Liam Neeson has a special set of skills and voicing your commute is one of them

Living in Los Angeles is basically living with an endless traffic headache. Whether trying to get somewhere on a congested highway or through Coldwater Canyon, you’ll never outthink the unpredictable gridlock machine. That’s where a lifesaving service like Waze comes in, providing real time traffic information and alternate routes to quickly navigate your way through the shark infested asphalt. And in such stressful and high anxiety situations, you need the right voice to help complete your mission. And that voice is Liam Neeson’s.

As of December 18th, Liam Neeson can guide you (in the US) around car accidents, construction zones and slow drivers on their phones, making you feel like a badass in the process. And to reinforce just how qualified he is, he’s starring in Lionsgate’s The Commuter that lands on January 12th. Can you think of anyone better to help you get to the theater?

This will only be available for a limited time, disappearing after January 14th. So what are you waiting for? To update the voice in Waze, go to Settings > Voice Directions > Liam Neeson. Waze is available in Google’s Play Store.

Source: Waze

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  • Skipster

    Not available on Android right now

    • Erik Slaven

      Yeah, it looks like they screwed us. They stopped with iOS, even though it was supposed to also hit Android. Not cool at all…