New LG Music Flow Wi-Fi Series products coming at CES 2015


There are less than two weeks until CES 2015 begins and LG is already announcing some new hardware. At the event in Las Vegas next month, LG will showcase its new lineup for the Music Flow Wi-Fi Series. The products include a Wi-Fi speaker, sound bars, and a Blu-ray player. Each device supports dual band Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz). All of them work with the Music Flow app and a multitude of music services. The Music Flow app syncs the content between devices; for example, entering the house after listening to music on headphones will activate the Music Flow speakers or sound bars.

It looks like LG has something on its hands that can go head-to-head with Sonos and others in the wireless audio space.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Archos VR Available For Purchase


Talk Android reported previously that Archos was working on a VR headset that would be compatible with most phones, including the Nexus 5, that would offer 360° viewing and would be compatible with apps that run with Google Cardboard.

Well, now you can pick up a set today! For just $36.68 USD, Archos VR won’t set you back too much and if you prefer plastic to cardboard, this may be a nice alternative to Google Cardboard.
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[Deal] Anker Astro E4, E5, and E6 external battery packs discounted at Amazon


Battery life is much better than what it once was, but it could always be improved. Until devices can run for days without requiring a charge, external battery packs will have a demand. Anker, the company that produces some of the strongest external battery packs, has three models available at a discount through Amazon. The sizes range from 13000mAh to 20800mAh. Even that smallest capacity is able to charge some of today’s smartphones four times. The largest is enough to at least charge a phone and a tablet twice each. And, unlike many other external battery packs, Anker’s have multiple ports for simultaneous charging.

The following are the external battery packs with the corresponding coupon code:

  • Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 External Battery Pack with PowerIQ 13000mAh — ANKEREE4 [Amazon]
  • Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5 External Battery Pack with PowerIQ 16000mAh — ANKRPPE5 [Amazon]
  • Anker Astro E6 External Battery Pack with PowerIQ 208000mAh — ANKRCWE6 [Amazon]

OnePlus turns 1 today, announces a new battery pack and starts contest to name their new ROM


OnePlus unveiled a new portable battery pack, called the Power Bank. It’s 10,000 mAh so it can power the OnePlus One three times before it needs to be charged again. It can of course charge other devices, not to mention it features a second port for charging two devices at the same time. It will be available early next year in either Silk White or Sandstone Black and cost $14.99.

Today also happens to be the one year anniversary for OnePlus, and they have a couple of things going on. The first is they posted a video, which looks back at the past year. They are also giving you a chance to win a OnePlus One if you wish them a Happy Birthday on their Vine page.

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Nymi Band Discovery Kit Released, Unlock Devices With Your Electrocardiogram


What is one of the things we all dread the most? For me, it’s seeing a pop-up that reads, “Your password has expired, please change it.” And each website or device has different criterias, some like only alpha-numeric, some require special characters, while others require at least one capital letter. Oh, the humanity!
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2-in-1 soft shell case for the Nexus 9 now available from HTC


Although the Nexus 9 has been available for quite some time, with the LTE model launching today. it was not until recently that the company launched the keyboard folio case for $129. But what if you don’t want an expensive cover + keyboard for your tablet? Well there’s a cheaper and more viable alternative coming straight from HTC, starting today. Although the case has been listed on the Play Store for a while now, it’s for the first time that it has gone on sale.

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