[TA Deals] Save 73% on a Layze flexible universal car mount

layze car mount

If you travel frequently or spend a ton of time in your car, you’ve probably considered investing in a car mount to keep your phone at eye level. It makes it easier to use the built-in GPS and your favorite maps application, control music, or see phone calls, all without taking your eyes off of the road.

If you need a decent mount while traveling, Layze makes a great flexible and completely universal option, and today you can save 73% off of its normal price. Read more

Samsung’s Gear 360 officially gets released in the US later this month


Did you forget about Samsung’s Gear 360? You’d be forgiven if you did, since Samsung went almost completely silent on the little camera after its announcement with the Galaxy S7.

Well, fast forward a few months to the launch of the next Galaxy phone, and the tentative release date for the US version of the gadget is finally here, complete with the same $349 price tag that we originally saw. Read more

Verizon to start pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 3rd, launch on August 19th


We are less than a day away from Samsung’s big Unpacked event to launch the new Galaxy Note 7 and some other goodies. The short wait does not mean the rumors and leaks will come to a halt though as evidenced by the latest news to come out regarding the new flagship smartphone. Previous rumors suggested Samsung was shooting to start selling the Galaxy Note 7 as soon as the launch event came to a close. At least in the case of Verizon, they may not quite make that target but they will be close as the carrier is expected to open the pre-order process on August 3rd. Read more

Chromecast devices hit 30 million shipped mark


During a recent earnings call for Google, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the company has now recorded shipments of over 30 million Chromecast units. The accomplishment comes three years after Google launched the streaming dongle that changed the market for connecting televisions with our mobile devices and streaming services. During that time, Google updated the Chromecast lineup to introduce the second generation Chromecast and added a Chromecast Audio device meant to emulate the original’s success, but for audiophiles interested in streaming content to their speaker systems. Read more

Pokemon Go Plus accessory delayed until September


Bad news for Pokemon Go fans. While the Pokemon Go Plus accessory was originally slated for a late July release, Nintendo has announced that they’ll have to push back the official launch until September. There’s no word on why the delay happened, but considering pre-orders all over the web have completely sold out it probably won’t affect how long it will take for the average person to walk in a Gamestop and pick one up. Read more