Plex and Tidal announce new partnership to bring high quality music streaming to your media server

Plex has announced a new collaboration with Tidal, uniquely known for their high-resolution audio file streaming in a market full of compressed, low bitrate songs. The partnership will bring Tidal’s massive catalog of 60 million songs into your own personal Plex media server with a handful of unique features and additions to make it worthwhile.

So how exactly does all of this work? Well, once you’re signed up and you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll be able to mingle your Tidal and personal music collections alongside the rest of your digital media, plus see artist recommendations, fill in missing albums from your personal library, keep up to date with new releases, make mixed playlists from your library and Tidal’s catalog, and watch Tidal’s music videos, plus way more. On top of that, Plex Pass subscribers can join Tidal for $8.99 per month, saving a buck on the regular price.

This addition follows Plex’s addition of web shows, podcasts, and news, all of which are taking a more cloud-focused direction for what was previously only a way to manage locally owned digital files. And while those features may not really appeal to users that strictly wanted a way to manage their own files and nothing else, it gives more options to more people, which is generally a good thing.

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And hey, it’s probably good for Tidal to pick up some free advertising, too. Now we just have to wait and see if any other music or video streaming services get lumped into Plex down the line, too.

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