Plex podcasts comes out of beta, includes Sonos and Android Auto support

Plex recently launched podcast support in beta, adding yet another type of media that’s supported in your Plex experience. Now that we’ve had a chance to test it out and work through some kinks, Plex is officially taking the beta tag off of podcasts and making it official to everyone with a few new features.

In addition to, you know, supporting a library of podcasts, you’ll now be able to take those episodes offline with a ton of granular support. You can download a single episode at a time, or set up rules to download recurring episodes while deleting episodes after you listen to them so you always have something on tap without clogging up your phone’s storage.

But let’s say that you already have a huge library of podcasts on another platform, and that’s keeping you from switching over. Plex is now offering a way to import your library on iOS, Android, and the web, sticking everything into your media library for easy Plex access.

And, lastly, Plex is going to let you listen to these podcasts in more places. Podcasts are getting Sonos and Android Auto support, and you can cast them to any Google Chromecast devices around your house.

Happy listening!

source: Plex

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  • Richard Dennis

    I love plex.. but they are trying to be to many things to to many people.. Wait until the add a Microwave Popcorn Timer… Tire Pressure gauge….. Prostate Exam warning notification system.. Its just getting to much..