LG G7 ThinQ sees strong preorder demand in South Korea, outpacing the G6

LG put up their latest G7 ThinQ for preorder in their home country of South Korea, and so far it’s actually been pretty good for them. After the Galaxy S9 saw a reduced demand in its initial launch window there was certainly some worry that LG wouldn’t have a good time, but fortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case.

To keep it in perspective, the G7 ThinQ has reportedly gotten 70,000 preorders in South Korea so far. It’s a smaller country than somewhere like China or the US so naturally you’ll have lower numbers, but the important thing is that it’s better than the G6 did, and at the same price point, too.

This won’t necessarily mean that the G7 ThinQ is going to be a hit the world over, of course, but it gives LG a strong start to at least stay competitive this year. I think everybody knows they could use some positive news from their mobile division.

source: ET News
via: Android Authority