LG ThinQ is the company’s new brand of AI and connected devices

LG has announced a new branding initiative for their AI and smart home products and services, and they’re going with ThinQ for the name. It doesn’t really mean we’re going to see any completely new products come from this, but instead you’ll start to see the name being used for things like AI products from LG.

It also doesn’t mean LG is going to roll out a virtual assistant named ThinQ, because that would just be dumb. But things like their premium appliances, robot vacuum cleaners, and other WiFi-enabled gadgets? They’ll likely start to fall under the ThinQ umbrella. LG wants you to associate ThingQ with devices that are always thinking about ways to make your life better. Cheesy? Sure. But AI is a huge deal right now, and LG doesn’t plan on being left behind.

The good news is that we’re probably going to see a wave of ThinQ gadgets and gizmos at CES 2018. Buckle up.

source: LG