Android Wear v2.6 brings recent apps, download progress indicators, and more

Android Wear 2.0 was supposed to revitalize and kick off the wearable platform thanks to a plethora of new features and partnerships.

Alright, well, we all know that didn’t happen, but Google’s still bringing in new features to hopefully spark something. The latest is version 2.6, and it’s got a few useful tricks up its sleeve.

There’s a brand new complication that will allow you to quickly jump back into your recent apps, which is a nice touch and adds a fan-favorite feature from traditional Android. The other features are also things that we’re all used to on a phone, like being able to check the download progress as a notification and swiping down to see your network connectivity status.

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Google has also tweaked notifications on Android Wear, allowing notifications to dynamically scale text size. This means you should see fewer notifications have their content cut off as they’ll now scale down their text size to include an extra line. They’ve also adjusted the sensitivity of what it takes to tap and swipe in Android Wear, so hopefully you’ll accidentally dismiss fewer notifications after this update.

You should see the update rolling out very soon.

source: Android Police

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