Google’s own self-driving cars released to the streets of Mountain View, California

google_self_driving_car_prototypeGoogle is finally letting some of its quirky self-driving cars out to drive around the streets of Mountain View, California after extensively testing the technology that powers the vehicles. The cars aren’t completely ready to take off on their own, however; their speeds are being capped at 25 MPH, and they still include traditional driving mechanisms like a steering wheel and pedals. Smart safety precaution on Google’s part.

So if you’re in the Mountain View area, keep an eye out for some of the small little vehicles that Google’s testing out. Read more

Google may have helped the privacy cause in hotel ruling from Supreme Court


In a ruling issued by the Supreme Court this week, Los Angeles saw an ordinance overturned in which they sought to give their police force the ability to seize information from hotel registries on demand and without a warrant. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, writing the majority opinion in the 5-4 ruling, deemed the ordinance unconstitutional and importantly, found the ordinance as written could have been extended to apply to any business, not just hotels. It was on that point that Google had jumped into the case via an amicus brief. Read more

Google’s new “Chromebox for meetings” is aimed at large business video conferencing

google_asus_chromebox_bundle_june_2015It was only last year when Google launched Chromebox for meetings, which consists of a Chromebox, camera, speakers, and some other hardware designed for small businesses to be able to video conference. Now Google has launched a brand new Chromebox for meetings bundle aimed at large businesses. The original bundle could handle up to eight people in one room for $999 while the new version can do up to 20 people in one room for $1,999.

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Google’s Sidewalk Labs takes control of plan to provide free WiFi to New York


A while back Justin wrote an article about the LinkNYC network that plans on replacing up to 10,000 unused payphone kiosks with WiFi outlets. Each WiFi pillar is called a Link, besides free WiFi it would also serve up free charging. The Link WiFi pillars would be funded entirely through advertising, and thus not cost the good citizens of New York a penny in taxes. It sounds good, right? Read more

Google Translate processing over 100 billion words daily


Google has released a new video that is part of their “Be Together. Not the Same.” marketing strategy in which they showcase their Google Translate platform and app. In the course of the video it is revealed that Google is now processing over 100 billion words each day through Google Translate. According to Google, the most translated words they process include “How are you?”, “Thank you” and “I love you.” Besides the statistics regarding translation, the video also shows how the Word Lens integration in the Google Translate app on smartphones works to provide a real time image translation.

Hit the break to check out the video from the Android team and let us know in the comments how you use Google Translate.

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Google’s News Lab offers tips and tools for journalists of all levels


Citizen journalism has been on the rise for the last few years, allowing ordinary people to cover events as they happen where they happen. Google’s launch of the News Lab is meant to assist journalists, regardless of experience, with tips and tools to collect information and and produce content. In particular, the News Lab focuses on research, reporting, distributing, and analyzing.

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