of carrier. The direct-to-consumer experience is a big part of OnePlus, speed bumps included, and that’s not going anywhere.

We’re still waiting on more rumors to fully detail the OnePlus 6T, like if the price is going up again, what hardware will be included, and how big of a jump it’ll be from the OnePlus 6. Maybe they’ll fix the speakers and actually put some decent audio hardware in it this time.

via: MSN

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