Vodafone’s Call+ service lets you share text and images during a call


It’s only a few days since Vodafone announced it was bringing WiFi Calling to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+ devices in the UK later this year, but now the UK carrier has also announced the Vodafone Call+ and Message+ service. It uses the same Rich Communications Services (RCS) that Google talked about earlier this week, allowing users to share more than just their voice during a call, we have more details after the break.

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Sprint to cut $2.5 Billion in costs and reduce workforce in savings drive


It’s no secret that in its attempt to increase its customer base, Sprint has been burning through its finances, and now it seems that its main backer, SoftBank, may well have tightened the purse strings. Today, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Sprint is set to undergo a round of layoffs and cost-cutting, just days after the carrier announced it didn’t need to participate in the upcoming 600MHz wireless spectrum auction.  Read more

Go90, Verizon’s new video streaming service, launches mobile apps


Turn that phone sideways. That’s what Verizon is asking you to do with its new video streaming service called Go90. So, yes, the name comes from the fact that you are turning your phone ninety degrees to start watching television shows, live sports and concerts, and other random videos. And today Go90 launched its mobile apps so you can start enjoying content anywhere at any time.

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Boost Mobile rewards responsible customers with extra data


Boost Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid service, has announced some new features for their data plans that will result in “Growing Data” for customers who make their payments on time. Boost Mobile customers will now receive an extra 500MB block of data for every third on-time payment they make for up to 18 months. That means customers could end up with an extra 3GB of high-speed data. Read more