T-Mobile to start offering equipment installment plans for accessories on July 20


Need a payment plan for some accessories? T-Mobile customers will be happy to hear that on July 20, the carrier will start offering equipment installment plans (EIP) for accessories. Not only accessories will be eligible we assume. Would a $15 case really require a payment plan? Probably not. But for things like headphones or a smartwatch, this would be really helpful and make products much more accessible. T-Mobile will likely implement a minimum for eligibility and it does not seem that the carrier will attach any interest to the cost.

Source: TmoNews

T-Mobile to get 8-inch LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 4


T-Mobile has announced that they will be joining the ranks of carriers offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 to their customers. The LTE enabled version of the tablet can be added to a T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan for no additional cost. T-Mobile will give customers an additional 1.2GB of data per month through the end of 2014, but that will drop back to only 200MB free per month after that for the life of the tablet.

T-Mobile will start accepting online orders on July 16th and retail locations will start selling the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 on July 23rd. The device will be priced at $16 per month for 24 months, or $384. This announcement comes about one week after Verizon announced the device would be coming to their network. Hit the break to read the full press release.
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John Legere responds to the FTC’s complaint


John Legere is not happy that the Federal Trade Commission handed T-Mobile a complaint regarding customers being wrongly charged on their bills. The charge in question has to do with some sort of premium text messages. Legere, the leading man at T-Mobile, has stepped forward to defend his company. Legere goes all the way back to last year in saying that T-Mobile no longer charges customers for those kind of messages and refunds customers when they are impacted by services they do not use.

The T-Mobile CEO then took to Twitter to send a message. The FTC offered a settlement from the FTC and T-Mobile declined, but Legere calls this false. If this was the case, Legere says he would have settled to avoid any problems. Now Legere is telling the FTC to “watch the DC circus that follows! Enjoy.”

Hit the break for Legere’s entire statement.
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LG G Watch headed to Verizon and AT&T in U.S.


A new leak indicates the LG G Watch will be landing on both Verizon and AT&T. Currently the LG G Watch is like most other smartwatches in that it is paired with another device, like a smartphone, instead of having its own wireless carrier chip on board. This means companies like Verizon and AT&T will be selling the current version of the LG G Watch as an accessory to be used with other devices. It is expected the G Watch will come without bloatware from the wireless companies retaining a stock Android Wear experience.

source: @evleaks (official site)

LG G3 available for pre-order at T-Mobile, arriving July 16


We are finally starting to find out when carriers in the United States will make the LG G3 available. While the handset has been put on sale in some places outside of the United States, LG has remained quiet on anything further. But T-Mobile has decided to come forward and put the G3 up for pre-order starting today. Customers can then pick up the handset on July 16 on T-Mobile stores (or presumably shipped to their homes).

For other carriers, the rumored release dates are July 16 and 17.

Source: T-Mobile

Verizon’s XLTE network speeds reach more than 300 markets


The new XLTE network over at Big Red is growing impressively. Verizon announced that the speedy network reaches more than 300 markets, just 200 shy of its 500 total for 4G LTE markets. While XLTE is not LTE-Advanced, it does bring increasing network speeds in those particular markets.

Other networks have similar approaches to this sort of network speed. Sprint calls it Spark and T-Mobile does not bother renaming it at all. AT&T, though, has not announced any sort of network.

Hit the break for the full press release.
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LG G Vista appears next to G3, could be Verizon’s G Pro Lite 2


Lately there has been some confusion as to what exactly Verizon has going on with the LG G Vista. It looks almost identical to the G3, but now there seems to be clarity in that it is another LG handset with different branding. The LG G3 is on the left in the image above and the G Vista is on the right. The G Vista looks a tad wider and taller, meaning that this is quite possibly the G Pro Lite 2. It is very common for non flagship devices to be renamed and that could be the case here.

Look closely and we may have an August 7 release date on Verizon’s network for at least the G Vista. The G3′s release date is already scheduled for July 17.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

T-Mobile adds speed-testing apps to data limit exemption


Earlier this month as part of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 6.0 announcement, the company indicated they were not going to count data generated by several music streaming services against customers’ data caps. Going a step further, the company has now announced it will also exempt speed-testing apps from the limits. T-Mobile uses network throttling restrictions on user data when customers exceed their monthly data limit in lieu of charging overage fees.

T-Mobile indicated the popular Ookla Speedtest.net app in particular would be exempt, but other similar apps would also be whitelisted. According to T-Mobile, their goal with this move is to show off the data speeds available on its network. Of course, by removing the throttling restriction on speed-testing apps, this means customers will not be able to measure how much T-Mobile has slowed down data speeds for traffic that is not exempted from the restrictions.

source: Fierce Wireless

HTC One (M8) in black leaks without Harman Kardon branding

black_htc_one_m8_rear_evleaksWe all love some choice, especially when purchasing a smartphone or tablet. And we all love being able to narrow down a particular device by its color choices. When the HTC One (M8) launched, there were three colors: Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold, and Glacial Silver. Shortly after, HTC and Sprint partnered with Harman Kardon to release a muscially-targeted version. And just a few weeks ago, Verizon added a Glamour Red color to its selection. Now, it seems HTC wants to make at least one of those exclusive colors available to more people. Above is an image of a black One (M8) and it does not carry any branding from Harman Kardon.

Could this be that an exclusive window with Sprint and such has ended? We’ll just have to wait and see. Are you interested in the black color or prefer something else?

Source: @evleaks (Official site)