HTC looking to enter smartwatch game in 2014

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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HTC clearly isn’t dominating the smartphone market, so it looks as though it’ll be trying its hand in the smartwatch game. According to a recent Bloomberg report, HTC’s chairman, Cher Wang, said the company has been researching the possibility of entering smartwatch industry for years, and is optimistic that a product will be released this year. Wang also cited the fact that the company has to solve many of the battery and LCD-light problems that many manufacturers are currently having with their own smartwatch models. We’ll just have to wait and see what HTC has up its sleeves, and if this offering is any better than what it’s putting out in the smartphone market.

Source: Bloomberg 

Galaxy Gear gets a $120 discount in India, but expect a global wide price slash

by Macky Evangelista on
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One of the biggest issues I had with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear was the steep price point it had upon launch. Today it has been cut by $120 in India only, but you can expect a discount on the Galaxy Gear worldwide in the next coming weeks. With the Gear 2 expected to be unveiled in the next month or two, a price cut is definitely needed.

For the people that have a Galaxy Gear, how do you like it? And was it worth the initial price you bought it for? Let us know!

source: Samsung

Pebble releases beta version of app store for Android users

by Jeff Causey on
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Earlier today Pebble released an app store for their smartwatches for users mating them with iOS devices. Not wanting to leave out Android users, Pebble’s developers have released a beta version of the Pebble Android mobile app that includes code for the app store for the first time on the Android platform. The app is intended for developers, so access to the app store even on a beta basis means having to register as a developer. You will also have to know how to sideload apk files to get it installed.

As a beta release, Pebble’s development team is aware of problems. The good news is the beta works, along with the app store component, albeit it runs slow. Users do have to contend with Pebble’s limitation of 8 apps installed at any one time as well. Hopefully Pebble will be able to attract enough testers to provide some solid feedback so the app can move out of beta and to an official release for all users in a short period of time.

source: @PebbleDev

Get Android themed Valentine’s cards, wallpaper from Android Foundry

by Jeff Causey on
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Android Foundry, producer of goods based on Google’s Android mascot, is helping fans feel some love for Valentine’s Day with a couple freebies. First, they have released a special holiday themed wallpaper featuring the the green droid in sizes suitable for all manner of mobile devices as well as desktop computers. They also released a series of printable Valentine’s Day cards that will help you express your undying love to the recipient. The cards are in pdf format and can be printed out and a couple folds later you have a card ready for delivery.

Hit the links below if you want to check out the wallpaper or card templates.

source: Android Foundry Wallpaper, Android Foundry Cards

Pebble Appstore to launch on February 3, will make its way to Android shortly after

by Justin Herrick on
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To go along with your brand new Pebble Steel smartwatch, the company is readying the release of its official appstore. This Monday, February 3, the store will go live at 10am PST for iOS first. As for the Android version, Pebble says it will be launching very soon. For now, Pebble is limiting the amount of installed apps to eight since anything more is considered to cluttered for navigation. In the tweet above, you can see exactly what the appstore will look like.

Have the original Pebble smartwatch? Don’t fret. The Pebble Appstore is compatible with the original, too. » Read the rest

Search apps updated for Google TV

by Jeff Causey on
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You may be thinking it is too soon for The Walking Dead as the mid-season debut is still a couple weeks away, but lo and behold the Google TV platform is still lurking around and Google is still keeping it animated at a basic level. A couple apps key to Google TV have received an update proving the platform is not quite dead yet. The latest updates hit Google Play today and bring a few improvements to some basic search functions. » Read the rest

Limited edition white Qualcomm Toq smartwatch now available

by Justin Herrick on
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Does the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch not suit you due to its color? For a limited time, that should no longer be an issue. The highly expensive smartwatch now has a limited edition in white. As you can see above, it is the same exact Toq, but in a different color.

If you decide to order through the official Qualcomm Toq Store, the company is offering free two-day shipping through February 10. At $349.99, it is the least Qualcomm could do. All you have to do is select “UPS-Second Day Air” during the checkout process. Amazon, too, has the limited edition white Toq smartwatch; however, it says the device will ship within one to two months. » Read the rest

Chromecast’s best competitor is finally here— but will it survive?

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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It may not come with the same branding and reputation that Google’s Chromecast does, but Airtame certainly has plenty to boast about.

Airtame, the result of an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign, received $1,268,148, going way (way, way, way) over its initial $160,000 goal. Yeah, a lot of people believe in this product.

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VNC Viewer from RealVNC now free (from $9.99) in the Play Store

by Robert Nazarian on


We’re not sure if this has anything to do with LogMeIn’s announcement that their service will no longer be free, but RealVNC has dropped the price on VNC Viewer from $9.99 to Free. VNC Viewer allows you remote access to your desktop, but it’s not as easy to setup as something like LogMeIn. However, I prefer it over anything else because it’s just more robust. The fact that the RealVNC is now free makes it all the more worthwhile. The other good news is that it will connect to other branded VNC servers, but they are hoping you will buy a licence for their VNC 5. Hit the break for download links and screenshots.

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