NVIDIA Shield TV update 7.1 brings voice chat, mouse and keyboard support, and a companion app

NVIDIA has announced their 20th software update to the Shield TV, and it’s a pretty big incremental update hot on the heels of the latest 7.0 update.There’s plenty to talk about here, including a bunch of features to make the Shield TV a better primary gaming console, plus a few quality of life changes for everyone.

On the gaming side of things, the Shield TV now supports voice chatting in GeForce NOW games like Fortnite, and you can use it by simply plugging headphones into the Shield TV controller. That brings the system more in line with an Xbox One or PS4, and should certainly help players look at the Shield TV more seriously for gaming binges. You’ll also have better mouse and keyboard control over GeForce NOW games, which is a major plus for PC players.

Speaking of those games, NVIDIA has committed to more same-day releases for popular titles, with Shadow of The Tomb Raider hitting the service with other releases next week. As we’ve mentioned in reviews and other articles, the Shield TV offers a pretty cool gaming service but mostly just for older titles. Being able to play new stuff without needing to shell out for a PS4 is pretty cool.

Other features include 120hz support for high refresh rate displays, the return of the share menu for taking screenshots, recording clips, and broadcasting to Twitch, and a quick menu for turning off and rebooting your device. NVIDIA is also releasing a companion app for the Shield TV that you can use to quickly put in passwords and navigate the interface without having the remote handy.

I’ve already gotten the update on my Shield TV, so keep an eye out for the notification. It’s a pretty quick install with several worthwhile features.

About the Author: Jared Peters

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