Samsung launches Animal Edition Battery Packs to raise awareness of endangered animals

It isn’t often that you can accuse Samsung of being warm, fuzzy and that it’s products are cute, but perhaps this is as close as a giant tech company can be described as such. As part of the Samsung’s ‘Charge the Life’ campaign to raise awareness about endangered animals, a range of battery packs has been announced that each carries an illustration of an endangered animal on the front.  Read more

Contest: Win a Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 from Talk Android! [updated with winner]


The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be one of the hottest devices on the market when it launches around the world next month. Millions of consumers will rush to purchase the device that takes Samsung in a new direction. The Galaxy S6 features a metal and glass body, two materials that just scream high-end. With that high-end look, however, comes concerns with how durable the device is. That is why protecting the Galaxy S6 will be important for many consumers.

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The Huawei Watch is mischievously priced at €999/$1083 on Amazon Germany pre-order page

Huawei Watch silver  ElectronicsA few days ago, we ran a story refuting the rumour that the Huawei Watch might be retailing for $1000. However, Amazon Germany now has the Huawei Watch available to pre-order for €999 ($1083), which is an eye-watering amount to spend for an Android Wear smartwatch. As you can probably tell though, all is not as it seems. Read more

OtterBox announces its cases for the Galaxy S6


OtterBox, the extremely popular durable case manufacturer, has today announced its plans to offer a selection of different case designs for Samsung’s flagship smartphone of 2015, the Galaxy S6. These cases have all been approved by the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program, meaning that they’ve been “designed specifically for Samsung mobile devices and have been certified to meet Samsung performance standards.”

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Rumor pins the price of Huawei’s Android Wear Watch at $1,000

huawei_watch_officialA new rumor has surfaced regarding the price of Huawei’s upcoming smartwatch, and it’s pretty ridiculous. If these rumors end up being true, Huawei could price the watch at $1,000, which is significantly higher than any other conventional Android Wear watch we’ve seen. Apple likely wouldn’t even attempt to pull off that price tag with their products. Read more