T-Mobile bumps up deprioritization limit to 32GB

Back in March, T-Mobile updated their deprioritization limit from 28GB to 30GB. Now, only a couple months later, T-Mobile is making another adjustment to the limit by raising it to 32GB. If you are not familiar with deprioritization, this means T-Mobile may throttle your connection speeds if you have used over 32GB of data in a month and you happen to be connected to a congested tower. Once a tower is no longer congested or you move and connect to a different tower, speeds will return to normal 4G LTE speeds.

Xfinity Mobile offering unlimited data for $45 per month to Comcast customers

During the past week set against the hoopla of Google I/O 2017, Comcast went live with their new Xfinity Mobile wireless service. Xfinity Mobile is the company’s entrance into the wireless market made possible by a deal they struck with Verizon to operate as an MVNO. To celebrate the launch of the new service, users can get a line of unlimited data service for only $45 per month with no access fees. Although we have some doubts about some customer service issues, the price is a really good deal and brings possibly the strongest U.S. wireless network with it. In order to get this special price though, you do have to be a Comcast Internet service customer.

Inside sources say T-Mobile, Sprint merger talks have resumed

Although they are at a very preliminary level and informal in nature, inside sources says officials with both SoftBank Group and Sprint have contacted Deutsche Telekom, majority owner of T-Mobile, about a possible merger. The resumption of talks may have been triggered by¬†an April 27th deadline passing that concluded a spectrum auction¬†blackout period for participants to pursue deals. Investors were told this week by both SoftBank’s chairman Masayoshi Son and Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Tim Hoettges that they were open to the idea of a merger. Earlier this year T-Mobile’s John Legere indicated there was still interest on his part as well.

T-Mobile rolls out a new premium insurance package for customers

T-Mobile has announced a new mobile device and insurance package for their wireless customers, and it’s easily the most comprehensive thing that’s currently in the market. For $15 per month you get the usual accidental damage protection, extended warranty, and some cloud backup services, but it also includes identity theft protection, security features like a password manager, and personal technical support.

Sprint’s Magic Box is a quick and small solution to building out their network

Sprint talks up their reliability next to Verizon, but when it comes to coverage and speed, it’s really tough to spin Sprint’s network as anything but mediocre. They’ve struggled to build up their network to stay competitive with the big guys, and T-Mobile has overtaken them from behind. Despite all of that, however, Sprint might have just found a magic bullet for its wireless woes.