Breakthrough in T-Mobile, Sprint deal as companies are close to agreement

According to sources that spoke to Reuters today, “T-Mobile US Inc is close to agreeing (on) tentative terms on a deal to merge with Sprint Corp.” A merger of the two wireless carriers has been an on-again, off-again deal for several years with the two never quite able to get the time and business environment just right to make it happen. Sources now believe that “the U.S. antitrust enforcement environment has become more favorable since the companies abandoned their previous effort to combine in 2014.”

Android One comes to U.S. on the Moto X4 through Project Fi

Throughout 2017 we have been monitoring several initiatives the Google has been working on to expand their U.S. smartphone offerings outside of their own Pixel devices. Two of the moves we have been watching involve the addition of non-Google devices to the Project Fi catalog and the launch of Android One in the U.S. Those efforts came together today with the official launch of the Moto X4 Android One device on Project Fi.

T-Mobile adds Netflix On Us to family plans with new Un-carrier Next move

In an announcement today, T-Mobile revealed their next move in their ongoing Un-carrier strategy intended to disrupt the wireless carrier industry. Targeting users on their family plans, T-Mobile has partnered with Netflix to launch a new “Netflix On Us” feature giving users the ability to stream all the Netflix they want with T-Mobile picking up the tab for the subscription. The nice thing is that users do not need to pay for Netflix and get credits or anything – the cost of the subscription is just included in T-Mobile’s all-in rates.

Sprint lands opportunity to offer LG V30+

This week LG took the wraps off their fall flagship device, the LG V30, which should put them into a better position to contend with other flagship level devices as compared to the LG G6 which launched with some dated hardware. While not touted as part of the release announcement, LG did put together a variant of the phone that will be known as the LG V30+ and it will be available in the U.S. through Sprint.

UK retailer accidentally confirms pricing and specs for Galaxy Note 8 ahead of launch

After weeks of leaks and rumors, today is the day that Samsung finally takes the wraps off of its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8 at an Unpacked event in New York. If you thought that the upcoming announcement would result in an end to the leaks, you are sadly mistaken. The UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse, has managed to accidentally confirm some of the Galaxy Note 8’s specifications, as well as pricing details. 

Verizon to start limiting video resolution on all plans

At the beginning of August, OpenSignal released results of their latest analysis of how the major carrier networks were performing. One of the key takeaways from that was the fact that Verizon and AT&T’s switch to unlimited plans earlier in the year was having a negative impact on their networks. For Verizon, it appears their slowly degrading network performance has prompted a major change to how they handle video. Announced as part of some tweaks to their plan pricing, Verizon will now limit videos to 480p, 720p or in some cases 1080p resolutions depending on the device being used, with no option for consumers to upgrade or pay for access to higher quality video.

Sprint issues workaround for the BlackBerry KeyOne bloatware bug, official fix coming soon

It’s a few days since the Sprint variant of the BlackBerry KeyOne was found to have issues with bloatware, with previously disabled or even uninstalled apps being automatically reinstalled by the Sprint Mobile ID app. There was some initial worry that the issue was a sign of Sprint running riot with its bloatware apps, but it seems that there is a bug in the carriers Mobile ID app on the KeyOne. While Sprint works with BlackBerry to fix the issue, the carrier has provided a workaround for affected KeyOne owners. 

Essential confirms that the Essential Phone will start shipping in next 7 days

It’s taken a while, but after announcing that an announcement would be made this week on when its début handset would finally be ready, it seems that the Essential Phone should start shipping out to customers in the next 7 days, at least that’s according to emails that the company has sent out. After its launch on May 30 where Andy Rubin initially claimed that the Essential Phone would be ready to ship in about 30 days, there has been an unexplained delay of around a month and a half.