Google Pixel 2 saw a holiday boost, but might still lag behind original Pixel sales

Google’s Pixel 2 saw a boost in sales on Verizon’s network in the last few months of the year, coinciding with a massive push in marketing and promotions for the device according to a new in-depth report. And yeah, I get it. Google sold more phones during the holiday season, so did everyone else. What’s the big deal?

Well, there’s a little more to the report besides Q4 = more sales.

The biggest jump is that the Pixel 2 got off to a really bad start. The bigger variant was plagued with quality control issues, and even if some of them were blown out of proportion that’s still not good for the sales of any kind of gadget. Wondering if Google could right the ship was a legitimate question, and it looks like they’ve managed to pull that off with some help from Verizon.

And really, Verizon picked up the slack here. They ran extremely aggressive promotions on the device, launched a huge advertising campaign with Thomas Middleditch, and got their sales reps on board with pushing the Pixel 2 over some other devices. It didn’t smash sales records, but for a relatively new phone exclusive to one carrier, Google knows where to set their expectations.

However, that uptick at the end of the year isn’t all good news. By this point in the OG Pixel’s life, it had actually sold more phones than the Pixel 2 did. So despite that humongous carrier push and a Silicon Valley star, Google’s still missing a piece of the puzzle. Hopefully 2018 fares a bit better for the Pixel 2.

source: Fierce Wireless

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Madcat7777

    I have the Pixel 2 and I love the phone. I also convinced my brother and sister-in-law to purchase the pixel 2 as well. The phone is absolutely awesome. I think the problem is marketing. The marketing needs to focus on the fact that the phones are unlocked and have pure android software with no bloatware from the carrier.