Anker launches their rugged, IPX7 certified Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker

Anker has officially launched their latest wireless speaker under their Soundcore brand, and it’s looking like a really cool party trick. The Soundcore Flare features a rugged, IPX7 certified design that’s great for dragging around wherever you go, but it also has a built-in ambient LED light around the base to liven up your music.

The Soundcore Flare has a full 360-degree speaker for massive sound no matter where you place it, plus Anker’s BassUp technology that we’ve been impressed with in some of their other speakers. You can even pair two speakers together to create an immersive, louder stereo mode.

But what really sets this thing apart from the competition is the LED strip around the bottom; the ambient lighting reacts to the music you’re playing and has five different color themes and five different illumination patterns that you set with Anker’s Soundcore companion app so you can really personalize this thing and make it your own.

Oh, and did we mention this thing’s Alexa compatible, too? Keep an eye out for our in-depth review of the Soundcore Flare soon.

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