Satechi Wireless Gamepad helps gamers play on smartphones and tablets

Satechi Wireless Gamepad - 06

One of the big challenges for gamers trying to use smartphones and tablets to enjoy their favorite titles has been control methods. With the variety of sensors in mobile devices, like gyroscopes, game developers have been able to introduce some unique features to games based on movement and the form factor lends itself to play outside of the living room or bedroom. However, the lack of buttons on a smartphone or tablet means controls have to be modified for a touchscreen, which can be quite a challenge. Satechi thinks they have a solution with their new Satechi Wireless Gamepad that brings traditional controls to mobile devices. Read more

GoPro Awards launched to reward user contributed content


One of the key pieces of GoPro’s marketing throughout the years has been user generated content. The variety of ways that people use GoPros to capture action and the world around them serves not only as inspiration for others to be creative, but it helps entice people to invest in the hardware. To help continue this tradition, GoPro has announced the launch of a new program called GoPro Awards that will start paying out monetary awards for compelling content. Read more

Samsung takes to YouTube to showcase its new portable battery pack

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 18.11.09

Samsung has just released its first promotional teaser for a brand new battery pack, which fully utilizes Fast Charging 2.0 technology. In the 30-second clip, the South Korean company demonstrates just how the unit can be used in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 5 to change the device from 0% to 100% in under 2-hours.

Check it out after the break.

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LifeCable is a power-sharing cable that shifts power between devices


We’re living in a world where mobile devices are split between different ports for data transfers and charging. Android manufacturers use micro-USB (and sometimes USB Type-C) while Apple designs its own proprietary technology. What does this mean? At any given time, you can be without a compatible charger for your device. Life Mobile Accessories, a company headed by Daniel Kuntz, has launched the LifeCable on Indiegogo to solve the problem. It is a power-sharing cable that shifts energy between devices.

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[TA Deals] The MOS Cable Organizer is on sale for just $11.99


We all have too many cables in our lives, right? Right. Think about every room of your house or workplace. Cables for your phone, tablet, smartwatch, computer, and likely something else are lying around making a mess. So that’s Talk Android Deals is featuring the MOS Cable Organizer with a 51% discount. We want you to clean up that mess and live a slightly more organized life.

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[Deal] Power A’s MOGA Pro Power controller is discounted at Amazon


Now is the time to get a mobile gaming controller if you don’t already have one. Power A’s MOGA Pro Power controller is available through Amazon for just $32, a discount of 60%. It offers full-size control for supported games and even has a built-in 2200mAh battery so that you can continue gaming even when your phone’s battery is begging for mercy. The controller connects to mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection, but you can place it into the controller’s stand for easy use.