Verizon offering new Grid Wide Solutions for utility companies

Tampa, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on the Hillsborough Ri

Verizon has identified a niche market, but it is definitely a big niche – utility companies. In an announcement today, Verizon is offering a new Grid Wide Utility Solutions platform as an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to help utility companies modernize their service delivery grids. The new service offers smart metering, demand response, meter data management and distribution monitoring and control. Read more

Sprint rolls out new Family Share Pack offering 10GB of data for $100 per month


Trying to stay competitive in the family plan space, Sprint has announced a new Family Share Pack for families needing four lines. The new deal rolling out starting July 31st gives families a pool of 10GB of shared 4G data for $100 per month. Sprint touts this as the best deal out there compared to Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile. That claim may be debatable, but Sprint is offering an upgrade that costs only $20 per month that bumps available data up to 40GB shared between the four lines. Read more

Boost Mobile adding two devices from Alcatel OneTouch


Boost Mobile has added two devices, both from Alcatel OneTouch, to its lineup for customers. Neither the Conquest nor the Elevate represent the company’s vision for a high-end Android device, but they do offer solid specifications in an affordable package. The Conquest and Elevate both support 4G LTE connection, ship with at least Android 5.0 Lollipop, and cost less than $150. Alcatel OneTouch is continuing to prove that a solid, complete device can be had for less than ever before.

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T-Mobile’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge get minor software update with improved battery life

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Edge_Front_Top_Samsung_Logo_TAT-Mobile’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are both receiving a minor software update that brings some performance tweaks and battery improvements. No new features or other software, unfortunately, but with battery life being one of the top complaints about the S6 and its curved counterpart, any extra juice Samsung can squeeze out of it through software optimization is welcome. Read more

AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV is complete


If you have visited the AT&T web site in the last day, you may have noticed some prominent advertising for DirecTV. That is a result of AT&T concluding their acquisition of DirecTV once the government decided it would not stand in the way. As a result, AT&T is now the largest pay TV provider not just in the U.S., but around the globe. Just in the U.S. AT&T will have 26 million customers thanks to the acquisition. Read more

AT&T releases its Q2 2015 earnings, showing another solid performance


AT&T has reported its second quarter earnings, showing minor improvement compared to the same time last year. The company generated $33 billion in overall revenue, up 1.4% since last year. In addition, the carrier’s stock price per share increased sixty-nine cents this year compared to only sixty-one cents last year. AT&T also mentioned it added 2.1 million wireless subscribers, 410,000 were postpaid and 331,000 prepaid. The remaining 1 million came from connected cars.

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