WhatsApp confirms they’ll start bringing ads to the service soon

Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp there have been quite a few questions over exactly how the social media giant planned on monetizing the much less profitable messaging service. WhatsApp on its own doesn’t really have many avenues to generate much revenue, but you know a company like Facebook wouldn’t be getting involved if they didn’t see some big potential.

Now it’s been confirmed directly via a WhatsApp executive that the monetization plan includes advertisements. I feel like that was obvious with or without any confirmation, but the placement of those ads wasn’t clear. Turns out, WhatsApp will be stuffing ads in their ‘Status’ section, which is their version of Snapchat’s stories. Users can share pictures, videos, and gifs that are viewable for 24 hours, but now (just like Snapchat) you’ll sometimes see some ads interjected in between those Statuses.

In a world of annoying advertisements, Snapchat-style ads probably aren’t the worst offenders, mostly because they’re incredibly easy to skip. Plus, at least on WhatsApp, they’re only going to be in a single section of the service, not directly in your messaging or anything. It’s not perfect, but considering Facebook is involved it could be significantly worse.

Users can expect to see these ads start in the beginning of 2019.

source: Outlook India

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