HTC’s next virtual reality headset will be more than an extension of your phone

One of the companies who hasn’t immersed itself in mobile-based virtual reality is HTC. Putting its phones into a virtual reality headset isn’t something you’ve been able to do despite the Vive hardware being around for a couple of years. Competitors, including Samsung and Google, have effectively gone all-in on the technology for mobile devices in the meantime.

HTC, with its bottom line hungry for a catalyst, is now preparing to get involved with virtual reality for mobile devices. It just won’t be in the way you expect.

[Deal] Buy a Moto Z, get a free Moto Mod for Valentine’s Day

A special deal for the Moto Z is live on Motorola’s site right now, but it’s only going to last for the next two days. Lenovo’s Valentine’s Day celebration is including a free Moto Mod with purchases of any member from the Moto Z family. That means you could potentially save hundreds of dollars while getting of the best phones around.

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Giveaway: Win a case for your LG V20 from Caseology!

Among the very best phones right now is the LG V20, and we want you to be able to keep your device looking stylish while staying protected. So we’ve partnered with Caseology to host a giveaway for three cases made specifically for LG’s late 2016 flagship. These cases from Caseology and its Parallax line feature a comfortable grip, a dual-layered design, and drop protection.

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Google Home will star in its own TV advert during Super Bowl LI

While this Sunday’s Super Bowl LI is where many will be watching to see who wins between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots, some of us will be tuning in for the half-time show and the amazing ads that run. With Google’s virtual assistant, Home, looking to make up some ground on Amazon’s Alexa, it seem’s that we can look forward to a Google Home advert during the big game.

Amazon adds “Computer” to Alexa’s list of wake words

If you own an Amazon Echo, Dot, or any other device with Alexa built-in and you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll be glad to hear that Amazon has added the word “Computer” to the device’s list of ‘wake words’. This means that on top of “Echo”, “Alexa”, and “Amazon”, you can now just say the word “Computer” and to wake Alexa up from its slumber. 

[TA Deals] Save almost 50% on a wireless Bluetooth gaming controller


There are plenty of fantastic mobile games available on Google Play, but if you’re used to a bigger console with an actual controller, some of those games can feel half-baked when you’re forced to use a touchscreen. The good news is that Android natively supports connecting to a wireless controller to give you a better console-like experience, and the even better news is that we have a hefty discount on a controller to get you started.

[TA Deals] Pick up Zendure’s 26,800mAh power bank for $65! (48% off)


On Talk Android Deals, Zendure’s massive power bank is on sale with a discount that’s nearly half-off of its retail price. It’s a power bank perfect for anyone seeking to charge up to four devices simultaneously with consistent charging speeds. Rather than going light to keep the price down, Zendure inserted Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 to ensure everything gets power as quickly as possible.

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ZTE planning to release a new Android Wear smartwatch in 2017


Google made a big splash last year when it announced Android Wear 2.0 with a variety of new features and improvements. However, not much happened after that as manufacturers ended up not releasing any new smartwatches and Google itself pushed back the release of the updated OS until sometime in 2017. In a world of Samsung and Apple dominating the smartwatch business, ZTE has now reignited some of the fire with an announcement that they will be releasing their own Android Wear smartwatch this year.

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NVIDIA SPOT adds to list of entrants in the home AI interface category


First Amazon introduced the Amazon Echo followed by other variant devices running the company’s Alexa home AI platform and then Google jumped on board with Google Home. At CES 2017 we are seeing other companies trying to get in on this action by producing hardware that serves as the primary physical device for users to interact with their chosen AI platform. The latest to join is NVIDIA which is preparing a new device called the NVIDIA SPOT that will serve as the junction for a Google Home environment.