HTC’s share price jumps 20 percent in two days thanks to HTC Vive and other wearables

htc vive

In recent times, when we’ve discussed HTC’s share price, it’s usually to report that it has dipped once more (or even plummeted), worsening the Taiwanese handset maker’s financial predicament. Which makes this article much more pleasant to write, because today we have news that HTC’s share prices jumped up by more than 20% in since Friday last week, and is now sitting at $99 TWD (Taiwanese Dollars). Read more

Innovation in smartphones is dead


It’s true. That’s not a bad thing, though. The accessories just replaced the innovation.

MWC 2016 saw both Samsung and LG announce two fantastic flagship phones for 2016, but neither of those phones broke the mold or pushing the mobile industry into a new direction like we’ve seen both companies do before. In fact, if you want to really dig into it, 2016 will probably be one of the most boring years for smartphones ever.  Read more

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store to cease operations in the UK from March 15th



It’s bad news for Nook fans in the UK because Barnes and Noble has announced that it will stop selling its digital content in the country from March 15 . This means that the Nook Store, the Nook Reading App for Android (or iOS), and the company’s UK website will cease to operate from the date mentioned. To soften the blow, Barnes and Noble says it has partnered up with the UK supermarket brand, Sainsbury’s, to bring the ‘vast majority‘ of purchased books to the retailer’s ‘Entertainment on Demand’ service. Read more

Did Alfred do it? Play The Wayne Investigation on Amazon’s Echo and solve the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents


With the excitement ramping up for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, Amazon Echo owners are in for a treat thanks to Amazon’s collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC Comics. The result of the partnership is a voice-powered choose-your-own-adventure game called The Wayne Investigation. Read more