OnePlus Launcher gets sent to the Play Store for easy updates

The launcher you see on the OnePlus 5 is now a standalone app.

It first appeared a few weeks ago; however, today the OnePlus Launcher earned an official listing on the Play Store. OnePlus hasn’t added anything new to the app yet but makes note of existing standout features. The OnePlus Launcher is touted for its customization, gestures, and icon pack support.

Other apps from the company already on the Play Store include OnePlus Weather, OnePlus Gallery, and OnePlus Community.

There’s a reason why you’re seeing an increasing number of in-house apps get placed on the Play Store. Individual apps on the Play Store can be updated whenever needed, saving companies the hassle of doing an entire system upgrade for something so minor. Users also save time by not having to go through a download, installation, and reboot.

When OnePlus updates the OnePlus Launcher with new features or enhancements, we’ll pass them along to you.

Download it now: Google Play

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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