Google is sticking with YouTube Music for their upcoming streaming service

Google is planning on dropping Google Play Music and forcing all the service’s users over to their upcoming music streaming service, which we’d heard was going to be called YouTube Remix. For better or worse, though, it looks like that name was just something internal and won’t be the official name.

Instead, Google will be sticking with YouTube Music, most likely since it’s already an established service that people are familiar with.

There are no other details right now besides clarification on the naming scheme, but that might hint at Google using the existing YouTube Music application for the service. That would be bad news for anyone wanting to keep using Google Play Music for existing uploaded music, but don’t panic just yet. Google I/O is just days away, and we’ll probably see some details during the keynote.

source: 9to5Google (Twitter)

  • Doug Richardson

    Google you have a lot of brains and money but not a lot of common sense!!! I think you have Brand Intoxication. I loved using Picasa Photos and you migrated it to Google Photos and left behind most of my favorite features. I moved on to Adobe. Google Play Music is a place I have be curating my music collection, buying music and paying for monthly streaming for the past decade. I have YouTube Red and YouTube TV but if you pull another Picasa on my music ecosystem, count me out of your paid content platforms. Please don’t mess with my Tunes!!