Google Photos will now recognize your furry friends

Google Photos is one of Google’s most popular new products, and they’ve been steadily adding new features to the service to make it even smarter. The latest addition? It will now recognize your furry friends in addition to your human friends.

You’re probably thinking that Google Photos has always recognized animals in your photos, and you’re right. You’ve always been able to sort by dogs and cats and the like in your photos, but now Google Photos will actually recognize your individual pets. You can label them by name to make it easier to sift through specific photographs, just like you can do with people.

On top of this, you can also search through Google Photos for breeds of cats and dogs in case you have a huge variety of animal breeds in your photos, and Google is plugging its animal-focused automated videos that they rolled out earlier this year.

I honestly have more pictures of my pets than anything else in my phone, so this feature is probably more useful than most of the things Google has added to Photos recently.

source: Google
via: The Verge

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