Lemon Meringue Pie looking likely as Android L nickname


If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering what the new Android codename will be for the upcoming October release will be. We know it starts with L, will likely be 5.0, and will be the name of something sweet. As of right now, it seems like Lemon Meringue Pie fits the mold. According to Android Police, there are multiple sources in documentation and code that hint at the next release being referred to as such. The current preview builds are referred to as “lmp-preview-release” by the Android SDK. 
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Google Knowledge Vault will be presented next week as a massive information repository


Google is on the verge of introducing something big. The company will present the Knowledge Vault that Google Research’s Kevin Murphy describes as “the largest repository of automatically extracted structured knowledge on the planet.” The Knowledge Vault, though, has much more depth to answer a question that requires much more depth and detail. It will use machine learning to pull information from across the internet. By being able to reach out for new content, the Knowledge Vault has the ability to remain updated on its own.

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Google acquires Gecko Design to integrate with research lab


The Google X research lab will be getting help with a company experienced in product design. The product design firm is Gecko Design Inc., based in California’s Bay Area, and has worked in the past with companies including HP and FitBit. Gecko Design will be integrated into the research lab at Google to work on future products that are currently unannounced. The Google X research lab has been responsible for Glass, the driverless car, Project Loon, and contact lens that check for glucose levels.

The message above was left on Gecko Design’s site, praising past clients and thanking Google for its new opportunity.

Source: Bloomberg

Chrome Remote Desktop to get a recording option


It looks like we will be getting a recording option very soon within the Chrome Remote Desktop for PCs and laptops. François Beaufort took to Google+ to announce that the Chromium team is adding it “as we speak.”

This could be very useful for those that want to create how to videos for friends and family, or even broadcasting to the world through YouTube.

How long till the update actually hits is anyone’s guess, but I can’t imagine it will be too long.

source: +François Beaufort

Google ordered to remove Secret from Play Store by Brazilian judge


A Brazilian judge is demanding that Google remove the social networking app Secret from the Play Store and from all Brazilian phones that have the app installed.  This comes after multiple cases of bullying and harassment carried out through the popular app. While the ruling sounds a little extreme, Google has the power to remove the app from devices remotely, though they reserve such measures for malicious or harmful apps.

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Project Tango tablet gets torn down, shows some custom parts


The folks over at iFixit have given the Project Tango tablet a teardown. With a device capable of 3D mapping, it is no surprise that the internal specifications are impressive. And by internal specifications being impressive, something like the processor being NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 clocked at 2.3GHz is not important. The amount of sensors to make the vital features possible is.

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YouTube Music Key is on the way, will bundle Google Play Music Key with it


There has been no doubt that YouTube is working on a music streaming service. In fact, it is expected by the end of this summer. It has faced a ton of speedbumps do to design faults and trouble with negotiations between record labels. Today, Android Police has uncovered YouTube Music Key. The launch of this new service would also include a rebranding of Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key.

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Image analysis app Jetpac purchased by Google


In Google‘s quest to purchase everything, the tech giant acquired image recognition startup Jetpac for an undisclosed sum. Jetpac’s claim to fame is their advanced image analysis which scans publicly available Instagram photos to compile information about over 6,000 cities worldwide. Employees at Jetpac will join the Google Knowledge team, whose goal is to build a more relevant search engine.

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Google exploring paths to tap into the kids market


A new report from The Information says Google is working to expand some of their services so that they can tap into the market of children under the age of 13. Currently Google’s terms of services forbid users under the age of 13. However, Google apparently wants to allow some access to their services for children in that demographic, subject to appropriate restrictions and in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Similar to other online services that allow young users to setup accounts, Google’s new offerings would require parental authorization.
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Google’s underwater data cables are now shark bite victims


With a massive fiber-optic cable spanning across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the United States, Google should expect some issues. While that project will not be completed until sometime in 2016, Google is already working on fixing other data cables in the same area after sharks have taken to biting them. These cables are carrying data between continents are largely responsible for the Internet being able to function.

The belief is that the magnetic field from the cables’ high voltage is resembling the same as a fish. So these sharks are approaching what they think are fishes; however, they are sadly mistaken and instead chomp onto data cables. This issue has only come recently as copper cables have begun getting phased out.

Hit the break to watch the video of a shark biting into a cable.

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