[TA Deals] Add this controller to your mobile gaming experience for $36


Mobile gaming is on the rise and gamers want more control. People want less tapping on a glass display and press and pushing of physical buttons and analog sticks like they’re used to. That’s why we’re seeing portable controllers appear left and right. The NES30 is a Bluetooth game controller that works without any wires to connect to phones, tablets, and even computers. And you can get it right now on Talk Android Deals for less than anywhere else. It’ll even ship to you for free.

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Google brings the Moto 360 Sport to its storefront

motorola_moto_360_sport_stretchingThe Moto 360 Sport was recently made available through Motorola’s website and Verizon’s store, but if you didn’t want to order through either of those options, now you’ve got a third choice in Google. The company has made Motorola’s latest Android Wear device available alongside all of the other phones, tablets, watches and accessories that Google sells directly to customers at the same $299 price point with free shipping. Read more