JBL joins the Google Smart Display platform with the JBL Link View

We’re incredibly excited about Google’s Smart Display platform, and it looks like other manufacturers are, too. Lenovo is likely the most high profile name making a device for the platform, but JBL is throwing their hat in the ring, too.

Called the JBL Link View, the device sports a high-resolution 8-inch display with stereo speakers. It’s a JBL device, so you know those are going to sound fantastic, too. The display is a touch screen, there’s a 5-megapixel front facing camera for video calls, and of course Google Assistant is baked right in, so you can fully expect this to act like a Google Home on steroids.

As of right now, JBL isn’t listing a specific release date or any pricing information. They say it will be available on their website and in certain stores starting summer 2018, but we’re not really sure how much it will cost. The Lenovo 8-inch Smart Display will cost $200, while the Echo Show runs about $230, so it’s anyone’s guess where the JBL Link View will end up. JBL tends to be a little more premium, so if I’d assume we’ll end up in the $300 range, but we’ll keep an ear out.

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source: Harman

About the Author: Jared Peters

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