LG’s V30 should launch on August 31, right before IFA 2017 starts

Ready for IFA 2017? It’ll be here sooner than you think. With devices like the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 coming before the year’s end, you’re going to see a lot of rumors and reports on Talk Android this summer. Both devices are among the most popular for the second half of 2017, and their respective makers keep moving up their launch dates.

LG, like Samsung, is expected to launch its next high-end phone in August. It’s a race to beat Apple, who usually announces in September.

The V10 and V20 were announced in September 2015 and 2016, respectively. But they weren’t announced in the same week of the month. While the V10 made its debut at the very end of the month, the V20 was introduced at the very beginning. It’s a shift for multiple companies as they want to beat Apple to the market with new hardware and generate sales prior to the holiday rush.

So, rather than waiting until the season changes from summer to fall, new phones are launched as summer is just winding down. LG is moving the launch of the next V series-based device up about one week from last year. The V30, according to ETNews, will debut on August 31. If accurate, that would be five days after the rumored launch date for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. Nothing like a battle between two of Android’s biggest partners getting started in a couple of days.

IFA 2017 in Berlin will begin on September 1.

Little is known about the V30 at this time, though a source says the phone will be priced at about $699 in the United States and feature an OLED display for the first time. Mock-ups were leaked last month and shocked people because of a slide-up mechanism for the secondary display; however, it was merely a concept previously under consideration. LG is presumably sticking with above the main display for the little ticker.

Source: ETNews
Via: Phone Arena

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