Brydge announces their own take on a Pixel Slate keyboard with G-Type

If you weren’t totally in love with the (expensive) Pixel Slate keyboard that Google announced yesterday, you might be interested in a third-party option. Specifically, we’re talking about one made by Brydge, a company known for making quality accessories for Microsoft’s Surface line, iPads, and other portable devices.

Now they’re trying their hand at a Chrome OS keyboard, attempting to improve on what Google is offering. You’ll still get the full backlit keyboard and giant glass trackpad, plus all of those Chrome OS specific keys, but Brydge differentiates their product with the actual hinge on the keyboard. Google makes the Pixel Keyboard quickly detachable, but the G-Type keyboard holds your tablet in place securely all the time.

This also means that you’ll be able to fold the keyboard back onto the tablet itself and go all touch without having to physically remove the keyboard. Think of something more like those 3-in-1 laptops that are everywhere these days.

There are some drawbacks, though. This keyboard connects via Bluetooth 4.2 instead of a direct pogo pin connection, so you’ll have to periodically recharge it. Brydge claims you’ll get 6 months of battery life and the keyboard uses USB-C, so that might not be a major problem, but it’s something to think about.

No word on pricing or release date yet, but I imagine that will come when Google lets us know when we can actually buy the Pixel Slate.

source: Brydge

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