OnePlus 6T leaks and shows off its fancy new notch

We’ve heard quite a bit about the OnePlus 6T, including some things from OnePlus directly. But we’ve been curious about what they were planning on doing with the notch, considering it’s a pretty controversial topic in the Android community.

Well, hopefully this leak satisfies your curiosity. The notch certainly isn’t going away, but OnePlus is definitely making it look more stylish. Or uglier. Probably depends on who you ask.

The new notch is called a “waterdrop notch,” according to the internet, and looks more like the camera is sitting on the top of the screen and sagging down into the rest of the display. Admittedly, though, this does mean there’s more real estate to work with. We’re not at Essential levels, obviously, but we’re getting close.

The speaker has been moved above the display entirely, resting in the casing of the device instead of near the camera, which is part of what makes this design possible.

Other notes include the phone being shown off in mirror black and midnight black, both a staple of OnePlus launches. There’s no headphone jack, and just a two-camera system. None of that fancy triple camera stuff for OnePlus. The in-display fingerprint scanner should still be here, as there’s no visible fingerprint sensor anywhere else on the phone.

We’re expecting an announcement later this month, so keep your eyes peeled for the last few big leaks before the world gets to see the newest from OnePlus.

PS, please put a good speaker in this one.

source: WinFuture

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