Google and OnePlus are teaming up for a “Crackables” game later this month

OnePlus has teamed up with Google to create a game/challenge called Crackables, and it starts on September 18th. And aside from that, that’s pretty much all we know. The only way we can describe it right now is mysterious.

OnePlus’s twitter feed is full of short snippets of videos and pictures related to cracking some kind of code, most likely about the OnePlus 6T. The video shows what appears to be some sort of puzzle that aesthetically would match an in-display fingerprint scanner, but that’s pretty much all guesswork at this point.

It’s really not clear what involvement Google has on this, either. Did Google help craft something in the OnePlus 6T, or did they just help with the challenge or game itself? Maybe there’s a tie-in Pixel announcement here?

Either way, the game goes live on September 18th, so we won’t have to wait much longer to see whatever it actually is.

source: OnePlus