Google may be readying a switch from YouTube Red to YouTube Premium


If you’re like most of us, you probably have no clue what YouTube Red actually means. Sure, you know that it’s a premium YouTube service with some exclusive shows and no advertisements, but… regular YouTube is already Red. Why is the paid version called Red? How many times have you heard someone awkwardly shorten it or mistake it for RedTube? (Don’t Google that)

Well, it looks like Google is finally wising up to its silly naming convention, and they’re prepping a name change to the premium video service. The rebranding will go with something a bit more logical and will supposedly be called YouTube Premium. It’s boring, yeah, but it gets the point across. It also lends some credibility to the extra rumor that YouTube Remix was just an internal name, not the official product.

The info was grabbed from an APK teardown that was otherwise kind of boring. There’s nothing new to clarify Google’s upcoming music streaming service, and the only other thing worth mentioning is the beginning of the implementation of a feature that will try and tell you to take a break when you’ve been binging YouTube for too long. I’d always assumed your phone’s low battery indicator did that job well enough, but now Google’s going to try and help you improve your habits, too.

source: Android Police


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