AT&T releases its Q2 2015 earnings, showing another solid performance


AT&T has reported its second quarter earnings, showing minor improvement compared to the same time last year. The company generated $33 billion in overall revenue, up 1.4% since last year. In addition, the carrier’s stock price per share increased sixty-nine cents this year compared to only sixty-one cents last year. AT&T also mentioned it added 2.1 million wireless subscribers, 410,000 were postpaid and 331,000 prepaid. The remaining 1 million came from connected cars.

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Republic Wireless wants customers to seamlessly hand over calls to WiFi


Republic Wireless aims to improve the quality of its service by harnessing the power of a WiFi network. The carrier has already allowed seamless transition when moving ongoing calls over a WiFi connection to its nationwide network; however, with ‘Project Salsa’, its latest experiment, customers are able to switch a call from Republic Wireless’ network to WiFi. Call quality obviously benefits from the strength of a WiFi network.

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AT&T raising activation fees by $5 and increasing AT&T Next activations by $15

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T will be raising activation and upgrade fees for new one or two year contracts. They are also adding an activation fee for AT&T Next and BYOD customers. The new fees will go into effect August 1st.

The old price was $40 and will now be bumped to $45 for upgrades making it the highest activation fee out there. Verizon is still at $40, but will probably follow suit at some point in the future. If you choose to sign up for a new contract after August 1st you’ll still be eligible for a discounted phone, but will pay $5 more than before.

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Verizon reports strong financial results for second quarter


Verizon announced financial results for the second quarter today and things are looking good for the carrier. Verizon experienced double-digit percentage growth in year-over-year earnings and they had strong cash flow results. Earnings per share for the second quarter came up to $1.04 per share, a 14.3 percent increase compared to last year’s 91 cents per share for the same period. Read more