Here’s how you can stream the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs


The NFL Playoffs are starting with games this Saturday and Sunday, two days in which you might not be able to sit in front of a television and watch. Wherever you are (assuming that’s in the United States), you’ll be able to stream the weekend’s slate of action between eight of the league’s top teams.

We’re telling you how to stream all four games of the Wild Card round.

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Welcome to 2016: Haier’s HaierPad 971 shows up to the party with Android 4.4 KitKat


Almost everything about the new HaierPad 971 makes it a great low-cost tablet. It has a 9.7-inch QXGA (2048×1536) IPS display, quad-core processor, and micro-HDMI port. So you’re getting a pretty good display, a reliable processor, and a port that allows for a unique multimedia setup. Throw in the big 7800mAh battery and Haier’s proposing quite a value. However, I said “almost everything” makes it great because the software is not what any consumer should be considering.

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Acer’s family-friendly Iconia One 8 goes live at CES 2016


As soon as this month in select markets, Acer will be selling its new Iconia One 8 that was just announced at CES 2016. The tablet, which has modest specifications, focuses on software features that give parents confidence in allowing their children access to the connected world. Acer’s Kids Cetner app simplifies the user interface, serves up child-targeted content, and hands over parental controls to create an age-appropriate experience.

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