Lenovo’s Smart Display comes with 8 or 10-inch HD displays and Google Assistant baked in

It’s long been rumored that Google has plans to release a Google Home device with a built-in display. Indeed, it’s perhaps one of the reasons that the search giant pulled YouTube support for Amazon’s Echo Show, a direct competitor. One such product is the Lenovo Smart Display, developed in partnership with Google. The Smart Display features an 8 or 10-inch HD display with Google Assistant built-in. 

Powered by Qualcomm’s Home Hub Platform based on the Snapdragon 624 processor, the Smart Display also has up to 2GB of RAM and up to 4GB of eMMC storage, and either an 8-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display or a 10-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS display. Both models feature Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity as well as a wide-angle front-facing 5MP camera. To help ease privacy worries, there is an analog switch to disable the built-in camera.

Both the 8-and the 10-inch Smart Displays boast a single 10W speaker, 1.75-inches on the smaller unit, 2 inches on the 10-inch model, with both models sporting 2×2 dual microphone arrays.

While the Smart Display naturally boasts Google Assistant built-in, you can expect Lenovo and the search giant to push the inclusion of Google Duo as a draw. Besides asking the Google Assistant to find directions, recipes, and make calls, you can watch YouTube videos or listen to music on the Smart Display. Another feature being pushed is the ability to set up a Routine that lets you customize the information you need when you say a specific command to Google Assistant such as “Hey Google, good morning”. On top of that, you can include all the usual compatibility with home automation systems already present on the regular Google Home devices.

Lenovo’s Smart Display will be available in soft Grey or Natural Bamboo and will be able to be oriented in landscape or portrait mode when it launches. Expected to launch in early summer 2018, the 8-inch Smart Display starts from $199, with the 10-inch variant kicking off from $249.

While you can probably expect to see a few more devices of this type being demonstrated at CES 2018, what do you think of Lenovo’s Smart Display?

Source: Lenovo

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