Google Pixel 2 finally adopts Bluetooth battery level reporting

It’s not uncommon for device manufacturers to build out features that eventually make their way back to AOSP, which then get adopted on Google’s Nexus/Pixel line and then to pretty much all other Android phones. That’s happened again, but this time with Bluetooth battery level reporting.

In case you didn’t know, battery level reporting is when your phone will display a battery indicator next to your Bluetooth symbol in the status bar to let you know how much charge your device has left. The Bluetooth device and phone both have to support it, but as of right now, that’s not an official Android thing.

OEMs like Samsung and LG have gone the extra mile to implement this reporting in their own software, and we’ve been expecting it to happen in stock Android for some time, but it hasn’t happened yet. Up until now, at least.

Some information in pre-release Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL software hints at battery level reporting for Bluetooth devices, like the Pixel Buds, so new Pixel owners won’t have to be jealous of their Samsung and Apple friends. These changes also allow other apps to interact based on the battery level of a connected device, so hopefully it’ll cut down on some of the extra apps you have to download to actually use your Bluetooth headsets, too.

It’s not the most exciting new feature, but these quality of life improvements are turning Android into a very mature operating system.

source: XDA Developers

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