Older mock-ups for the LG V30 surface

It’s not uncommon to see new features and rumors leak out ahead of a device’s launch, but it is pretty rare to see mockups and press renders of a phone using a concept that may not even be the final product. Fortunately for all of us, today is that rare day where we’re getting a look at some concepts for the LG V30 that we may or may not actually see later this year.

Instead of the second smaller display on top of the device, this version of the V30 features a second screen below the main screen that slides out from the bottom of the phone. Think back to older feature phones with slide out keyboards, but replace the keyboard with a fully functional screen.

The concept is interesting because it allows for a ton of screen real estate without making the phone too tall, which we’ve seen with the much taller Galaxy S8 and LG G6. It allows the bottom screen to function as a ton of different ideas, from a keyboard to app shortcuts to simply an extension of your wallpaper.

So here’s the caveat to all of this: this might not end up being the V30. Evan Blass mentions that this was an older concept for the device and it’s not clear if that’s still the direction LG wants to take, so we could end up seeing something more similar to the V20 and V10 with the smaller secondary display. With that being said, this shows that LG wants to try to push the envelope with new screen technology, so we could still see a phone like this down the line, even if it isn’t the V30.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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  • ZBlade

    Anyone else here that thinks this is a cool idea? I like what they did on the V10 and V20 but you can do so much more with a slide out screen.

    Of course battery drain and how this is actually executed will make or break this.

  • Ware52

    Love this…