Google and AT&T join in Apple iMessage lawsuit


After users discovered Apple’s iMessage platform contained an alleged “bug” that prevented users from receiving some text messages after switching to an Android phone, some former Apple customers filed a lawsuit alleging Apple’s actions were illegal. Apple has been fighting off the claims, mostly in secret, even as they launched a tool to help customers make the transition from iPhones to Android smartphones. The stakes may have ratcheted up a bit recently as both Google and AT&T have filed motions with the federal courts to access materials being filed during the lawsuit’s discovery phase. Read more

AT&T bundling wireless service with DirecTV and U-verse packages

AT&T_Logo_01_TANow that AT&T officially owns DirecTV they’re quickly integrating wireless service and television bundles into packages for their consumers. These plans combine TV service through either U-Verse or DirecTV on a single bill with AT&T wireless service and give the customer a $10 discount for keeping everything on one combined bill. A four line, 10 GB plan that normally runs $160 will be $200 when combined with a DirecTV Select package that’s typically $50 by itself, for example. $10 per month isn’t huge, but if you were planning on having DirecTV and AT&T, might as well take advantage of the discount. Read more

EE introduces new “micro” plans Euro Pass and Euro Data Pass for travelers


U.K. wireless carrier EE has announced a couple new options launching today designed to make it easier for their customers traveling throughout Europe to make calls, text others, and tap into data if necessary. The new plans, called Euro Pass and Euro Data Pass borrow concepts of micropayments so that users can pay for the services on a daily basis, and only for days that they actually use the services, rather than having to buy a whole month-long block. Read more

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier campaign massively successful, reports double-digit revenue growth for Q2 2015


Since John Legere took over as CEO of the floundering T-Mobile in 2012, incredible strides have been made in resurrecting the magenta mobile carrier. Unless you live under a rock or don’t really pay attention to tech news, you probably have heard of the widely discussed “Un-carrier” campaign launched by Legere that has breathed new life into T-Mobile and jumpstarted new life into the mobile industry by prompting other mobile carriers to change their policies in response to their caped crusading competitor.

Just how successful has the Un-carrier campaign been for T-Mobile? Well Q2 2015 reports are in and the answer is outstanding. Read more

Cricket announces unlimited talk & text to Canada and Mexico on certain plans

cricket wirelessCricket has announced a new feature for their Smart and Pro monthly plans that will be extremely useful if you call out or text numbers internationally. These plans now include unlimited talk & text (although that’s limited to just SMS, no MMS) to Canada and Mexico. Mexico will be included in plans on August 2nd while Canada should be included later in the month. Read more