Amazon finally stops being stubborn, brings Prime Video to Android TV

Yep, it’s finally here. Amazon has been holding out their Prime Video service from Android TV for a very long time, but they’re finally bringing the app to Google’s platform. This may or may not have anything to do with Google using YouTube as a bargaining chip within Amazon’s ecosystem.

Otherwise, this is a pretty straightforward port, and honestly, I doubt Amazon had to do much of anything since their Android-based Fire devices already have access to the app. You’ll be able to buy and rent movies from Amazon here, plus stream everything that’s included in your Amazon Prime subscription.

With Amazon finally working with Google on cross-platform friendliness, that’s a good sign that Google might keep YouTube on the Echo Show. There’s still no guarantee and as it stands right now YouTube will exit the Echo Show early next month, but if Amazon decides to open up like this I think we’ll see both companies come to a compromise.

Get it now: Play Store Download Link

  • Ewok Kanobee

    but can you stream to chromecast – that’s the only question that matters.