Epson Runsense SF-110 fitness and activity monitor announced


Epson may not be a company that comes to mind when you think of activity monitors and wearables to encourage fitness, but they hope to change that with their Runsense line of wearables. The latest device launched by Epson is the Runsense SF-110 GPS watch that brings the benefits of GPS technology to a user’s wrist. The Runsense SF-110 will be capable of measuring steps taken, calories burned, distance, pace, time, laps, altitude and more according to Epson. Read more

Android operating system brought to Samsung Gear S thanks to XDA developer and CyanogenMod

Gear s wrist straps

Samsung might not have been the very first smartwatch manufacturer, but they definitely have been one of the most adamant companies in pushing the appeal of a wrist-borne computer. Additionally, one could easily argue that they also produce the most beautiful of all the smartwatches: the curved Gear S. Also, arguably, the Gear S has one of the biggest flaws of all the smartwatches out on the market: Tizen.

Until XDA developer biktor_gj stepped up and brought Android to the Gear S via CyanogenMod 12.1. And what was Biktor’s opening comment upon success? “Hey GearS! Welcome to the Android family!”

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OtterBox reveals its range of cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

So, you watched Samsung’s Unpacked event yesterday and decided to pre-order a Galaxy Note 5 (not in Europe of course) or the Galaxy S6 Edge+. What about when you get your hands on it, how will you protect the metal and glass constructed smartphones from life’s everyday knocks and scratches? Luckily, OtterBox has some options for you to choose from.

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