Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors commence on word of fingerprint on display adoption

In theory we are less than a year away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will mark a decade of Galaxy S devices for the company, and there are other major devices to drop before then like this fall’s Galaxy Note 9. The long lead time is not scaring off those in search of leaks about what Samsung may be planning as is the case with the latest news coming out of Korea. According to sources, Samsung has made at least one firm commitment regarding the Galaxy S10 that was shared with partners in the supply chain so that they can start the process of developing manufacturing schedules.

Sources say Samsung has advised their partners that the Galaxy S10 will include fingerprint on display, or FOD, technology when it launches. FOD continues to be a feature the smartphone industry chases after and one that the bigger companies like Samsung have been struggling with. That is likely due to concerns about reliability as well as being able to source enough units. Samsung has been trying to implement FOD ever since the Galaxy S8, but has not been able to make it a reality. The fact that this latest news comes in reference to the Galaxy S10 may indicate FOD will be missing from the Galaxy Note 9 as well.

Source indicate Samsung has not yet decided on whether the solution they deploy in the Galaxy S10 will be one using ultrasonics or one based on optical recognition or possibly both. That leaves the door open to many potential partners as suppliers including Qualcomm, Synaptics, and Ezestek. As with processor chips, Samsung could go with multiple sources.

If this news that Samsung is moving ahead with FOD for the Galaxy S10 is accurate, and most competitors will likely treat it that way out of caution, this may also trigger some of the smaller smartphone manufacturers to accelerate their FOD implementations in the second half of 2018. Some of those could include Huawei, Oppo, Xiao and Bibo.

The report also casts some doubt on the implementation of another technology, a 3D sensing module that would be used for facial recognition. The use of that technology would put Samsung in a position to compete directly against Apple on that feature. At this point, Samsung is working in this area, but apparently will not have anything ready for the launch of the Galaxy S10.

Korean sources think the Galaxy S10 will have to include some market changing technology or design implementations to be a success as opposed to this year’s Galaxy S9 devices which just built upon the Galaxy S8. What kind of game-changer would you like to see Samsung implement?

source: The Bell

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