Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight hopes to create buzz at CES 2016


Earlier this year Qualcomm announced they were planning to get into the development of drone technology, including drone-specific processors, in order to gain a solid foothold in the market and to move it ahead. That seems like a smart move given the growth the market for drones is experiencing. The company plans to show off their new Snapdragon Flight reference design at CES 2016 and has released a teaser video for some of the technologies they are working on. Read more

LG adds hub device to SmartThinQ line of IoT devices for homes


LG announced that they will be showing their newest device in their SmartThinQ line of Internet of Things ecosystem at CES 2016. The new LG SmartThinQ Hub will serve as a “gateway to smart sensors and connected appliances in the home” with some extras thrown in to help entice consumers to invest in LG’s vision of the connected home. Read more

[TA Deals] Phonejoy’s GamePad 2 Bluetooth controller is just $59!


Gaming on mobile devices has grown exponentially in recent years. Many people forgo large, expensive gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft in favor of a little game on their phone or tablet. While they might be missing out on a world-class title or two ever year, mobile gaming does offer unmatched portability and ever-improving quality. The accessories for phones and tablets make the overall experience even better. Take a look at the GamePad 2. This Bluetooth controller from Phonejoy can either hold your phone between its controls or connect to your tablet without any wires.

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