More details of new Oppo Find 7 leaked


Oppo Mobile appears to be working on a successor to the Oppo Find 5 smartphone that will come with a 4000mAh battery to help power it through the day. The new device has been dubbed the Oppo Find 7 by the rumor mill and will feature a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. We think the device will come with a 5-inch display running at a full 1080p HD resolution. Other details are still not available, but Oppo Mobile is gaining a reputation for producing some high-quality devices.

While Oppo Mobile is working on this new device for a release thought to be sometime this fall, they are also working on a smaller, more colorful version of the Oppo Find 5 named the Oppo Find 5 Mini.

source: GSMinsider

  • bob

    Have just visited an Oppo Store in Nanning in China and have seen the new OPPO find 7 and it looks and feels a very nice phone a lot sleeker than the find 5 with a curved back, no details on display but a very nice looking phone

    • ipguy

      where is the pic ?