Alcatel OneTouch reveals new Pixi 3 (10) tablet at IFA 2015


Alcatel OneTouch has remained silently active at IFA 2015, announcing entry-level and stylish phones as well as durable hardware. Another new addition to the company’s lineup this year will be the Pixi 3 (10). This 10-inch tablet is another entry-level option from Alcatel OneTouch to attract a more general type of consumer. Perhaps most importantly, the Pixi 3 (10) looks like a well-made tablet and runs Android 5.0 Lollipop. So families will be able to take advantage of multi-user support and have a profile dedicated to each person.

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Samsung and Barnes & Noble continue the Nook line with the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook

galaxy tab s2 nookRemember Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablets? They didn’t fare so well against cheaper Android tablets and Amazon’s Kindle lineup, but the bookstore attempted to keep the family going with a co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 from Samsung. It didn’t do too well either, partly due to performance issues and partly because most people aren’t buying dedicated e-readers when their normal tablets can handle that job without any problems. Read more

NVIDIA is behind schedule shipping SHIELD Tablet replacements after issuing worldwide recall


Nvidia issued a voluntary, worldwide recall for its SHIELD tablet at the tail-end of July that applied to devices with the ‘Y01‘ battery installed. The recall was issued because the ‘Y01′ battery had been found to overheat, thus posing a potential fire hazard. The way that Nvidia immediately issued a worldwide recall, along with a definitive strategy of making it right by collecting and replacing the affected devices, garnered the company some well-deserved compliments. As is often the case, though, even the best-laid plans can suffer from snags and glitches when exposed to real-world conditions, as shown by the email that is being sent to customers.

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