Essential confirms that the Essential Phone will start shipping in next 7 days

It’s taken a while, but after announcing that an announcement would be made this week on when its début handset would finally be ready, it seems that the Essential Phone should start shipping out to customers in the next 7 days, at least that’s according to emails that the company has sent out. After its launch on May 30 where Andy Rubin initially claimed that the Essential Phone would be ready to ship in about 30 days, there has been an unexplained delay of around a month and a half. 

Sprint steps up the bloatware game in a bad way with BlackBerry KeyOne

Getting a new smartphone from a carrier usually means putting up with the bloatware that carriers install. This can be in the form of the carrier’s own specific apps that it believes you just cannot live without or it can be third-party apps from vendors the carrier has struck business deals with. The bloatware landscape has improved a little bit over the years and users can now disable or remove some apps in many cases. However, reports of what Sprint may be doing with the BlackBerry KeyOne may point to a disturbing new escalation in the field of bloatware.

New T-Mobile REVVL officially launches

Earlier this year we reported on T-Mobile wanting to bring back a trend from a few years ago – carrier-specific and branded devices similar to the DROID line of devices on Verizon. At the high end of the spectrum, T-Mobile was planning to release an Alcatel/TCL manufactured smartphone called the REVVL. Today T-Mobile officially took the wraps off the carrier-branded REVVL, a phone that T-Mobile says answers “the needs of customers” by providing “a ton of features without breaking the bank”.

T-Mobile’s One Unlimited 55+ plan proves the carrier loves more than just millennials

Look at T-Mobile’s brand. The vibe you get from its advertisements and social media behavior is exciting. Millennials love that, and they’ve been the largest of the groups flocking to T-Mobile quarter after quarter. It’s not exactly an image built to attract an older crowd, though. So now T-Mobile has a plan made specifically for those age 55 and up.

The T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan gives you two lines for $60 per month, taxes and fees included.

As Best Buy listing goes up, the Essential Phone should ship very soon

Essential is nearing the release of its first device. It’s live on Best Buy’s site, but you still can’t actually purchase the Essential Phone for yourself. For now you can just sign up to be notified when the retailer starts taking orders. While vague, it’s a sign that Essential is moving forward and doesn’t plan to wait much longer to enter the mobile industry.

T-Mobile is big winner in latest OpenSignal carrier analysis

OpenSignal released their latest analysis of the U.S. wireless carriers for the period ending on June 29, 2017, and T-Mobile will be popping the champagne bottles as the Un-carrier swept the awards. We should expect John Legere, T-Mobile’s head honcho, to play up the results, but the carrier does need to be careful as OpenSignal’s analysis shows T-Mobile and Verizon are engaged in a pitched battle that can go either way. For Verizon and AT&T customers, the OpenSignal analysis shows the impact the move back into unlimited plans has had on the carrier and it is not a pretty sight.

Motorola quietly drops Moto Z2 Force price to $720, says it was always meant to be so

The Moto Z2 Force launched last week, complete with Moto Mod compatibility and a plastic shatterproof display. Something else it launched with was a $800 price tag if you bought the handset directly from Motorola itself, which many of us thought was a tad high for the Moto Z2 Force. For whatever reason, the price has been dropped to $720 on the Motorola website without ceremony, representing a saving of $80. 

Slides revealing Samsung Galaxy S8 Active specs leaked

Samsung and AT&T must be getting close to launching the Galaxy S8 Active, a rugged version of the flagship Galaxy S8 that follows in the footsteps of similar offerings from AT&T. Apparently Samsung or AT&T has started the process of preparing people to be able to explain the features of this new variant and they prepared some slides for this purpose. Where there are slides there is a good chance a camera will be present along with someone willing to post what they capture to social media. That has happened in the case of this latest leak giving us an early peek at the specs for the new Galaxy S8 Active.