We might see a Star Wars themed Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is no stranger to themed hardware. We’ve seen partnerships with superheroes and the Olympics for some really cool smartphone designs, but this year has more hype for Star Wars than anything. So, of course, that means Samsung wants to deliver a variant of one of their smartphones to cash in on that craze.

A quick slide at an event in China showed a Galaxy Note 8 with some Star Wars branding, which confirms something is happening. It doesn’t look like they’re drastically altering the design, though, so this might just be a version of the phone with custom wallpapers and ringtones. Not the coolest we’ve seen from Samsung, but for a Star Wars diehard, it might still be worth getting.

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On the more definite side of things, this event in China saw Samsung announce Bixby for the country, and they teased an AI-based user interface for what will probably be the Galaxy S9. Artificial intelligence and neural networking are a huge trend right now, and like any movement in the mobile space, Samsung needs to stay at the front of it.

An AI-based UI is really kind of vague, so your guess is as good as ours on what that’ll actually mean for the Galaxy S9. Regardless, you can expect Bixby, and AI in general, to keep growing until it’s nearly ubiquitous with your smartphone.

source: SamMobile

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