Withings splits from Nokia, announces the improved Steel HR Sport fitness tracker

After a back-and-forth of being purchased and split off from Nokia, Withings is back on its own with a brand new fitness tracker to appeal to the masses. The Steel HR Sport is at its heart a fitness-focused device, but it looks classy enough that you’d pretty easily mistake it for a pretty nice analog watch instead of the boxy, ugly design of some competitors.

Nokia originally purchased Withings back in 2016, but as of May of this year the company had managed to reacquire itself and now stands on its own again. The company still has a pedigree of fitness and exercise devices, and that really shows with the Steel HR Sport.

The device handles GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and some pretty fancy sleep metrics for $200, making for a compelling option in a very crowded market. It tracks and measures the fitness levels of the users, too, so Withings is trying to offer a more personalized experience for any potential buyers.

The battery life lasts for a whopping 25 days, which means you can sleep without charging it overnight to get some valuable insight into how rested you should be. It can even lightly buzz you awake during the light part of your sleep cycles so you wake up feeling more rested than if you were jarred awake mid-cycle and in a deep sleep.

But it’s still impossible to compete in that market without some smart functions, so Withings has updated the line to support notifications from over 100 apps, including text messages, calls, and data from popular services like news, social media, or flight alerts.

The device launches today, so you won’t have to wait to get your hands on one.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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